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  1. 1. How 3D Printing is Creating Indie Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. 5 small business success stories made possible by 3D printing
  3. 3. How can designers make money with 3D printing? 1. Digital Content: sell 3D printable design files 2. Crowdfunding: sell product concepts using 3D printed prototypes or first editions 3. Retail + Wholesale: sell 3D printed products 4. Licensing: sell mass production rights to 3D printed product 5. Apps: sell 3D design apps (to consumers or corporate buyers)
  4. 4. He has 317 files for sale ranging from $5 to $45 each.
  5. 5. Marketplaces for 3D Printable Design Files Ponoko November 2010 Grain3D January 2013 3DBurrito March 2013 3DLT April 2013 Azavy April 2013 Cuboyo May 2013 LayerByLayer June 2013 That’s 6 new marketplaces this year! All dedicated to 3D printable designs.
  6. 6. 30 Day Experiment Complete. Find out how much money I made! • – 0 sales • – 0 sales • – 0 sales • – 0 sales • – 6 sales at $2.99 • TOTAL = $17.94 “Posting random items on a bunch of marketplace sites is not going to lead to sales. You need really good unique models and then you have to market them yourself.” - JD Experiment conducted by curious individual on Reddit. Here’s what he wrote:
  7. 7. Smart phone controlled nanocopter…
  8. 8. “Digital fabrication has helped us a great deal in iterating our designs based on user feedback.” – Benjamin Black, Hex team …with 3D printed shells to customize the look.
  9. 9. 3D Printing Kickstarter Projects hardware, prototypes + products • 83 projects • 37 successful • 38 unsuccessful • 8 to be decided • $7million+ raised sculpture action figures accessories hardware Most of that money was for desktop 3D printers.
  10. 10. Her customers aren’t getting stuff straight off the printer. She hand dyes all of her products. “This technology allows us to create items on demand in more complex forms than older manufacturing techniques.” - Colleen Jordan
  11. 11. 3D Printing Services 1. Lots more people using 3DP services. 2. Lots more 3DP services on the scene. 3. Consumers purchasing designers products is what’s fueling the growth — not hobbyists; they’re buying desktop printers.
  12. 12. 3D printed verions of this espresso cup likely sold in the hundreds. After a licensing deal, mass produced versions are probably selling in the thousands.
  13. 13. rocket espresso cup • created July 2012 • licensed April 2013 • retailing July 2013 designed by Craig Kaplan “I can’t manufacture a viral success — I can only be swept up into it. I designed something that I would like, and was surprised and overjoyed to find that others liked it too.” - Craig Kaplan We’re gonna hear more stories like this.
  14. 14. Built by Sarah Stocker and Matt Danks. Quit their jobs in the gaming industry, boot- strapped this app. It was awesome. Absolutely anyone could create a 3D printed robot.
  15. 15. Launched in November 2011. Acquired by 3D Systems in April 2012.
  16. 16. 3D Printing Apps 123D Autodesk Sculpteo Society for Printable Geography Adele R. Designs Cubify Draw 3D Systems Let’s Create Pottery Infinite Dreams Leopoly Leonar3Do
  17. 17. Challenges + Opportunities So far, this presentation has been about business opportunties for designers. Now lets talk business opportunities to *support* the designer’s business. • Most people can’t design for 3D printing. • Designers are increasingly concerned about copyright violations. • Marketplaces are not curated. • Products aren’t tested and may not meet consumer product safety regulations. • Designers are responsible for business success.
  18. 18. “Aside from signing the contract and sending over a prototype cup, I wasn’t involved in the rest of the magic — Fred handled product development and packaging design, and now marketing, distribution, and all the other details of the retail world.” - Craig Kaplan How can companies help designers have successful small businesses? Let designers design. And someone else do: order management production + Q.A. assembly + finishing packaging + fulfillment shipping + distribution wholesale + retail marketing + advertising customer support legal councel This is what we asked ourselves at Ponoko. We’ve got production down, now we’re figuring out all that other grey stuff.
  19. 19. Resources: 3D Printing Services • Cubify Cloud Print • i.materialise • Kraftwurx • Ponoko • RedEye • Sculpteo • Shapeways • Azavy • 3Dburrito • 3DLT • Cuboyo • Grain3D • Ponoko • LayerByLayer 3D File Marketplaces
  20. 20. Crowd Funding Platforms Sourcing + Fulfillment • Crowdfunder • Dragon Innovation • GoFundMe • IndieGoGo • Kickstarter • Small Knot • Dragon Innovation • Fulfillrite • Make That Thing • Shipwire Resources:
  21. 21. How 3D Printing is Creating Indie Entrepreneurs Kristen Turner presentation prepared for Inside 3D Printing San Jose 2013 CMO Ponoko