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Final year electronics projects list


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Final year electronics projects list

  1. 1. Year Electronics Projects List• Keyless Mobile controlled locks system. Open/Close doors for guest remotely from anyLocation in the world..• Door Lock security system using RF Technology. Open/Close door with unique securedpassword for multiple users..• Automated Typing system/Notice Board, whatever typed on cell phone displays live ondisplay (DTMF Based Typing).• Automatic on route bus tracking & identification system• Water bottle filling plant.• Pick and Place Robot using computer interfacing• Solar panel based car.• Intelligent train engine.• X bee based robot with gas sensor indicator.• DTMF/Cell phone operated Robot, Control Robot and its operations from remote location.• Spy tree/pole Climber Robot for military operations.• Oil Pipelines/Water Pipeline crawling Robot for fault detection/cleaning of pipes.• Fire detection and extinguisher Robot/Display temperature of that location to assist.• Anti Landmine Rover for military and terrorist operations.• Pre defined Path follower, Stepper motor driver for accurate movement.• Military Combat robot/RF Operated/Wireless vision/Mounted Gun.• Border Security System, Automatic controlled.(stationary)• Stair Case climbing Robot, RF Controlled. Can also move on rough surfaces.• Surveillance Robot, Records and play video at remote location.• Obstacle avoiding robot.• Automatic RF based land rover.• Computer Serial port operated Robot arm for industrial application• Computer operated Robotic Arm, 4 degree of motion.• Line follower Robot.• Wall follower Robot.• Light Controlled/follower Robot.• Edge and crack detector robots.• Prototype of driverless Metro Rail. Auto stop at stations, Auto start after stoppage time. Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735
  2. 2.• Grid Follower Robot, Automatically follow any kind of grid.• Automatic Robotic Parking System.• Self Balancing Robot, balance on two legs like humans.• Automatic wheel chair for physically challenged. Controlled by any moving part of body(Wired).• Design of a wheelchair for visually challenged persons, Follows pre drawn path.• Robot controlled by wireless magical Hand gloves/Hand actions/Gyroscope.• Robotic Arm, Remote controlled (Wired)• Bomb Disposal Robot• Robotic Arm, Wireless remote controlled• IR follower robot• Pick and Place Robot, Remote controlled (Wired)• Pick and Place Robot using computer interfacing• Pick and Place Robot, Wireless remote controlled• Fork Lifting Robot• Prototype of driverless Metro Rail. Auto stop at stations, Auto start after stoppage time;Using Voice IC APR9600• Drilling Machine 3 degrees of motion (As CNCMachine).•• • Keyless Mobile controlled locks system. Open/Close doors for guest remotely from anyLocation in the world..• Door Lock security system using RF Technology. Open/Close door with unique securedpassword for multiple users..• Automated Typing system/Notice Board, whatever typed on cell phone displays live ondisplay (DTMF Based Typing).• Automatic on route bus tracking & identification system in Bus Station & Stops. Alsoupdates the status on electronic board.• LPG/CNG gas leakage detection system for cars, small scale factories. On detection autoswitch off..• Wireless water level controller for large city water tanks. This will help municipalitiessupply uninterrupted water to homes..• Home/ office automation appliance/device control using serial port..• Outdoor smart advertisement board SMS Controlled. (Active information Display systemusing SMS).• Unique identification system using RF ID. Tracking of multiple laptops in office..• Advanced access controlled lock system. On wrong password/Door breaking sendsSMS/CALL to owner & police..• Smart mobile phone controlled house, One system controls all home devices using justone SMS..• Gas Monitoring system for chemical factories to protect Bhopal like gas tragedies. SendSMS/CALL to registered users..• Development of Military Radar using Infra Red Sensor(TCRT5000)..• Home/Office Automation of appliance controlled through PC wirelessly, (Home/officeappliance)..• Security system for banks, on detecting any motion inside bank raises alarm and sendsSMS/CALL to police station..• Microcontroller based DC motor speed controller. Example: Controlling speed of IndustrialRotors..• SMS based three Canal/Pipeline water management system for improving irrigation and Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735
