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Feasibility report


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Feasibility report

  1. 1. Task – 33.1 Feasibility Report Executive Summary According to this feasibility study this report is integrated with some important points. Those points are, Definition/purpose of a feasibility study. Who conducts the feasibility study? Components of a feasibility study for a Hotel Reservation system. This report has written for a Hotel Reservation system. The main object of preparing this document is to give the clear ideas about changes and modifications of their new system for user. Not only that this new system brings many long term advantages for the company also and company can use this system without any modifications for long time period. Basically the proposed system is based on the internet. Because of that reason it should be more user friendly with people who use it. Commonly it use by tourists. Mostly Reservation manager and staff members get busier than in the present. People who are living in any country, it’s very simple to make a reservation through this site. Let’s think about a business class hotel or resort they should update their reservation summary daily. This means they should prepare their daily forecast. And also reservation people should more careful with their operation.
  2. 2. 3.1.1 Writing a Feasibility Study Any new project should implement and based on as an operational part of their current system. This means once a company switched to a new system it should analysis through the operation of earlier system. This entire document is consisted with Hotel Reservation System. Feasibility study provides the process for this analysis. This documentation is focus on several phases of feasibility study: Definition/purpose of a feasibility study. Who conducts the feasibility study? Components of a feasibility study for a Hotel Reservation system. Definition/Purpose of a Feasibility StudyA feasibility study is defined as an estimate or analysis of the possible impact of a proposedsystem. In the other hand this can say whether decision makers can implement the projectaccording to customer’s requirements or not. The feasibility study will include wide dataassociated to financial and operational impact. It also consisted with advantages of newsystem and draw backs of current system.The feasibility study is conducted to support the decision-makers in creating the decisions,What will be the great importance of the hotel reservation system? Whatever the decision thatthey take it should improve the quality of developing system. Who Conducts the Feasibility Study?According to the project feasibility study may be conducted by the Hotel reservationManager. The hotel reservation manager over and over again does not have the time requiredto perform in detail analysis required to complete a feasibility study. Also, the director maylack the knowledge essential for completing the study. Therefore, a specialist often is hired toperform the feasibility study.The individual conducting a feasibility study should have the following characteristics: Experience in conducting feasibility studies. Experience in Hotel reservation system operation.
  3. 3. Should have the ability make decisions whatever the most suitable. Components of a Feasibility Study for a Hotel Reservation SystemThe feasibility study for a proposed reservation system will be widespread. There are severalcomponents that should be included in the study, and each will be discussed. Background InformationSome background or setting information is important to provide the circumstance of thefeasibility study. Included in the background information: According to our investigation we have chosen one of the best business class hotels. Totally it has 300 rooms with including 16 suites also. According to the IT manager’s idea they having some doubts with their reservation system. It’s not a very user friendly one. Make one of the best and effective reservation system for company is main goal of make this system. Proposed Online Hotel Reservation System Description of the System Basically this proposed system has two interfaces. Those are front end and back end. Front end Check-in date Check-out date Rooms These are the most basic functionalities that appear in front end.
  4. 4. Back end(Reservation staff) Arrival list Availability Follow up reportThese are the basic functions that include in back end system. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Proposed SystemAdvantages DisadvantagesMore user friendly than the current Cost is high.system.Operation wise it more effective. At the beginning little bit confuse to operate.Customer attraction is in a satisfactorylevel.Back up plans also available.All the previous errors have correctedand added some new functionality.
  5. 5. Comparison of Current and Proposed Systems Current system Proposed systemIt does not execute a satisfactory job in User-friendlywork wise (not very efficient one).Not a user-friendly one. It has all the new functionalities.It does not have new functionalities. More effective in operation.Backup plan is not very satisfied one. It can maintain a satisfied backup plan. Final Recommendation This part is one of the most important justifications of this report. Generally decision makers get the entire idea through this. Once we analyze the requirements every ones idea was they need a modified system or new reservation system. The entire system is a combination of two sub systems. Because of that system may gets complex in developing. We should think in every time how can we exactly satisfy the client needs.
  6. 6. Task – 44.1 Assessment of the different feasibility criteria on a system investigation 4.1.1 Basic feasibility criteria are: Technological Operational Economic Schedule Social Legal Technological This is some kind of a practical measurement. Technological criteria provide the most appropriate technical solutions to the discovered problem. According to this hotel online reservation system once we analyze the requirements a one thing was highlighted many times by staff members and also from the management. That is the technical interface of their current run system should modify or upgrade to a new system. According to the IT manager’s idea they don’t have an online reservation system. Because of that reason they requested an online system that belongs to their official site of the hotel. It should run under the official site of the hotel. Economic (cost-benefit analysis) Economic is deciding the cost of the entire product. After analyzed the requirements cost can estimate. While developing the project cost is not an exact amount. Because sometimes project can not finish on time, some errors may occur and etc. Fluctuate of cost can be occur due to this reason. Form the very first beginning we have chosen one of the staged life cycle model to develop the project. There are some important things include with this economic criteria. 1. An estimated cost of the product can fulfill user requirements. 2. Estimated cost is enough to finish the project. 3. Can do the project without any other addition charges.
  7. 7. OperationalThis will check how the designed produt performs in the real operationalenvironment. When we apply this criteria there are some important questions mayarise, 1. How does the staff will feel about the new system? 2. Do they contribute to the proposed system? 3. The proposed solution may perform in good in the real environment or not. 4. Is the problem can solve in worth or not? ScheduleThis criteria model is parallel goes with the scheduled time. Ability of finish theproject on time is measured under this model. At the beginning of the project clientand software Development Company make the agreement. After how many timeperiods client will get the product. Customer satisfaction is more need in this stage. LegalMost of the time this criteria model is depends on government rules. Once the productfinished it will check under the government. It will check what kinds of functions areavailable in the system, are there any functionalities that not suitable and the productis observance the rules and regulations of the government or not. At the end thisproduct hotel reservation system should registered under government. Then no onecan create the same product under their name. SocialPeople will talk about the system when it operates in real environment. Let’s thinkaccording to this product it is in the top of world best hotel reservation system. Thenwhat will happen? Everyone will talk about this system and they also motivate toapply this into their operation also. According to this system customer is one of themost important part of their society. Reservation system should realize the user needswell.