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The perfect event experience with world café

This presentation explains how MeetingSphere can be used in support of a World Café meeting format for community engagement.

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The perfect event experience with world café

  1. 1. The perfect event experience with World Cafe
  2. 2. What would be your number one expectation in a meeting event in the XXI century?
  3. 3. Ubiquitous Learning Edutainment and gamification Community involvement Major trends in the future of events
  4. 4. Community involvement A growing number of event owners are adopting formats to reach their communities and to create opportunities for relevant stakeholders engagement. The most popular formats are:  Open Space  World Café  Other “unconference” formats (Pro-action Café Learning Café, etc.)
  5. 5. Community involvement Community involvement is not just improving engagement within the organization that runs the event, but expanding such engagement to the community in general.
  6. 6. Community involvement ≠
  7. 7. An audience that can be pleased
  8. 8. An audience that is engaged
  9. 9. Community involvement Best practices include: A culture shift. Organizers must sincerely recognize the value of the partnerships with other community agents, or they will never succeed. A third party. Associations or Local & Regional Governments have a lead partnering agency to assist in connecting with the community because a third party helps ensure the community is comfortable sharing its true hopes and concerns. Meeting the community where it is. Ask the "neighborhood grandmother" where the meeting should be held and do it there.
  10. 10. World Cafe The World cafe is a good, simple process for bringing people together to talk around questions that matter • converse in small groups • move from table to table • people work together • everyone contributes • share/harvest collective ideas
  11. 11. Using the support of MeetingSphere™ The use of MeetingSphere™ Electronic Meeting System can be instrumental in making the most of a World Café meeting format. The most important advantages are:  Table hosts can use diagrams but converge on shared text  All table inputs are reflected on the shared screen  Session records get instantly produced as a deliverable  Adds valuable content to other recording methods such a visual graphics  Session content can be further extended to wider audiences for crowdsourcing of further ideas or comments.
  12. 12. MeetingSphere™ Key Principles 12 Wisdom of the Crowd, find out fast which ideas ‘work’ Tools to improve participation/ interactivity Committed Participants massively improves Buy- In/success ‘Best Practice’ tools for Process Design Its “Meeting Productivity Software” First ‘Process led’ technology Leadership Tool to enable dialogue, inform decisions, improve buy-in.
  13. 13. Participants use MeetingSphere™
  14. 14. How Does it work? 14 Capture more ideas in a shorter period of time. Sort into themes. 2 Move content of a brainstorm or discussion to a Rating Tool to prioritize and rate ideas. 4 Generate Session Reports instantly with Report Maker. 6 Kick off the meeting with a presentation. Utilize the Presentation Tool – or use your Web Conference tool of choice. 1 Move content of a brainstorm to Discussion Tool for asynchronous collaboration. 3 Assign responsibility for follow-up actions with Action Tracker. 5
  15. 15. • groupVision specializes in group collaboration. • We provide software tools and the expertise to apply them in any type of collaborative working systems. • We provide group facilitation services. • Combined with a clear understanding of your objectives we design interactive and participative methodologies that transform your organization to thrive in the 21st century. What groupVision do?
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