NCompass Live: Turning Your Library Around


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When we started at the South Sioux City Public Library two years ago the library was having difficult times. Circulation and attendance numbers were down. The public’s opinion of the library was not positive. In two years’ time period we have seen an increase of circulation from 21000 items to over 40000 items. We have seen attendance numbers for youth climb from 2000 to 6000 and adult attendance has gone from 800 participants to over 3000 participants. This presentation will tell what we did to turn the program around. Presenters: David Mixdorf, Dan Nieman, Odessa Meyer, South Sioux City Public Library.
NCompass live - Februady 15, 2012.

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NCompass Live: Turning Your Library Around

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Turning Your Program Around What the South Sioux City Public Library did to change the public’s perception of the library.
  3. 3. June 1, 2009 New Library Director Hired New Children’s Librarian Hired New Library Board chosen to replace dismissed board.
  4. 4. Perception of the library It was boring. Nothing to do. The programs didn’t fit their needs. The library lacked posters, pictures, books on display. Not kid friendly. Didn’t know we had one.
  5. 5. In the last 2 years we have seen these increases.
  6. 6. Circulation checkouts2008-2009: 22,5312010-2011: 43,486
  7. 7. Computer Usage2008-2009: 209002010-2011: 27227
  8. 8. New Cards Issued2008-2009: 9502010-2011: 1276
  9. 9. Reference Questions Answered 2008-2009: 406 2010-2011: 803
  10. 10. Adult Programming Attendance 2008-2009: 6842010-2011: 3180
  11. 11. Children’s Programming Attendance 2008-2009: 1895 2010-2011: 6225
  12. 12. What did we do to accomplish this turn around.Interview library patrons
  13. 13. Communicate withpeople who don’t use the library with questionnaires.
  14. 14. Meet with civicgroups and give presentations.
  15. 15. Meet with local agenciesand see what the library could do to assist their agency.
  16. 16. Talk with area schools.
  17. 17. Talk with area businesses.
  18. 18. Do a review of theservices your communityprovides and try to fill in the gaps.
  19. 19. See what otherlibraries are doingand recreate their ideas to fit your needs.
  20. 20. Keep an open mind.Even if an idea doesn’t catch on right away, keep trying.
  21. 21. Changes in Youth Programming 2009: Story Times were held consistently twice a week & two programs that ran once a month 2011: Story Times are held consistently five times a week
  22. 22. Encouraged Partnerships with Community  Move & Music Classes for youth  Story Telling with local teachers We also utilize our localChamberetts, Optimist Club and 4-H Extension Office for programming
  23. 23. Look at the Community You Serve In our community we saw a need and reached out to fill it. We have a mother who volunteers to read bilingual books and we make crafts with the children Bilingual Story Time
  24. 24. Consistency Keeping programming consistent is a major help for your families to remember to stop in Being consistent in special programs (monthly or yearly) is a benefit. LEGO classes & contest
  25. 25. Make the library FUN!Hanging out at the library
  26. 26. Dr. Seuss Celebration!
  27. 27. Summer Reading Programs PuppetWorld Juggling Day Making String Instrument Extravaganza Sioux Falls Zoo Mobile
  28. 28. More Summer Reading Bugs from around the World Nebraska’s Humanities Council – David Marsh Music from around the World Mad Science
  29. 29. New Area’s Teen AreaYoung Kids Area
  30. 30. Teen Murder Mystery Dinner
  31. 31. Programming with Adults 2000- Present 2000-2004 Library Building Project 2004-2007 Countywide Service 2007-Present Making Library Services work for People.
  32. 32. Programming with Adults Cover to Cover Book Club
  33. 33. Started in 2002
  34. 34. We are regularly involved in One Book Events
  35. 35. Book Club Resources One Book Programs
  36. 36. Resources Available to Libraries Nebraska Book Club Wiki 9/FrontPage NLC Book Club Kits The Big Read Nebraska Humanities Council ooks.html
  37. 37. Resources Available to Book Clubs Reading Group Guides ent/index.asp Library Thing Shelfari Good Reads
  38. 38. Programming with Adults Book clubs- Cover to Cover Humanities Programming
  39. 39. Lewis & Clark Bicentennial 2003-2005
  40. 40. Humanities Programming Connecting with state arts and humanities groups is a great way to do programming. Connecting with local and area arts and humanities presenters outside the state can also reap benefits. Connect programming to the natural interests of the community
  41. 41. Programming with Adults Book clubs- Cover to Cover Humanities Programming Local and Personal Interests
  42. 42. Native American/ Western Programming
  43. 43. Local & Personal Interests
  44. 44. Musical Programming
  45. 45. Music Contacts Concerts in Your Home Unbound Booking
  46. 46. Art Gallery Area
  47. 47. Community Garden/ Organic Gardening
  48. 48. Cardinal Festival
  49. 49. Movies Real to Reel- popular movies with contemporary issues.
  50. 50. Movies B Movie Night at the Bijou
  51. 51. Classic Movies and Discussion
  52. 52. Special Movie Presentations Movies in History celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.
  53. 53. Special Movie Presentations Movies with special themes
  54. 54. And There’s More Technology classes (20-25 classes a month) Classes on Medicare Part D sign-up Digital Television switch over Banned books week discussions Stars of the Silent Films Games day Trivia Contest
  55. 55. 50+ Area