3d printing meetup

  1. 3D Printing Meetup 2/11 @ Berkeley Skydeck By Dreambox
  2. Why we are doing this?
  3. We 3D Printing
  4. Please Sign-in • • 20 cm^3 coupons will be emailed to you
  5. Agenda • 3D Printing: What’s the hype about? • How the technology is being used today? • How you can get/make 3D models? • 3D printing vocabulary • 3D model design strategy • Cool 3D Printing Projects @ Cal
  6. 3D Printing: What's the hype about?
  7. 3D Printed Guitar
  8. Sculptor Creates Open Source 3D Printed Humanoid
  9. Open Source 3D Printed Gun
  10. Staples to offer in store 3D Printing
  11. 3D Printed Clothing and Shoes
  12. 3D Printed Stem Cells
  13. 3D Printing Photo Booth
  14. Skyfall Makers 3D Print Bond's DB5
  15. A Brief History -Developed 30 years ago -Rapid Prototyping Machines -Experimented with in Labs Concept Power Drill MIT Media Lab
  16. RepRap Technology Improvements Quality Improvements Venture Money + End Products vs. Prototypes A Really Interesting Story Why Now?
  17. 3D Printing to the Extremes: What impact could it have?
  18. Pay for digital models and print everything you need at home
  19. Product companies will become design firms
  20. Custom Everything
  21. Colonizing the Moon and Mars
  22. Self-replicating Robots and the end of Humanity
  23. The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printing + 3D printing is a manufacturing process + Objective: getting a material in a particular state (usually solid), to a precise point in 3D space
  24. So many materials, so many solutions
  25. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Thermoplastics (e.g. PLA, ABS), eutectic metals, edible materials
  26. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Thermoplastics, metal powders, ceramic powders
  27. Electron Beam Melting Titanium Alloys
  28. Powder bed and inkjet head printing Plaster, Full-Color Models
  29. Laminated Object Manufacturing Paper, metal foil, plastic film
  30. Stereolithography Photopolymers
  31. 3D Printing Ecosystem Printer Manufacturers (consumer and enterprise) 3D Printing Services (consumer facing and backend) 3D Design and Printing Services 3D Product Companies 3D Printing Retail Stores
  32. It Takes more than a Printer 3D Modeling Software - Hardcore - "Easy" to Use - Simple Customization 3D Repositories 3D Scanning Filament/ Materials Suppliers
  33. How is 3D printing is being used today?
  34. Engineering Club Swag: CalSol
  35. Chocolate
  36. Drones
  37. Model Plane Engines
  38. Buildings
  39. People are building businesses around 3D Printing: 3D Printed Jewelry 3D Printed Phone Accessories 3D Printed Glasses
  40. 3D Printing is cool, but you can’t do anything unless you have models…
  41. How you get models????
  42. CAD • Sketchup (great for beginners) – • Autodesk (decent amount of functionality) – • Solidworks (most ME students use this) – • Blender (great for animations) – • OpenScad (CAD for programmers/great for making “apps”) –
  43. Or…
  44. Get models from *Not everything is necessarily 3D printable
  45. Save as .stl • Save your model as a .stl file – Be careful what units you save in – Be careful what resolution you save in • Not too high or too low • Have a student version of Solidworks? – Save as .stl with eDrawings – tm
  46. Now for some vocabulary…
  47. 3D Printing Vocabulary • Layers • Walls • Fill • Supports • Build Platform • Filament • Extruders • Build Envelope *pertains mainly to FDM
  48. Vocabulary: Layers • Layers are 0.4 mm wide and 0.1 to 0.27 mm thick • Resolution means usually means how thin the layers are
  49. Vocabulary: Walls Minimum wall thickness is 0.4 mm (based on layer width)
  50. Vocabulary: Fill 10% vs. 50% vs. 100%
  51. Supports
  52. Vocabulary: Build Platform
  53. Filament
  54. Vocabulary: Extruder Head Squirts out filament onto build platform at 210-230 degrees celsius
  55. Vocabulary: Build Envelope/Volume
  56. General Strategies for FDM • Not all models are 3D printable • Good resources for guidelines: – ndTricks/index.htmldreambox – – Feel free to email us too at and we will be happy to help!
  57. Cool 3D Printing Projects @ Cal
  58. There are endless possibilities with 3D printing!
  59. • Eric Sweet, Sophomore ME, CAD (Solidworks) enthusiast, satisfied Dreambox customer! • Some of my designs and prints: The Wall (from Game of Thrones) Our Campanile Coit tower, GGB, TransAmerica Pyramid, Big Ben, etc. coming soon!
  60. Future Dreambox 3D Printing Projects • Come CAD with Dreambox! • Want to hang out here with Dreambox and attend some informal CADing and printing infosessions? – Meet weekly or biweekly HERE at Dreambox HQ – Ask questions, CAD together, print your designs, and learn from and help teach your fellow 3D modeling hobbyists your CAD skills!
  61. 3D Modeling Project • I’d like to lead a CAD project this semester • Idea: 3D model (relatively) to scale all the major buildings on Campus– 3D Print designs and build a 3D “map” of UC Berkeley! • Fun semester-long goal, great opportunity to learn, improve upon, and share your 3D modeling skills. • If interested, come talk to me in a few minutes and we’ll talk more about the project!
  62. Get creative, experiment with new designs, and challenge the 3D printer… … The outcomes may surprise you!
  63. 3D Printing @ Cal • Facebook group • All of these slides will be posted there • You should all join! – – Posted on the Facebook event page – How we will coordinate CAD/3D printing projects
  64. Thanks for coming! Like us on Facebook: Join 3D Printing @ Cal!