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Year 8 presentation


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Presentation by Miss Butcher for Year 8 Information Evening on 4th November 2015

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Year 8 presentation

  1. 1. Information Evening 2015-2016 • Y7 Highlights • Vision for Y8 • Pupil Support systems • Potential Concerns
  2. 2. Year 7 Camp
  3. 3. Year Team Head of Year: Miss C Butcher Assistant Head of Year: Mr T Dunford • 8C Miss Atienza • 8H Mr Hooper • 8E Miss Knight • 8W Mrs Taylor & Mrs Wall • 8V Mr Jones • 8A Miss Sinclair • 8L Mr Sanderson
  4. 4. Expectations and vision for Y8 Academic • To provide pupils with the relevant skills to achieve their highest attainment in future GCSE courses • To encourage enthusiasm and a proactive interest in learning Social • Pupils to become responsible and ‘well rounded’ citizens. • To have aspirations throughout and beyond school, and to work hard to achieve them Y8 ethos “It’s cool to be keen!”
  5. 5. Pupil support outside of year 8 team • Mrs Rowlands – Deputy Head teacher (Pastoral) • Mrs Taylor – Home/School Liaison • Megan Harris – Pastoral Support • Mr Edwards– Associate Assistant headteacher – in charge of behaviour • Mr Kenny and SEND team – literacy and numeracy intervention Provide specialist intervention beyond the role of the tutor/HOY
  6. 6. Year 8 Mentoring Support • Subject specific support in English and Maths • 1:1 mentoring support with tutors based on the latest and subsequent reporting points. • Personal feedback sheets after monitoring points • HOY mentoring for students who are concerns with regard to reporting points.
  7. 7. Rewards Positive behaviour certificates/ commendations/postcards home House points Attendance Privilege pass Tutor group rewards Homework & Attendance raffle
  8. 8. Standards Be prepared to learn! Uniform – shoes and trousers in particular Phones Make up and Jewellery
  9. 9. Potential Concerns for Y8 Danger of Y8 being “the lost year” Disengagement Social media
  10. 10. Extra-curricular @ Chew valley • GET INVOLVED! • To stretch and challenge academic and social skills • The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities before, during and after school. • For a timetable of these activities please take a look at the school website. •
  11. 11. Success starts at home! How parents can help • Insight Portal • Diaries • School website • Communication • Reinforce expectations • Support the school • Have a routine in place
  12. 12. But, I don’t have any homework set! • Re-capping • Preparation • Extra research • Tidy and organise • Pack your bag • Read around. • Watch TV documentaries • Be active!
  13. 13. Communication Proactive rather than reactive! Email: Twitter: @MissButcherPE School Website: