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Nfl case-digital media strategy presentation

Nfl case-digital media strategy presentation,Case Synopsis – what is the case about? (like The case focuses on … give a brief on the main issues)
Case Facts – what are the main facts, history and issues in the case?
b) Problem Definition and Sub-problems – define the problem with a question mark
c) Case Inferences – analyse the exhibits and draw conclusions
d) Recommendations / Conclusions

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Nfl case-digital media strategy presentation

  1. 1. Digital Media Strategy Submitted by- Group 6 Mustahid Ali, Piyush, Sachin
  2. 2. Case Synopsis & Facts Established digital media group for money maker strategies Commissioner set revenue goal of $25 billion by 2027 National Football League's Super Bowl deemed unofficial holiday 1995 NFL/ESPN partnership started into digital media world. 2001 NFL's popularity increased alongside growth of worldwide web Digital media President developed ideas to achieve revenue goal
  3. 3. Case Inferences 0 Non-exclusive Partnerships = More mobile users reached + Better Payoff 0 Pros: 0 Reach the NFL goal of reaching “farthest football fan” 0 More mobile and tablet users means more revenue 0 Cons: 0 Slightly more financial risk due to multiple partnerships 0 May be harder to control distribution/hackers
  4. 4. 0Exclusive Partnership = Successful wireless carrier + less financial risk 0 Pros: 0 An exclusive deal with successful wireless company 0 Reach mobile customers who subscribe to wireless company 0 Cons: 0 Limits other carriers not included in deal (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon) 0 Limits access to mobile users globally 0 Less mobile users may make the switch to one company 0 Loose potential revenues from mobile users
  5. 5. • Partnership will make one wireless carrier very happy, but upset the rest • The NFL’s digital media group could strike a new deal with Sprint or another wireless provider • Over 70% of Americans identify themselves as fans of the NFL. • Leaving out a large number of NFL fans who could be potentially interested in digital media services • Relationship with Sprint provides a more intimate B2B relationship • Sprint would be willing to pay a premium for the NFL’s brand name and services. Strenghts Weakness ThreatsOpportunities
  6. 6. Recommendation 0 1. Tablets and other digital media Renegotiate for best DIGITAL WIRELESS Partnership Sprint Verizon AT&T TV Networks (ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC)
  7. 7. Problem Definition Partnership to pursue Present the Strategy in meeting
  8. 8. 02. Create New Digital & Broadcast Partnerships 0 (A). Watching football no longer confined to living room (now individual) 2011 half U.S. population uses digital media 0 (B). NFL products are now at fans FINGERTIPS Smartphones Mobile Devices (APPS)
  9. 9. Conclusion 0 A wireless deal that would form non-exclusive partnerships with multiple carriers. Though this is not the deal that transpired and is in place today, we do agree with Rolapp, that utilizing global markets along with new technology is the way to go, and that is exactly what the NFL is currently doing.