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How to Succeed At Audience Engagement


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This presentation is for marketers, association executives and event organizers that want to succeed at attendee engagement.

In this presentation you will:
(1) Discover several examples of audience engagement for events.
(2) Learn a process for analyzing your audience and aligning your key messages with your objectives.
(3) Learn how to think about the people, process and technology that are necessary for a successful audience engagement experience.

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How to Succeed At Audience Engagement

  1. 1. How To Succeed At Audience Engagement From the good people at Interactive Meeting Technology
  2. 2. Did you know? most attendees stop paying attention after 10minutes
  3. 3. Yet, we ask attendees to listen quietly for 4-6per day at the average conference. hours
  4. 4. 100% is just a dream Did you know? there is no way to achieve 100% attendee engagement…unless you consider sitting quietly in chairs in rows engagement.
  5. 5. How do you energize your attendees and create conversations?
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES EVERYWHERE Your Events are Filled with Engagement Points
  8. 8. In a room of 500 – put the panel in the hot seat by giving everyone a voice and collecting questions digitally.
  9. 9. At a party for 3,000 – accelerate the social conversation by putting content on visual displays and measuring the impact.
  10. 10. In a hybrid meeting – integrate responses from the virtual and face-to-face audience into a cohesive experience.
  11. 11. In a lounge – turn social media into décor to tell your event’s social media story.
  12. 12. At your experiential event – capture customer experiences for attendees to share with friends.
  13. 13. In a social media lounge – let attendees visualize social conversations alongside brand conversations.
  14. 14. In your booth - let attendees play trivia games about your products and services while you gather valuable lead data.
  15. 15. At a leadership conference - let employees submit ideas and rank them on a touch screen.
  16. 16. In a company expo - encourage exhibitors to share digital documents saving you money on printing costs and supporting your CSR initiatives.
  17. 17. In a gala with non social media users - use text-to-screen capabilities to capture texts and photos with social content.
  18. 18. In a customer event - reinforce key messages by connecting attendees to content through games.
  19. 19. In a trade show booth - gather valuable insights, share documents and enter contestants into a drawing.
  21. 21. THINK ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE Digital strategies can reach these new audiences
  22. 22. CONSIDER ATTENDEE BEHAVIORS Adopted from the book “Groundswell” Attendee Behavior Type Description Creator - Has the capacity to create new things from scratch. Critiquer - Comments on the work of others. - Unwilling to create anything himself. Collector - Collects sets of things. - Defines success as finishing the collection Sharer - Willing to share others ideas. - This person is all thumbs & retweets early & often Joiner - Likes contests Spectators / Inactives - These people sit back and observe.
  23. 23. MAP INTERACTIVE CONCEPTS TO YOUR GOALSCreate Layered Engagement By Screening Against Attendee Behaviors RecommendationsIdentify Goals & Objectives Generate Ideas Prototype Solutions Evaluate Solutions Evaluate Solutions against: - Attendee behaviors - Collaboration style - How well does it tie to your message? - How does it tie to your goals / objectives Generate Ideas & Prototype Solutions - Conducted research on the market - Reviewed client input - Generated ideas - Test out ideas in time and space
  25. 25. Audience engagement is more than technology. You need to think about the people and process as well. Don’t forget people & process
  26. 26. Can they just walk-up and get started? Or do you require attendees to download, install and login? Eliminate as many barriers to participation as possible. How easy is it to participate?
  27. 27. In this example, creators enter ideas into iPads privately. Approved ideas are displayed on touch screens and critiquers can vote for their favorites. Best idea wins. Are you reaching people where they most comfortable?
  28. 28. Do you need facilitators, moderators, concierges and other staff required to execute the project? What skills and training do they need onsite to be successful? Do you have the right people?
  29. 29. The man in the video is evaluating attendee created videos. It’s step 2 in a larger process – but the only one he needs to take. What steps are required to achieve success?
  31. 31. Attendees answered 25,000 questions about IBM’s products and services with the challenge bar game.
  32. 32. 1,000 Attendees downloaded 6,500 digital documents from 83 trade show booths saving thousands of dollars in printing costs. 6,500 Downloads
  33. 33. Social media investments can be measured based on brand reach and engagement. Both short and long term. 40,000 Likes & 900 Comments in 24 hours
  34. 34. QUESTIONS?
  35. 35. MORE INFORMATION Presenter: Samuel J. Smith Email: Phone: 612-200-1010 ext 1 Twitter: @samueljsmith Web: Digital Solutions:
  36. 36. Succeed at Attendee Engagement Ask. Answer. Poll. Rank. Play. Capture. Display. Share. Measure.
  37. 37. How To Succeed At Audience Engagement From the good people at Interactive Meeting Technology