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Games Analytics


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Games Analytics fournit des solutions d'analyses statistiques puissantes, uniques et multi-plateformes, 100% dédiées aux éditeurs de jeux en ligne, qu'il s'agisse de jeux sociaux (jeux Facebook...), de MMOG ou de jeux mobiles et tablettes, et quel que soit le mode de monétisation (abonnements, items virtuels et micro-transactions, publicité, téléchargement...).

Games Analytics propose une gamme complète d'outils d'analyse comportementale et prédictive qui permettent d'augmenter de manière très significative la rétention et la monétisation des jeux en ligne.

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Games Analytics

  1. ` Maximizing Online Game RevenueCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  2. `ChangesThe Games Industry has changed :• Service focused (Freemium VS. RETENTION Premium) Getting them to stay• The rise of free-to play with micro transactions• Massive amounts of gameplay data• The ability to interact with users in ACQUISITION MONETISATION real time Getting players in Getting them to pay 2Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  3. `Some Scary Stats 2 to 4% of online players will generate revenue for your game More than half your players may never reach session two By targeting interventions effectively you can increase your game revenue by over 20% 3Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  4. `Converting Users GamesAnalytics can increase your games revenue by 20% to 30% by understanding and influencing player behaviour, through : • Converting more trialists • Increasing ARPU • Improving player satisfaction • Increasing player retention 4Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  5. `Our Pledge GamesAnalytics objective is to generate $1 billion dollars of incremental revenue for online game publishers by 2015 5Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  6. `Who We Are• Monetization company : founded by games industry veterans delivering marketing technology and data mining services for the online and mobile games industries• Product suite : Cross-platform analytics tools that optimizes revenue through understanding and predicting player behaviour• Consultancy Services : Deep-dive analytics and personalised in-game marketing 6Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  7. ` Who We Are• Unique behavioural analytics and predictive modelling • Increased understanding of player behaviours • Targeted interventions to improve player satisfaction • As well as game revenues, retention and virality• Multi-platform (PC, console, mobile, Facebook, tablet…)• Multi Business Model (subscription, virtual items selling, download, advertising…)• Powerful technology suite supported by consultancy• Compatible with the existing internal or external metrics solutions 7 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  8. `What We Do• We apply sophisticated behavioural analytics to player data and identify patterns that result in conversion to paying customers• In real time, our software provides individualized in-game marketing to players to propel them towards monetizing behavior patterns• Our proprietary software is based on state-of-the art predictive modelling and individualized customer marketing in multiple other industries, now uniquely modified and tailored for the online games industry• We drive your games revenues with proven 20% - 30% uplift 8Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  9. ` Where to begin?Defection Virality Users Engagement Loop ARPU Lifetime Value Traffic Funnel Timeline Analysis A/B Testing Time of Day` Conversions Monetization Custom EventsCohort testing Seasonality Social Sign-InAcquisition Impressions Compulsion Loop Activations Channels DAU Invites Sent Time to first purchase Retention Frequency Time Spent MAULeakage Invites Received ARPPU Engagement Whales CPM/CPI/CPC DAU/MAU 9Demographics Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  10. `End-to-End Analytics Platform• Cross-platform real-time data collection SDK• Customizable Key Performance Indicator dashboard• Proven proprietary technology and complex models that predicts player behavior• Segment and influence player types• Create the ability to act early, customize the gaming experience and maximize revenue• In-game messaging SDK• Targeted in-game messaging delivered at the appropriate time during the playing experience 10Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  11. `Product Suite 11Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  12. `• The data collection SDK• Define a series of standard events to achieve an in- depth understanding of gameplay at an individual level• Gather standard and custom event data in real- time• Supports the dashboards and analytics• Cross platform, flexible and simple to implement 12Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  13. `• The Key Performance Indicator dashboard suite• Tracks acquisition, activation, monetization, revenue, referrals and retention• Simple and intuitive interface• Unique Dynamic Alert System constantly monitors the metrics and draws focus to significant movements• Customizable and extendable 13Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  14. `• The technology that predicts player behavior• The heart of the analytics solution• Complex algorithms predict player behavior• Understand the characteristics that lead to purchase, satisfaction, virality or defection• Segment and influence different player types• Creates the ability to act early and maximize potential revenue 14Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  15. `• Targeted real-time individual in-game messaging• Delivered to a player at the appropriate time in his/her playing experience• Designed to change player behavior• Increase player satisfaction and conversion, improve virality and prevent defection• Results tracked through the measure dashboard 15Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  16. `Dashboards 16Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  17. `Segmentation Analyses %Volume 7% %Paying 0.55% 6% 7Day Ret 36% 25% 2.34% CAC Virality Potential $0.75 57% 1.30% $4.40 26% 31% $2.21 0.89% 22% 12% Early Enthusiasts $1.75 0.86% 59% Confident Completers 14% $3.57 0.97% Social Involver 5% 0.19 21% % $1.94 Sporadic SemiEngaged 9% $2.38 Losing Momentum Need Guidance Revenue Potential Borderline Incompetent 17Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  18. ` Retention Analyses Start 150 Events 500 Events Country Age Gender R1 Apply Model at 150 Events. Level Momentum, Treat High Average Seconds Per Scores with R2 Event, Socialness, Targeted Analysis Features Consumed Messages Period Detailed Events: Quests Completed, E Purchase Behaviour, Organising Tasks, Specific MissionsEx: Do R2 and E play differently in 1st 10 minutes?Can we predict defection? 