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Finn's Vietnam


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Finn's Vietnam

  1. 1. Vietnam By Finn Kearns
  2. 2. FAMOUS Vietnam is famous for it’s Hospitality and Temples
  3. 3. CURRENCY Their currency is called đồng (₫) 100,000 dong = $1 NZ dollars
  4. 4. Language Their language is Vietnamese Here are some everyday words translated into Vietnamese Hello-Chao Sun-CN How are you today- Lam the nao co ngay hom nay Very Good- Rat Tot
  5. 5. Native Animals Giant Catfish Potbelly Pig Saltwater Crocodile Leopard Cat
  6. 6. Capital City President of Vietnam The Capital City is called Hanoi it’s population is 4,000,000 Nguyễn Minh Triết
  7. 7. Map The shape of this map is S shaped very Vietnam weird
  8. 8. Religion Vietnam Has Three Main Religions 1.Buddhism 2.Taoism This is one of the temples in Vietnam 3. Mahayana
  9. 9. Questions What is the 100,000 What is the currency in dong = NZ capital city of Vietnam? dollars? Vietnam?
  10. 10. Thanks For Watching MY VIETNAM SLIDESHOW