Digital Marketing Revolution


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Internet marketing and digital marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Revolution

  1. 1. Evolution of Traditional Marketing to Revolution of Digital Marketing Nancy Vinkler 610-650-0227
  2. 2. AgendaWhat History Tells UsHow Buyers Have EvolvedHow the Marketplace Has EvolvedThe Revolution of Digital MarketingSummary
  3. 3. What You get from this webinar?• An awareness of the correlation between traditional marketing and digital marketing• A glimpse of the scope of skills required to implement digital marketing• An understanding that you can measure your digital marketing• A call to action to create your digital marketing strategy• An attentiveness to evaluate if you have the right people resources
  4. 4. WebinarStrategy Ground Rules
  5. 5. Marketing Golden Rules• Product is required• Packaging has to be remarkable• Price is right• Place provides successful distribution• Marketing Strategy is executed – Competition – Unique marketing message – Target market – Monitor, measure, adjust
  6. 6. Technology Golden Rules• New technology does not replace past technology• New technology integrates with old technology• Behind the efficiencies of new technology lurks complexity which revolutionizes how we do things• New technology translates to new jobs and tasks
  7. 7. ≠ Did Not Replace• TV ≠ Radio• Computer ≠ TV• Personal Computer (PC) ≠ Mainframe Computer• Laptop ≠ PC• iPad ≠ Laptop• Smart Phone ≠ Laptop or iPad• Wireless ≠ Wired• Digital Marke ng ≠ Tradi onal Marke ng
  8. 8. Technology Integration• TVs have radio & computer functionality• PCs have radio, TV & phone capabilities• Smart phones have radio, TV, & PC features• Software integrates – Linkedin with facebook – Facebook with twitter – Email with website
  9. 9. Marketing Integration• Tradition marketing & digital marketing integration examples – Landing pages – Personal urls – Instant chat – Online press releases – Online catalogs drive prospects to brick & motor
  10. 10. Head of Tweeting• Social Media Community Manager• Interactive or Digital Media Coordinator• Director of Ecommerce• Content Marketing Specialist or Analyst• Search Engine Marketing Director• Digital Marketing Manager• VP Emerging Media• Chief Evangelist• Online or Web Analytics Manager
  11. 11. WebinarBuyers in the Cat Seat
  12. 12. Buyers Changes• Buyers are finding you• In a different place in decision making process• Warm prospects versus cold suspects• Want individualized marketing messages• Need less selling more educating• In more distribution & communications channels• Using more user interfaces – Phones, PCs, Laptops, iPads
  13. 13. Searching & Communicating• Traditional - printed, in-person, events, brick & motor, personal referrals• Digital Marketing - Internet – Googling – Browsing – Emailing – Instant messaging – Linking – Facebooking – Tweeting – Social networking
  14. 14. Client Communications Traditional Digital• Phone • Online chat• Postal mail • Email• User groups • Online forums• Printed newsletters • Blogs • Social networking • Webinars • Video conferencing
  15. 15. WebinarMarketplace
  16. 16. Impact on Sales CycleDate Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Quarter 5Sales CycleFind Suspect TraditionalCold Lead Un-Qualified Prospect Traditional Digital &Warm Lead Qualified Prospect Traditional Digital &Hot Lead Client Traditional Digital &Close Sale New Client Traditional
  17. 17. Distribution Channels Traditional Digital• Direct • Direct• Resellers • Resellers• Value-Added Resellers • VARs (VARs) • Distributors• Distributors • Affiliates• Local and national • Banner ads • Ecommerce stores with multiple price books • Local, national, international
  18. 18. Competitors Traditional Digital• Strong distribution barriers • Strong marketing barriers of of entry entry• Activity more stealth • Online marketing activity• Advertising matched up can be tracked• Tend to be local or national • Advertising space taken by non-industry competitors • Easily can be local, national, & international • More of them
  19. 19. Target Market Traditional Internet - Searching Internet - Social Networking
  20. 20. Marketing Resources Traditional Digital• Outsource design & printing of • Outsource design & written marketing materials implementation of digital marketing materials• Pay marketing monthly retainer for marketing • Pay marketing monthly retainer for digital marketing campaigns campaigns• Outsource writing of content • Outsource writing of with help of in-house subject optimized content with help of matter experts in-house subject matter• Pay percent of monthly experts written ad spend • Pay percentage of monthly digital ad spend
  21. 21. WebinarDigital Revolution
  22. 22. Marketing Materials Traditional Digital• Logo • Digital logo• Letterhead • Email signatures• Business cards • Web design• Printed brochures • Digital business cards• Signs / banners • Ebrochures• Printed & postal mailed • Electronic signs / banners newsletters • Email newsletters• Printed catalogs • Flip catalogs • Slide shows • Online content
  23. 23. Multi-Media Traditional Digital• TV ads • TV ads with Google• Radio ads • Pod casts • Online radio shows • Video streaming • Flash • Online animation • CDs
  24. 24. Marketing Message Traditional Digital• Printed industry magazines • Display ads• Printed newspapers • Pay Per Click (PPC)• Printed industry directories • Organic optimization• Printed yellow pages • Banner ads • Hundreds of online directories • Content – ezines, articles, press releases, rss feeds, video, images, slides, audio
  25. 25. Marketing Campaigns Traditional Digital• Post Cards • Email• 1% - 2% return • Open rates – 20%• Value of post address list • Click through rates• Ask prospect • Bounce rates • Value of double opt-in email address list • Analytical & conversion reporting
  26. 26. Public Relations Traditional Digital• Press releases • Hundreds of press release• Analyst meetings and content engines – open• Controlled by print media to the public editors • Google alerts• Measurement - manually • Social media count hits in white space communications• Fax services • Online testimonials, reviews, & citations • Measurement - # of links, keyword ranking, visits to web page, length of visit
  27. 27. Reporting Traditional Digital• Estimate of number of • Recorded number of eyeballs reading impressions or click-thrus• Manual collection of activity • Keyword rankings• Monthly ad spend • Daily or monthly ad spend• Largest ads get the by clicks or impressions attention • Keywords get the attention• 800 phone# calls – call • 800 phone# calls – direct tie detail records to ads – less expensive • Visits to landing pages • Online forms captured data
  28. 28. Measuring Traditional Digital• Word of mouth • Online analytics, tracking of• Marketing more of cost phone and webpages• Not quite sure which • Marketing is a revenue marketing campaign drives generator in prospects • Directly measure marketing• Tends to be brand costs & revenue from marketing market niches & marketing campaigns • Tends to be Return On Investment (ROI) marketing
  29. 29. WebinarSummary
  30. 30. Summary• Are you aware of the correlation between traditional marketing and digital marketing?• Do you understand the scope of skills required to implement digital marketing?• Do you know how to measure your digital marketing?• Do you have the right people resources?• Do you have a digital marketing strategy?
  31. 31. Nancy Vinkler