Final report 2011


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Final report 2011

  1. 1. Annual Report Of theLearning Center June 2011 Submitted by Kathy Lawrence
  2. 2. CCSU Library Mission Think Create Share GrowThe mission of CCSU libraries is to create inviting learningenvironments that inspire and honor curiosity, creativity,and collaboration. In partnership with students and staff, wesupport and recognize reading as the foundation forstudents to become skilled in multiple literacies. We strive toensure that students become successful lifelong learners. VisionGiven our stated mission, we envision: That weekly whole-class visits are used to expand upon classroom instruction and learn about and through books of many kinds. That students have access to a diverse collection of information and literature in both print and online environments. That students can explore technology tools to create digital products that reflect their learning. That the library program is fully integrated with the curriculum and that there is ongoing dialogue between classroom teachers and the librarian. That the library offers a supportive environment for readers of all ages.
  3. 3. Our Staff Fast factsThe Learning Center services over 225 students and 45 staff members13 classes per week come to the Learning CenterAn average of 45 students a week visit the library outside of theirscheduled class time.There are approximately 10,000 volumes in our collectionCirculation of materials averages about 15,000 items per year7 public computer workstations are available to students, staff, andcommunity membersMonthly reports can be accessed in this livebinder using the key: LC#of visits to library webpage: 293
  4. 4. Facility UseDuring the school year the library space is used for manypurposes, including: Small group work with teaching assistants Big/little program time Small group work with kindergarteners for reading Assessments Team meetings After-school workshops and trainings PTO meeting childcare space Volunteers Jeanne and Linda were a tremendous help to us this year. We rely on them for help with shelving, copying, bulletin boards, preparing for inventory, and other small but necessary tasks that keep the library functioning smoothly.
  5. 5. Partnerships and Connections This year I have met twice a month before school with the Summit Street librarian to work on a curriculum map for library classes and to plan more collaborative projectsfor next year.The Learning Center maintains a strongconnection with the PTO. PTO membershave assisted with the book fair and havepledged their support for an emergentreader program next year.Connections withour parents arecritical. TheLearning Centercommunicatesthrough ourwebpage, ourparent blog, andour monthly ThirdThursday meetings.
  6. 6. Program HighlightsSeptember “Tech Tuesdays” were begun to provide professional development to staff members around technology integration Brownies and browsing held for staff to preview new books for 2010-11October Began working with a small group of kindergarteners for extra support two days a week (this continued all year)November Weekly library “job” established for child in need of positive behavioral support (continued throughout school year) Guided research with one third grade classDecember Guided research for Native Americans unit of study with all three third grade classes Scholastic Book Fair heldJanuary “Reading is an Investment” pilot program (grade 2) begun on financial literacy Assisted with mini-lessons in one second grade class Recorded narration for two classroom projects (grade 2 and grade 3) February A record high (67 families) registered for our tenth annual Family Reading NightMarch Author visit with Lita Judge Data and photos collected for Vermont Library Snapshot Day Integrated Arts Sharing Night (grade 2)April Integrated Arts Sharing Night (grade 3) Subscription to Tumblebooks (ebooks) begun; Total full book views to date: 1054 May “Guys Read” book group organized and implemented Presentation at PTO for emergent reader programJune 10th annual book swap scheduled/held Presentation of summer reading opportunities at Brownell Library by Mary Graf Inventory scheduled to be completed by June 21, 2011
  7. 7. Service and PublicationsCo-representative for Northwest II region for Vermont SchoolLibrarians AssociationBoard member Vermont School Librarians AssociationCo-coordinator of the PATH to Wellness programMember of the MAPELCWL Hiawatha teamMember of the Kindergarten team 2010-11Member of Hiawatha’s technology teamAuthor of library blog for views as of 6/12/11)Author of professional blog for fellow views as of 6/12/11)Quoted in December issue of Library Sparks in article about bookswapsCommittee member for planning of the Dynamic Landscapesconference Committee member for the planning of Vermont’s first Library Snapshot Day
  8. 8. Professional DevelopmentThis past year I shared representation of theCCSU librarians with Philip Crawford in theCVEDC digital storytelling series with BernajeanPorter.I participated in three online webinars in theevening sponsored by made one half-day visitation toChamberlin School to observe thelibrarian there.I attended one day of the two day DynamicLandscapes conference in May.I attended monthly meetings with the CCSUdistrict librarians. This year we worked withJudy Kaplan, UVM coordinator of the LibraryMedia Studies sequence on two occasions. Judyhelped us to frame our efforts to assess ourprograms and develop a vision and goals for thefuture.I continue to grow professionally by reading andfollowing a number of blogs on a daily basis, 33in all. (12 for ed tech, 7 for children’s literature,10 for librarianship, and 4 for SMART boardresources.)
  9. 9. Tech Integration ProjectsPhotostory created with 2students: “Being Kind atHiawatha”Photostory about unit ofstudy on trees created forMrs. PeetPhotostory about food service created forkindergarten teachers for use atkindergarten screening/registrationGlogster created for Ms. Ouellette’s unit ofstudy of native people of the ChamplainValley Basin Photopeach (digital story) about a topic of interest (alligators) created with one student from 3rd grade
  10. 10. Future Directions/Next StepsContinue to collaborate with librariancolleagues in the district and outsideof the district (Essex Town inparticular is interested in workingwith us)Capture time with classroomteachers to more effectivelycollaborate. A new model forMonday staff and team meeting timemight help here. Use curriculum maps with each grade level team as a starting place for collaborative projects Continue with development and implementation of a K-1 emergent reader program, beginning October 2011Find ways to communicate themission and vision of the libraryContinue to reach out to familiesTeach the Destiny QUEST feature to third gradersnext year as an alternative to Destiny basic