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Gamification cases


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Why Gamifying? Business questions
Strategies of consumer gamification

Entertainment– NBC Ford Escape Route
Enterprise – Siemens, Cisco
Retail – Best Buy, Wendy’s
Media & Publishing – Top Chef
eCommerce –
Health/Wellness – Everyday Health
Education – Pearson/Alleyoop
For good – Nickelodeon, Half The Sky

Common mistakes
More examples

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  • The e-commerce industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. It is truly one of the most competitive industries in the world with its sophisticated technology and customer base.
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  • Here is another good source from a friend of mine @sarbogast
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Gamification cases

  1. 1. Gamification cases @ogillin July 2012
  2. 2. Why Gamifying? CRITICAL STAKEHOLDER QUESTIONS: What is the main reason for Gamifying your product / service? How does it benefit the user? Will they enjoy it? BUSINESS QUESTIONS: What are the goals of the business? How do you get the users to fulfill those goals What actions do you want your players to take?Dustin DiTommaso, @DU5TB1N
  3. 3. Strategies of consumer gamification1. Goal Definition: What are primary and secondary marketing goals? How do those goals relate to immediate and long-term ROI and how can they be measured?2. Target Group Research: What activities are appealing to the targeted group?3. Reward Research: What prizes are considered attractive by the targeted group?4. Trend setter vs. Trend follower: Is there value in taking the risk of evolving an existing trend?5. Conclusive Brand Integration: How can a brand integrate with the story line without alienating the user?6. Captivating Game Play: Can the application provide prolonged entertainment?7. Design Flexibility: Can the application be fine-tuned to changing user behavior?8. Key Initiators: How can the application be supported to achieve sustained engagement? By M2 Research
  4. 4. CasesEntertainment – NBC Ford Escape RouteEnterprise – Siemens, CiscoRetail – Best Buy, Wendy’sMedia & Publishing – Top ChefeCommerce – CampusFood.comHealth/Wellness – Everyday HealthEducation – Pearson/AlleyoopFor good – Nickelodeon, Half The Sky
  5. 5. Entertainment – Ford Escape Routes Fit: thought leadership in new- era marketing formats (Social TV to Branded entertainment) User Benefit: prize and impact TV show Fun: viewers help online their team win in real-time Goals: new model awareness How: prize, badges, points Actions: completing challenges, recruiting friends, share 16 million impression on Twitter after 1st episode“Stunts include a real-life re-creation of Zyngas Hanging with Friends game” “other blue-chip brands go along for the ride —“Fords new SUV and its features were extolled at nearly every turn in the first episode” including McDonalds, J.C. Penney, several Procter & Gamble marques, even Ford rival Volkswagen”
  6. 6. Enterprise - PlantVille Fit: "Employees are sometimes siloed in their business units and dont see the breadth and depth of our portfolio,” says Marketing head User Benefit: learn manufacturing Fun: innovative, educational and fun way to engage Goals: Make manufacturing cool, and Help employees (and customers) understand the range of Siemens’ products in manufacturing How: Simulate the experience of bing plant manager Actions: watch videos, solve problems, share, ask Siemens20k users in 150 countries, 600 university “engineering and industry could be ‘fun’” for 85% of students
  7. 7. Enterprise – Cisco Binary Game (‘92)Fit: Aligned with Ciscolearning programUser Benefit: Learn BinaryFun: Old-school stylearcade liked by IT peopleGoals: teach the basicHow: points, levels, timeActions: compute faster
  8. 8. Retail – Best Buy Dedicated app forFit: Best deals, tech adopters Hardcore Best BuyUser Benefit: discounts and consumersfree goodsFun: personalization, rewardsand more fun than just Mass consumersshowrooming onlineGoals: increase Foot Traffic,purchase rateHow: check-in, challenge,Actions: scan/check products,share
  9. 9. Retail - Wendy’sFit: aiming for taste and coolnessUser Benefit: free friesFun: surprising to post a box of frieson FB wall and ask friends to pickoneGoals: awareness for WendysNatural Cut Fries, trial and in-storepurchase.How: free Wendys Natural Cut Fries,prizes like iPad and Nintendo Wii,levelsActions: share, recruit friends to“pick” a fry in their box and unlockbigger boxes
  10. 10. Media – Top ChefFit: Rivalry is the heart of the showUser Benefit: Reward incredibly loyaland passionate fansFun: competition focuses on strategyand team dynamicsGoals: increase engagement andloyaltyHow: earn points, be the Virtual TopChef title of the season, $5,000sweepstakes, be top-performing fanhighlighted on the home page.Actions: recruit friends to teams,become fan of a chef’s team, viewand share content
  11. 11. eCommerce - Campusfood.comFit: online menu and food delivery websitetargeted at the college market.User Benefit: discountsFun: complete challenges to earn rewardsand be recognized as the “Head of Table”for a restaurantGoals: encourage users to order more &more often, expand user base, expose newusers to exclusive discounts and onlineordering optionsHow: badges, points, level, prizesActions: challenges to get contextuallyrelevant and pop-culture savvy badges thatencourage users to order different cuisineand at different times of day. Compete tobecome "Head of Table" by placing themost orders from their favorite restaurant. “With points and badges… new users who return 2 or more times is up 15% to 20%”
  12. 12. Health – Everyday HealthFit: leading provider of healthsolutions, incl. Biggest Loser startrainer Jillian MichaelsUser Benefit: get more contentFun: fuel audience’scompetitivenessGoals: increase paid conversionsand lifetime user valueHow: reward users throughreputation, access to new content,and discounts on servicesActions: logging workouts and “Increased paid conversions 5% andlogging diets lifetime user value 20%”
  13. 13. Education – Alleyoop (Pearson)Fit: help kids get ready for college and lifeUser Benefit: guidance on practiceproblems based on previous navigationthrough 3rd party lessons. Virtual (or real)currency to access premiumFun: missions adapted to their long-termgoals and needs, while earningachievements and rewards.Goals: Structuring existing content like aFacebook game to make some money bybecoming addictiveHow: virtual currency (Yoops), statusupdate, checkins, leaderboards, levelsActions: earn yoops by completing“missions” such as watching “how a rollercoaster is designed”
  14. 14. Foor Good – Nickelodeon TV (Halo) Fit: #1 entertainment brand for kids helping teens who are Helping And Leading Others (HALO) User Benefit: $5 Donor’s Choose cards to donate to a public school Fun: go on HALO quests to learn about the HALO Awards Goals: engage kids with HALO content on How: challenges, levels, points, Actions: watch videos, read content“Teens performed 13 times as many actions such as “Nickelodeon redeemed all 3,000 cards and gave away $15,000 for the charity waycommenting, sharing, and viewing content” ahead of schedule”
  15. 15. Foor good – Half The SkyFit: the average online social player is a From mobile apps focused on39-year-old woman pregnancy, worm attack and family values for girls in India, Kenya, TanzaniaUser Benefit: learn aboutFun: compelling adventure quests To a Facebook App for global audiencebased on themes from the book to encourage social changeGoals: Engage millions of players andtransform gameplay into real-worldactions and micro-donations (toschools, micro-saving programs,…) viaNGOs, partnersHow: online and offlinerewards/donationActions: experience adventuresreaching the end goal of independenceand financial stability
  16. 16. Common mistakes• Business objectives: “I want more engagement.” = tell a doctor “I’m sick” without not stating any symptoms• Social rewards program that is too easy/difficult to get through (or poor experience). Social rewards can be very cost effective• Not considering its (core) audience. – competitive audience at but collaborative at
  17. 17. More examplesHealth/Wellness – Nike +Education – Pearson/AlleyoopFor good – World without OilAutomotive – Nissan LeafElectronics – Samsung NationEnterprise – Deloitte Exec. Training More on
  18. 18.