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Sc com

  1. 1. Nowadays, truancy problem at school in every days getting increases. That matter can be proving by a decline in the performance of the students. Q: Boy students are the more truancy than the girl students. AGREE DISAGREE 12 3 QUESTION 1 AGREE DISAGREE
  2. 2. Q: Student that had a lazy attitude is the main factor the students involve in school truancy problem. AGREE DISAGREE 14 1 QUESTION 2 AGREE DISAGREE
  3. 3. Q: Student that weak in their lesson is always truancy because didn’t interest to study. AGREE DISAGREE 13 2 QUESTION 3 AGREE DISAGREE
  4. 4. Q: truancy problems will cause the student immoral. AGREE DISAGREE 15 0 QUESTION 4 AGREE DISAGREE
  5. 5. Q: Parents that neglected their responsibilities to their children is the cause of truancy. AGREE DISAGREE 11 4 QUESTION 5 AGREE DISAGREE
  6. 6. Q: Student that truancy will cause their performance is decline in the class. AGREE DISAGREE 15 0 QUESTION 6 AGREE DISAGREE
  7. 7. Q: The surrounding that uncomfortable and conducive caused truancy. AGREE DISAGREE 9 6 QUESTION 7 AGREE DISAGREE
  8. 8. Q: Other discipline problems occur whenever the truancy problem is non-stop and control. AGREE DISAGREE 14 1 QUESTION 8 AGREE DISAGREE
  9. 9. Q: Teacher lessons that boring and teacher say rude and harsh words to student caused their truancy. AGREE DISAGREE 12 3 QUESTION 9 AGREE DISAGREE
  10. 10. Q: With the co-operation from school, parents and community the truancy problem will reduce. AGREE DISAGREE 15 0 QUESTION 10 AGREE DISAGREE