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SEJH Library Annual Report 12-13


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Published in: Education
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SEJH Library Annual Report 12-13

  1. 1. South East Junior High Library2012-2013 Annual ReportElizabeth Schau & Chelsea Sims
  2. 2. Iowa’s best schoolshave library programsthat engage the entireschool community to elevatethe learning experiencefor all.QUALITY LIBRARIESQUALITY SCHOOLS
  3. 3. TEACHER LIBRARIANS ARESTRATEGICALLY POSITIONEDteach students to think criticallyand independently to constructnew understanding and insightsfrom varied information sourceslead and embrace the integrationof technology to enhance learningto
  4. 4. connect communities of learners invirtual and physical spacescollaborate with the schoolcommunity to design and enactrigorous learning experiences andparticipate as positive digitalcitizenstoTEACHER LIBRARIANS ARESTRATEGICALLY POSITIONED
  5. 5. maximize access to quality printand digital resourceschampion and support the readinglife of studentsnurture curiosity to develop instudents a passion for learning forlifetoTEACHER LIBRARIANS ARESTRATEGICALLY POSITIONED
  7. 7. TEACHER
  8. 8. LITERATUREINFORMATIONLITERACYDIGITAL LITERACY• Research skills• Recognizing bias• Ethical use• Evaluating sources• Using technology to learn, tocreate and to share• Elements• Genres• EnjoymentTEACHERteach students to thinkCRITICALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY
  9. 9. understanding and insights fromVARIED INFORMATION SOURCESTEACHER Iowa Library Guideline 1.7:The teacher librarian provides instruction in the use of information resources includingonline databases and the internet in collaboration with classroom teachers.Cross-CurricularBibliographyorganizerProject SpecificResource ListsCreativeCommonsImages
  10. 10. champion and support theREADING LIFE OF STUDENTSTEACHERIowa Library Guideline 1.6The teacher librarian is a catalyst for a culture of literacy in the school.
  11. 11. LEADER
  12. 12. LEADERLead and embrace the implementation ofTECHNOLOGYDocument CameraTrainingSMART NotebookCertified TrainersTroubleshoot
  13. 13. InstructionalPartner
  14. 14. Maximumutilizationof schoolresourcesINSTRUCTIONALPARTNERCOLLABORATIONBENEFITS OFCo-planning,co-teaching,co-assessmentTransfer andapplicationof skillsincreases
  15. 15. ZombieScienceLEARNING EXPERIENCEScollaborate to design and enactiPoemProjectArtHistoryHistoricalFiction
  17. 17. CommunityRelationsTeacher Librarians manage programs thatserve extensive school communitiesPROGRAMADMINISTRATORPhysicalSpaceStaff andvolunteersBudgetPoliciesPlanning
  18. 18. StudentInputPROGRAM HIGHLIGHTSPROGRAMADMINISTRATORRearranged +RedecoratedSpaceIncreasedVolunteersRevisedCirculationPolicy
  19. 19. connectCOMMUNITIES OF LEARNERSin virtual and physical spaces
  21. 21. COMMUNICATIONIowa Library Guideline 1.7:The teacher librarian provides regular reports of school library program accomplishments and concerns tothe students, teachers, principal and community. The library website is used to communicate libraryprograms and curriculum ties.
  23. 23. INFORMATIONSPECIALISTcollectionDEVELOPMENTFreshPurposefulweedingUsefulAccurateEngagingCOLLECTION
  24. 24. INFORMATIONSPECIALISTcollectionDEVELOPMENTAverage Ageof CollectionBeforeAfter
  25. 25. maximize access toQUALITY RESOURCESTotalCirculation(as of May 29)FictionNonfictionGraphicNovels
  26. 26. maximize access toQUALITY RESOURCES
  27. 27. management ofBUILDING ASSETSNewTextbooksTechnologyInventory
  28. 28. TECHNOLOGYUpgradeYearEveryClassroomIowa CityNooksDestinyQuest
  29. 29. DATABASE USAGE26683130462 1046 4032 217 270 142 62 31 95 62 19050000100000150000200000250000300000
  30. 30. GOALSVolunteers Nooks NewCollaboration