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Dtmf control robot manual


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DTMF (Mobile) Controlled Robot Kit (with L298 Board) for controlling 2 motors in CW/CCW ,based on DTMF technology
Part # : TPS-01183

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Dtmf control robot manual

  1. 1. DTMF / Mobile Control Board Connect L298 Motor driver board Mode-1B Mode-1A Mode-2 Power RN1 Mode-1 For L298 Board Mode-2 For Relay Board M1-M2 MCU R1 C1 XTL1 DTMF Pro+ Rx Pin#1=Vailed Transmission R2 RN2 Tx Pin#2=D3 G. Pin#3=D2 C4 C5 C3 Data Out R3 C2 DTMF Data Out : Pin#4=D1 123456 Pin#5=D0 * R4 R5 M M= Momentary Output Pin#5=Ground LM7805 MT/CM 8870 H H= Data Hold Output R6 C6 XTL2 R7 Vin R8 OUT C7,8 VT DTMF C9 C10 Signal In 9-12V ContrllingMobile Keypad #2=ForwordMobile Keypad #8=ReverseMobile Keypad #4=LeftMobile Keypad #6=RightMobile Keypad #1=UpMobile Keypad #7=DownMobile Keypad #3=Grip DTMF Tone through MobileMobile Keypad #9=Ungrip Connect it to Headphone SocketNote: This Manual is only for customers of / Total Project Solutions, publicrelease or web publishing is prohibited without prior permission from Tot al Project Solutions – IndiaProduct Disclaimer The rec ommendations and s uggestions regarding product applic at ion and use that are offered, in our produc t broch ures, or information provided by any employee, broker, or dis tributor ofTPS (Tot al Project Solutions), are a guid e in the use of this product and are not a guarantee to their performance s ince TPS,has no control over the use to that other parties may apply the product. Specification may change without an y not ice.Not suitable for critical or indu strial appli cations unless stated, please c larify any doubts before using. V1.0R0.0Copyright © 2010 Total Project SolutionsE7/83F, Ashoka Society , Arera Colony, Bhopal 462016 (M.P.) Indiae-mail: +91-9826015410 , +91-755-2420735