  3. 3. supply of canal water..• Petrochemical fire monitoring and alert system using GSM modem to avoid fire in a largepetroleum refinery.• Smart Fan, A human tracking Fan system using PIR and Servo..• Automatic speed measuring device for speeding vehicles on highway..• Automatic race time and rank measurement for four lane race..• SMS base remote voting system for games, classes, saves data on microcontroller (noneed to carry computer or laptop)..• Design and implementation of mobile based electrical appliances control for industrialautomation with high security..• Prepaid energy meter, Automatic wireless updating of energy use and billing at the substation, meter man not required..• Election Voting Machine (EVM). Saves voting data even after machine is switched off..• X Bee based device control. Feedback/Status of the device is also available which is notpossible using RF and DTMF..• Switch On/Off device using password. Electronic Almirah for Banks, door lock system etc..• Power saving automatic device that switches between AC, Heater and variable Fan speedwith temperature change.• X-Bee based wireless temperature monitoring & control. Range of X-Bee is in Kms, veryeffective for high temp operations..• Wireless Secured Data Transmission using RF technology (Microcontroller based)..• Encrypted and secured Automatic garage/main gate door control. Automatically opens thegate on arrival of car..• Smart House / secure house / Smart kitchen (temperature indicator, gas leakagedetection/fire alarm)..• Remote control stepper motor, Control your stepper motor based devices by controllingdirection and speed..• Fully automated toll tax collection using RF technology. Just recharge your card andmoney will be deducted automatically..• RF Universal Remote control (Control RF based devices using one single RF Remote).• RF ID Reader based automatic billing system for big malls..• Automatic Parking fee collection, Automatic count & display of parking slots available atvarious entry/Exit points..• Eye Blink detection while driving car for accident prevention.• Hospital display/Alert Boards for critical patients. Using finger movement patient can showtheir message on display board..• Automatic Tourist guide using RF technology. Keep updating locations on tourists device..• Accelerometer based wireless Video Game (Snake Xenzia). Wear this magical control onyour palms and play the game..• Intelligent room light control for single gate.• Intelligent office. On person presence regulation of temperature (AC, Fan, heater). Onabsence system shuts down..• Automatic efficient street light controller using Atmega (Intensity variation based on basedon surrounding light).• Car automation (Mobile controlled 3 wheel drive, Anti collision, Automatic night light) 9.• Bluetooth based multiple device control using Laptop 9.• Time controlled device control using RTC. For industry application where exact timecontrolled operations are required).• Automobile fuel indicator. Displays exact fuel quantity on LCD (Microcontroller based). Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735
  4. 4.• IP Based Device Control. Controlling devices of system connected to LAN using computerat other location..• Accelerometer Based Tilt Sensor for air-planes, trains and cars to avoid toppling of thevehicle..• Designing of Alcohol Sensing instrument using Atmega..• Advance Security system – Motion detector, Light On, Wired Camera and Alarm..• Distance Measurement device using advance Ultrasonic sensor used in industry..• RFID Reader Based Library Management..• Door lock system and burglar alarm (one master password and two other passwords)..• Remote control based DC Fan Speed Controller (Microcontroller based)..• Automatic irrigation for large farms, based on soil water content controls irrigation..• Monitor and control industrial stepper motors using computer. PC Interface to controlmotors..• Automatic DAM Shutter control using Servo motor. Controls DAM shutter based on thewater level..• PS2 Interfacing of microcontroller. Interfaces microcontroller with keyboard to performtasks directly from keyboard..• Fastest finger first..• Keypad based prepaid electricity energy meter. Works similar to Mobile prepaidconnection..• Modified & Advanced blind stick (On obstacle Alarm1, Water bodies Alarm2, Control tosearch stick if misplaced)..• Voice commands based home appliance controller using serial port, VB andmicrocontroller..• Microcontroller based automatic phase change over for 3 Phase electricity system..• Digital attendance system using keypad..• Solar sun seeker for Solar panels, maximizes energy our by tracking sun movement..• intelligent toll tax and collection system using IR and Laptop..• automatic Power grid controller..• Speedometer cum Odometer for Automobiles (Microcontroller based)..• Speed and Gear Indicator for Automobiles (Microcontroller based).• Remote control based AC Fan Speed Regulator (Microcontroller based), Including AC Fan.• Lighting protocol based on master & slave microcontrollers. (2-microcontroller & Serialcommunication based).• Automobile/car left right indicator. Auto off when the vehicle position gets straight..• Baby Incubators for hospitals to provide a comfortable environment to newly born or weakbabies..• PC controlled scrolling message display. Change message just by typing messages onkeyboard..• Ultra advanced parking system showing nearest available slot for parking your vehicle.• Data logging of multiple sensors on PC. Software and hardware to calibrate sensors as perenvironment conditions.• SCADA System implementation (Temperature Sensor, humidity, Fire Sensor withComputer and 3 relay).• GPS System (Track your position, display latitude and longitude of your position).• Smart Card Based Door Lock System.• RF ID Reader based wireless Digital Attendance System. Display on LCD and stores dataon computer for future retrieval.• X bee based PC 2 PC Communication (Development of software hardware to Chat between Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735
