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Head of Year 7 Information Evening Presentation


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Presentation by Miss Butcher from Year 7 and 8 Information Evening on 12th November 2014.

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Head of Year 7 Information Evening Presentation

  1. 1. Year 7 2014-2015
  2. 2. Year Team Head of Year: Miss C Butcher Assistant Head of Year: Mr T Dunford • 7C Miss Atienza • 7H Mr Hooper • 7E Miss Knight • 7W Miss Dawson • 7V Mrs Martin • 7A Miss Sinclair • 11L Mrs Milne/Mrs Morris • First point of contact/support. • Rounded picture of pupil progress. • Communication – diaries/email. • Three tutor periods per week that focus on reading, reflective learning, quizzes and team building!
  3. 3. Expectations of year 7 Academic • For all pupils to give their maximum effort to their school and homework • To challenge themselves with their school work to see how much they can achieve. “The Sky’s the limit” Social • Pupils to find their feet in secondary school, to make new friends and learn to be work and socialise with different people. • Pupils to involve themselves in as many extra-curricular aspects of school life as possible
  4. 4. Pupil support outside of year 7 team • Mrs Rowlands – Deputy Head teacher (Pastoral) • Mrs Taylor – Home/School Liaison • Megan Harris – Pastoral Support • Lesley Newell – Behaviour Manager • Dave Kenny and SEND team – literacy and numeracy intervention • Provide specialist intervention beyond the role of the tutor • Communication between tutor/head of year/pupil and parents
  5. 5. Concerns in the first two terms • Friendships – new and old • Organisation – new subjects, new equipment •Homework – working to deadlines • Happiness – all round
  6. 6. Current interventions for Year 7 • Organisational group • Friendly group •Homework Club • Self Esteem group
  7. 7. Bullying What bullying is (and isn’t!) Bullying is not… • A one off fight or argument •A friend sometime being nasty •An argument with a friend
  8. 8. Bullying What can you do if your child is being bullied? • Keep calm • Reassure them they have done the right thing • Find out the facts • Encourage them to talk • Talk to them about why people bully • Tell us • Screen shot social media • Block • Switch it off!
  9. 9. Bullying What should my child do? •Avoid the people doing the bullying •Tell an adult they trust •Remind themselves they have done nothing wrong •Try not to react •Be resiliant
  10. 10. Year 7 Camp • Team building • Bonding • Outdoor activities • Camp fires and story telling
  11. 11. Year 7 Camp
  12. 12. Success starts at home! How parents can help • Insight Portal • Diaries • School website • Communication • Reinforce expectations • Support the school • Have a routine in place
  13. 13. But, I don’t have any homework set! • Re-capping • Preparation • Extra research • Tidy and organise • Pack your bag • Read around. • Watch TV documentaries • Be active!
  14. 14. Communication Proactive rather than reactive! Email: Twitter: @MissButcherPE School Website: