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Presentation1 graphic design_(2)


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Presentation1 graphic design_(2)

  1. 1. Links:
  2. 2. Graphic design• Do you know what graphic design is ?
  3. 3. • Graphic Design is a way to express yourself artistically, and without it we would not have color, design, TV, or creativity.
  4. 4. • Without graphic design we • Graphic design is what we see, without it we would not would not have creativity have animated TV shows like and imagination. The world The Simpsons or Legend of would be very boring Korra. We would also not be without graphic design. able to put the credits on TV shows and movies.Graphic designers use computer generated programs to animate and make credits on many of our most beloved TV shows.
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  6. 6. 80 6160 48 44 414020 8 0 Series 1 Painting Sketches Doodling In Class Photography Other
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  8. 8. • Online Sources on Graphic Design••• This article describes what graphic designers do. They create logos, and work with drawn, painted, photographed or computer generated computers.• design-a-self-study-course-outline• The article describes understanding the principles and theory of graphic design.
  9. 9. Conclusion• Graphic design is a way to express ourselves with art and design, and without graphic design we wouldn’t have many shows or movies.