18 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  19. ` Purchase Behaviour Analyses Variable Contribution 0,25 • Score model at key points in the game 0,2 • Start of Session • Start of Mission 0,15 • After Mission Failed#Sessions 11+ • Select players who have high 0,1 model score (high likelihood toGiftedItem 0,05 purchase) • Send message with Total 0 offer/incentive Stamina 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5000+ Highest Wounded Accepted FriendCount Run Away Level 10+ Giant Invite 10+ 19 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  20. ` Monetisation Optimisation Increased Revenue Players Contacted60,00% 300 00050,00% 250 00040,00% 200 00030,00% 150 000 Total Players Contacted20,00% 100 00010,00% 50 000 0,00% 0 thu wed tue thu tue thu sun wed sun wed sat sat sat fri mon fri mon fri 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  21. ` Personalised In-Game MarketingTARGET GROUPS RULES OF ENGAGEMENTFirst Payment Model Contact RulesSecond Payment Model Campaign HierarchiesModel Triggers Suppression RulesRetention ModelsVIP ProgramPayment Reactivation MESSAGE SET EVALUATION Text Coverage Look and Feel Revenue Uplift Personalisation Model Performance Contact Density 21 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  22. `Case Study (social game)• 5 million MAUs• Six predictive models applied• Identified purchase behaviours for multiple message opportunities • Token Drop / Token Gain / VIPs / Conversion from Non Payer Revenue Increase 29.8%• In-game marketing environment • Discounts on Token Purchase APRU uplift 42% ($19.26 vs. $13.61) • Escalated over three messages ROI 10 fold • Personalised messages Timeline 6 weeks • Measured Increment against Control • Complex campaign hierarchy and suppression rules 22Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  23. Unlock The True Potential of Your Game ` UserID Score 101 0.05 102 0.85 103 0.67 20% Increase in Revenue Personalised Experience 23 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  24. ` Campaign Timeline ANALYSIS INTEGRATION PRODUCTION OPTIMISATION• Access to Client Data • Configure Data Collection • Account Management • Analytics• Analysis of Gameplay • Backfill Legacy Data • Data Management • Consultancy• Behavioural Analysis • Develop Contact Strategy • Technical Support • Contact Optimisation• Player Segmentation • Define campaign Hierarchy • Dashboards • Create Personalised Messages • Client Development• Predictive Modelling • Set up Control Groups • Data Storage• Identify Target • Configure messages Opportunities • Integration with Measure• Develop Contact Strategy • Testing • Evaluation 6 weeks 6 weeks Ongoing Ongoing 24 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  25. `Summary• Complete end-to-end solution• Personalisation and Optimisation of: • Game mechanics and design • In-game purchasing • Social activity • Player engagement • Player satisfaction• Measurable increase in revenue and ROI• Outsourced solution: save time, resource and money through specialised experts that talk your language 25Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  26. ` About GamesAnalytics Decades of Industry Experience 26Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  27. `GamesAnalytics• GamesAnalytics was founded in 2010 by veterans of the videogame and data mining industries• The company has offices in London, Edinburgh, San Francisco and Paris• We bring the sophisticated analytics and monetization tools of the financial sector to the videogames industry 27Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  28. `Who We Are ChrisWright,ChiefExecutiveOfficer • Over 15 years experienceinthe gamesindustry • Foundingmember, I-Play(formerly DigitalBridges),one of thefirstanda leadingmobilegame publisher(acquiredby Oberon Mediafor $110M in 2007) • Currentboard member of TIGA,the UK gamesindustrytradeassociation MarkRobinson,ChiefOperatingOfficer • Over 15 years experienceinthe dataminingindustry • Former ManagingDirectorof MarketingDatabasicsLtd,awardedDatabaseMarketingService ProvidersLeaderStatusin 2009 by Forrester Research • Recipientof manyDatabaseMarketingindustryawards • Memberof theDirect MarketingAssociationCouncilinthe UK 28Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  29. `Who We Are TimChristian,ChiefFinancialOfficer • Over 15 years experienceinthe gamesindustry • Former ManagingDirectorof AccoladeEurope. Former ManagingDirector of MicroproseEurope andthen, followingitsacquisition,ManagingDirectorof HasbroInteractive,Europe • Former Board Member,European LeisureSoftwarePublishersAssociation • Memberof theCharteredInstituteof ManagementAccountants AlanMiller,Head of North AmericanOperations • Over 30 years experienceinthe gamesindustry • Co-founderandformer VP Product Development,Activision • Co-founderandformer CEO, Accolade(Acquiredby Atariin1999) • CurrentStrategicAdvisorand former Head of PublisherRelationsat innovativecash-basedonlinepayment providerRixtyInc. 29Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  30. `Who We Are NathalieLAMRI, Head of OperationsFrance • Over 20 years in videogamesanddigitalentertainment • Over 15 years seniormanagement,including10 years entrepreneurialexperience • Intimateknowledgeof allaspectsof drawingup andimplementingglobalmarketingstrategies,launchingnew conceptsand monetisingbusinessplans • Deep understandingof the world of digitaland Webmarketing 30Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  31. ` UK & Europe Chris Wright CEO +44 7971 952 943 North America Alan Miller Director of NorthAmerican Operations +1 408 718 4145 France Nathalie Lamri Director of France Operations +33 (0)6 59 56 05 62 31Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011