  5. 5. without internet).• Time controlled RTC technology based water pump controller (water supply).• Industrial boiler temperature controller. Accurate to 3 decimal places and microcontrollerbased.• RFID Reader Based Chalan System and message to car owner.• Design prepaid electricity billing system using RFID technology.• RFID Reader Based Unique Identification System.• SMS Controlled Vehicle Ignition System for Safety.• SMS based Speed and direction control of stepper motor.• SMS based Speed and direction control of DC motor.• Intelligent Train system.• Automatic viper using servo motor.• RF ID Reader Electronic Card based lock system.• Vehicle Theft Intimation To The Owner On His Cell Phone By GSM (Engion OFF and Siron).• Human Sensed Automatic Door Opening and closing System using PIR Sensor.• Railway Track Security System using GSM.• A Project Showing Sun Tracking Solar Panel without LDR, with time based(RTC).• Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System In Hospitals For Patients (Based On temp.).• CAN Based Security System.• Wireless Encrypted secured data transmitter for military application using Keyboard.• Password Based Secured Area Entry With Wrong Attempt, Police Siren is activated.• PC based wireless notice board.• PC controlled scrolling message display for college notice board.• Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver, alarmwith indicator.• Toxic chemical level measurement in a tanker by ultrasonic sensor.• User programmable password based hotel room door lock.• Touch screen based industrial automation.• Touch screen based wireless industrial automation.• Touch screen based modern home automation system.• Touch screen based wireless modern home automation system.• Touch screen based Wireless nurse/attendant calling system for patient or physicallyimpaired• Touch screen based controlling of dc motor.• Touch screen based controlling of wireless dc motor.• Touch screen based controlling of stepper motor.• Touch screen based controlling of wireless stepper motor.• Wireless automatic power grid controller.• Energy Monitoring and control system by SMS.• GPS based handcuffs.• Contactless tachometer &wireless telemetry using x-bee.• Human response time measurement.• Swipe controller for PPT presentation.• Touch screen based temperature monitoring and controlling with set limit (four wire and7" screen).• Touch screen keypad based security system with admin set password (four wire and 7"screen).• RFID based prepaid card for petrol pumps (not accurate measurement of petrol).• Finger print based voting system for rigging-free governing. Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735
  6. 6.• Biometric finger print identification based bank locker security system.• Finger print authenticated, access control & automated door opening system.• Fingerprint based identity authentication for examination system.• Finger print based authentication and controlling system of devices.• Fingerprint and keypad based security access control system.• Automated system for fault analysis in industries and intimation through SMS. (currentand voltage).• GSM based digital notice board and voting system as yes or no by SMS. (one voter mayvotes multiple times).• Cell phone based street light control system for colony using GSM Modem and LDR.• Home automation and security using GSM modem with SMS.• GPS & GSM based accident alarm system (GSM, GPS & accelerometer sensor).• Electronic lock based security system using SMS alert and automatic door lock facility.• Dam water level intimation & alerting system using GSM.• SMS based weather report information system (temperature and humidity and lightmonitoring).• GSM based industrial protection system using temperature, smoke sensors and lightdependent resistor.• Intelligent system for hazardous gas and human detection and alert using GSMtechnology.• Design of monitoring system for coal mine safety based on wireless sensor and alertsystem (co gas content) using x-bee.• An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues. Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka SocietyArera Colony,Bhopal 462016(M.P.),India+91-9826015410 , +91-9826050109+91-755-2420735