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Creation of ideas


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Your ideas are really beautiful only inside your head, every time you try to share your idea the other person don't get it.
I want to teach you how to:
- generate many creative ideas
- share your ideas with others
- verify if they are valid
- get feedback on them properly
- present them
- create prototype of your application in a minute

If you are interested in the topics covered, further reading may include:
"Sketching User Experiences" by Bill Buxton
"Design is a Job" by Mike Monteiro

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Creation of ideas

  1. 1. Creation of ideas Tips for efficient design
  2. 2. Mykola Hlibovych % of time spent at work move pixels solve user's problems other stuff
  3. 3. What I use in my work? Story boards Wireframes
  4. 4. Generate ideas Verify ideas Communicate ideas Present ideas Prototype ideas
  5. 5. Leonardo da Vinci
  6. 6. 1487Idea about tank
  7. 7. First produced tank 1915
  8. 8. All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter. Sai Baba (1835-1918) Indian spiritual master
  9. 9. Ideas shape the course of history. J.M.Keynes (1883-1946) British economist
  10. 10. Think outside the box
  11. 11. 10+10
  12. 12. pressure-sensitive keyboard What could you do with it?
  13. 13. Share results with your neighbors and generate 10 ideas with your group
  14. 14. Bill Buxton
  15. 15.
  16. 16. ACM UIST Student innovation contest 2009 Most useful Most creative Best implementation
  17. 17. Most useful Type with your feet, and computer understands where was the highest pressure and predicts the word
  18. 18. Best implementation Additional level of security when entering your password: • the interval in between each keystroke • the amount of time for which the key was held • maximum pressure • pressure over time as a user pressed each key.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Most creative Add magnets to each key and use magnet of different polarity to control a cursor without physical contact. ttp://
  21. 21. ?
  22. 22. Not invented here Bias against ideas and innovations that originate elsewhere
  23. 23. Belief that internal capabilities are superior to external ones
  24. 24. Belief that internal capabilities are superior to external ones Failure
  25. 25. Fear of losing control
  26. 26. Fear of losing control Set clear goals, clarify how members fit in organization
  27. 27. Desire for credit and status
  28. 28. Acknowledge people Desire for credit and status
  29. 29. Significant emotional or financial investment in internal initiatives
  30. 30. Significant emotional or financial investment in internal initiatives Change in leadership but usually hard to fix
  31. 31. Not invented here Engage new people in your process Interact with wider community Formalize competitor reviews Make design competitions Teach team members about NIH
  32. 32. Verification of idea
  33. 33. Leonardo created imperfect designs.They didn’t work Am I better than Leonardo?
  34. 34. How to know your design is good? Make user test Ask someone else Ask online community
  35. 35. User test
  36. 36. Ask someone else
  37. 37. Heuristic evaluation 1. Visibility of system status 2. Match between system and the real world 3. User control and freedom 4. Consistency and standards 5. Error prevention
  38. 38. Heuristic evaluation (continued) 6. Recognition rather than recall 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design 9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors 10.Help and documentation
  39. 39. Ask online community Concept feedback Five seconds test Feedback army Dribbble Behance
  40. 40.
  41. 41. How your feedback looks like? Looks great!
  42. 42. How your feedback looks like? Looks great! Looks you’ve been busy lately
  43. 43. How your feedback looks like? Great, but could you change button ‘Login’ to ‘Sign in’?
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Stay away from questions like “Do you like it?”
  46. 46. Instead, ask ‘What you don't like'?
  47. 47. Know the kind of feedback you want People need constrained focus to perform well.
  48. 48. Is this text legible on this background? What is the purpose of this website/product is? Does this button draw your attention?
  49. 49. Limit number of options
  50. 50. Give advanced notice Otherwise feedback will be hurried and superficial. “Errr, uh… well... it’s nice. The colors, well, hmmm... the red is nice. Yeah, it’s good! Good job.”
  51. 51. You are not your job
  52. 52. You are not your design Instead of feeling insulted or embarrassed, be appreciative that they discovered and drew your attention to these faults.
  53. 53. There are two types of feedback: — positive — constructive
  54. 54. Coffee break
  55. 55. Communicate ideas
  56. 56. 30 second sketch Try to convey only the most important stuff
  57. 57. Morning at Lohika application
  58. 58. Prototype
  59. 59.
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Invision prototype for Morning@Lohika Mail application prototype
  62. 62. What to do with prototype?
  63. 63. good design sells itself
  64. 64. good design sells itself
  65. 65.
  66. 66. Mike Monteiro
  67. 67. Present idea
  68. 68. Present personally
  69. 69. helps build relationship with the client Present personally
  70. 70. puts the person directly responsible for the work in front of clients. Present personally
  71. 71. shows your confidence in the design Present personally
  72. 72. gives an opportunity to ask questions directly of the person who did the work Present personally
  73. 73. Don’t send the work in advance
  74. 74. Never apologize for what you’re not showing
  75. 75. Don’t give real estate tour
  76. 76. Reason
  77. 77. “Here’s a Twitter button!”
  78. 78. As you can see, we’ve addressed your social media concerns!
  79. 79. We’ve placed social media sharing tools below the article where testing shows the reader is most likely to interact with them, and designed that space so that it’s flexible enough to add and subtract services as they rise and fall from prominence
  80. 80. Ask for critique
  81. 81. Today, we are going to show you some things that may not be right. If you see something that isn’t working, you need to point it out. If you don’t tell us what you think isn’t working, we will show you the same thing again and again until we are out of time and money and you are stuck with it. Mike Monteiro, Design is a Job
  82. 82. Questions and answers Thank you!