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Texas STaR chart presentation

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  • The following items are on the agenda.
  • No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 emphasizes on student achievement and assessment of fundamental knowledge and skills. TX. Long Range Plan describes a shared vision for teaching and learning with technology and establishes the process for improved use and integration of technology to improve student achievement. The star chart is a mandatory assessment that determines the progress towards achieving the goals on the TX long range plan.
  • The four key components are teaching and learning, educational preparation and development, leadership, administration, and instructional support.
  • Emerging technologies develop collaboration, inquiry, analysis, and creativity. Classroom websites helps in establishing communication with parents.
  • Preparing teachers and students on how to incorporate and use technology effectively in the learning process will take time and effort for all stakeholders. It is essential to reorganize the core of the education system in order to create a successful 21 st century learning environment.
  • The six components of the infrastructure for technology are essential towards achieving the Texas long-range technology plans in creating a 21 st century learning environment for 21 st century learners.
  • Overall, Burns is at a developing technology stage which proves we have come a long way and can achieve much more if we work together to give our future leaders the opportunity to gain technology knowledge and skills that are essential in the workforce.
  • Teachers, please remember to to retrieve your password in order to take the survet
  • 21 st century learning requires students to learn different ways to work with tools, information, and people. In order to help students succeed in the workforce the education system must be revamped and integrate technology seamlessly through all subject areas. All stakeholders are responsible for our country’s future by creating competent future leaders.
  • S ta r chart2

    1. 1. --3-.1-P" ‘" "W S__. .—-'- Texas School Technology and Readiness Chart Presented by: Oscar Rivera
    2. 2. NC LB Requirements ' STaR Chart Development , , -L4; . ‘ 7/ ‘ ' Four Key Areas '~ / "‘ K ‘ " fig ' ‘ . .' Texas Long Range Plan for Technology l I 1 l ' -‘ Campus STaR Chart Results 47 / " I I U ‘M F -g Teacher STaR Chart Conclusion References
    3. 3. Background Information ‘No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D "‘All teachers should be technology literate and integrate technology across the curriculum. " ‘“All students must be technology literate by the end of eight grade. ” ‘Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006 - 2010 4 K‘ k " .1’: ‘V: V r . V, - _ - ‘ " ‘ t rl§—l; ,, No Child M, ‘;: -i§; ,,. ,.. :L—, LEFT BEHlt~'D
    4. 4. Texas School Technology and Readiness Chart The STaR Chart is a survey developed to: Evaluate online learning and technology resources Assess technology standards Determine technology funding The STaR chart has four key components that support the Texas Technology Applications Skills. For more information visit:
    5. 5. Teachin§ah‘dLearning Recomendations 0 “Develop strategies to monitor the progress of integration of technology. ” 0 “Support the use of emerging technologies. ” ' Support the development of classroom websites. Source: Texas Long Range Plan for
    6. 6. Educator Preparation 8-. Development Recommendations We need to develop strategies to c_ ‘_ reach mastery of the Technology Applications Pmfessioml — Educator Standards. Development ’ r ‘ Develop teacher preparation programs that require to integrate technology into their curriculum requirements and ‘V . . _"_ certification standards. ' e ‘~—. Teacher Preparation programs
    7. 7. Leadership, Administration, 8: Instructional Support a . w)(, ;""‘i Implementing and ~ ‘ ' » sustaining school improvement and technology innovation depends on skilled and _ “? ’l‘ I - persistent leadership _ . with the ability to share L oir’1‘f. i’ .5’ , - . 0 . -_, ;_""‘I. -, - '. ' visions and consistent *“’«{j' »~‘f-° u’ _. ‘.~* ‘O’ ,2.ll 45. 4.5 '7; expectations. (Texas Long A Range Plan for Technology, 2006)
    8. 8. Infrastructure for Technology ‘Components ‘Technical support ‘Internet access ‘Demand for computers in classrooms ‘Local area networks ‘According to the Texas campus star chart manual, “the infrastructure of a school is the critical element of support for all four areas of technology. ” - Campus STaR Chart
    9. 9. Burns STaR Chart 2010 — 2011 u Teaching & Leaming ‘ l D Educator Preparation / dvanc-: (£ Tech , -d; mc. ;d & lcch _ Infrastructure
    10. 10. Teacher STaR Chart Since 2006 — 2007 school year, all Texas teachers are required to complete the online version Teacher STaR Chart Survey. The STaR teacher survey “establishes a clear framework for measuring how well teachers are prepared to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need. ” l/ . _J 4,. ‘-*“'
    11. 11. Conclusion The STaR chart is a valuable instrument to assess our ability to provide the necessary technological tools to our 215‘ century students .