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Anticipation is building for Sunday’s Super Bowl, and we know the excitement isn’t just about the game. Brands are making huge bets that they’re ads will capture the interest, and ultimately the business, of the millions who’ll be watching.Even if your company isn’t one of those laying out millions for game-time airtime, there are still ways you can get in on the action. Networked Insights’ Media Optimization Guide, Super Bowl XLVI Edition will show you how to use social data to make every ad perform like a Super Bowl ad using our Audience Sync, Content Sync and Media Sync tools.

The guide discusses how you can use real-time social data to understand your audiences and deliver them relevant content. It reveals how you can reach NFL fans without an NFL budget, and how you can overcome a media lockout. The guide also has tips on leveraging social data to understand a TV show’s audience before it airs, and it takes a look at how you can improve your TV marketing with real-time audience intelligence. Want more? Let’s just say that the social buzz around Madonna’s halftime performance is going to be quite a story unto itself.

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Networked Insights Media Optimization Guide

  3. 3. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA SPEND WITH REAL-TIME DATA MAKE EVERY AD PERFORM LIKE A SUPER BOWL AD For years, networks, brands and agencies have craved better insights into audience pref- pref erences, habits and behaviors – especially how people engage with major events like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the Academy Awards and the Emmys. Marketers can do a better job of planning event-related placements and promotions if they know who is talking about their brand, what those people are saying and where they are having those conversations. Even better, how about making those insights available in real time? Well, now they are. Three tools from Networked Insights – Audience Sync, Content Sync and Media Sync – provide the pillars for incorporating realtime social media data into planning activities, both for special events and ongoing marketing and advertising efforts. In this guide, we offer a series of articles to help you understand what social data is available and how you can use it to gain a competitive advantage – from the pre-game buildup, to the halftime hoopla, to the post-game return to reality.© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. 4. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA SPEND WITH REAL-TIME DATA LEVERAGING SOCIAL DATA TO UNDERSTAND A TV SHOW’S AUDIENCE BEFORE IT AIRS The largest advertising spend for most brands usually focuses on TV. Companies expend tremendous effort and risk large chunks of their marketing budget to make sure their on-air advertising buys deliver the most reach for the dollar. Networks, meanwhile, are staking their reputation, and putting viewer patience on the line, every time they greenlight a new show. This process is risky for both advertisers and networks because the current decision-cycle model (pre-informing, optimizing and measuring) relies on traditional metrics (like gross rating points) and studies (such as focus groups) that are expensive, time consuming and not always unbiased. In short, TV placement decisions haven’t been made in real time. With the emergence of social media, we now have access to the Through real-time audience world’s largest focus group. Through real-time audience analy- sis, marketers and content creators can understand the audi- analysis, marketers and ence around a TV show before it premieres. contentcreators can This data provides insights into audience members’ state of understand the audience mind, discovers their interests, and measures their sentiments around a TV show before regarding various topics. All this knowledge allows marketers to make smarter advertising decisions and reduce the risk associ- it premieres. ated with traditional media buying during the upfront purchasing process. Last May, TV analysts at Networked Insights helped several clients leverage real-time data in both buying and selling negotiations. We started the process by using synonyms, or look-a-likes, to the proposed TV shows to understand what it was about a show’s content that the clients liked, how involved they were with that content, and, most importantly, who was engaging with that content. Because this data was collected in real time, our clients had access to information the same day the new shows were officially announced. This data allowed media planners and buyers to instantly know which new shows to avoid and which ones would guarantee them the largest reach with their desired audiences. Sellers were able to understand which shows had more social capital, allowing them to sell more dayparts on nontraditional shows. For example, last year, using our Audience Sync for brand, trend and audience discovery, we predicted that “The Playboy Club” and “Allen Gregory” would fail and that “New Girl” and “Revenge” were on the road to success. As a result, our planner and buyer clients achieved more reach in fall 2011 with their same spend, and our sellers had higher profit margins. With the next upfront season rapidly approaching, and the economic downturn still a factor, the need for more efficient media spending – and higher sales – has never been greater. Real-time analytics, Audience Sync and Networked Insights are here to help innovators gain a competitive edge and improve performance during their next negotiation process.© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA SPEND WITH REAL-TIME DATA HOW TO USE REAL-TIME DATATO OVERCOME A MEDIA LOCKOUT As brands embrace more adaptive marketing techniques, consumer data in social media will become a beacon for many marketing deci- sions. Telecasts of big events like the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, Academy Awards, Olympic Games, Final Four and Bowl Championship Series deliver premium audiences with maximum reach. But what happens if your competitor has purchased the entire advertising inventory for your category and locked you out? Media lockouts are common among large-scale event-based broadcasts because they capture the largest TV audiences. Many brands are effectively locked out from the start because they can’t match the media budgets of larger competitors. For locked-out companies, embracing creative techniques to uncover alternative media options is essential. The good news in today’s fragmented media landscape is that your brand can navigate around a lockout if you tap into the media consumption trends of your target audience. The challenge is to develop a plan to reach this audience that is grounded in consumer behavior rather than gut-based decisions. Networked Insights’ analysts helped one of our clients and its media agency develop a plan to end-run a high- profile lockout during a critical product launch. The well-known consumer electronics brand was trying to reach a premium sports audience, but a competing advertiser had locked it out of a major televised sports series. To help our client find another route to reaching the same target audience, we conducted social media analytics across a global audience to determine what shows the target audience watches and engages with during halftime or after the locked-out game. The information we uncovered enabled the client to pay lower rates for shows delivering the same or greater target rating points within its sports audience than the locked-out sports series. Networked Insights has helped brands facing both event-specific and perpetual lockouts. Our Media Sync taps into social media channels to unearth the real-time media consumption trends of target consumers. As brands embrace more adaptive marketing techniques, consumer data in social media will become a beacon for many marketing decisions. Today only the most creative, resourceful and forward-thinking companies incorporate real- time data into their decision making. As access to real-time consumer data grows, others are bound to join them.© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA SPEND WITH REAL-TIME DATA HOW MEDIA BUYERS CAN REACH NFLFANS WITHOUT AN NFL MEDIA BUDGET 5 shows to reach sports fans with the same spend Today’s fragmented media landscape means advertisers can no longer select the TV shows with the most reach and call it a day. Your target audi- ence is now scattered across broadcast, cable and online media properties. And it’s consuming digital content while viewing traditional programming. These trends are making the media buyer’s job exponentially harder. National Football League broadcasts deliver a premium audience and provide an opportunity to reach many people at one time. But a downside for advertisers is the cost associated with adhering to mass-marketing tech- niques. As media has evolved, so too have the behaviors of the audience. How can brands and agencies keep up with target consumers who appear to have better technology than the marketers trying to connect with them?? TV analysts from Networked Insights examined shows that NFL fans discuss across the social web to identify more economical alternatives for reaching the big game’s audience. Shows like “Fringe,” “The Office,” “Community,” “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” were among the most mentioned. For brands and media buyers, this discovery supports more informed decision making. The result is a more efficient media plan that maximizes the effec- tiveness of your spend. Staying in sync with the media choices of your target audience enables you to know with certainty that your message is being delivered. Networked Insights’ Media Sync enables networks, brands and agencies to leverage real-time data to uncover where their audience is consuming media. Pairing Media Sync with our Content Sync, which taps real-time data to better understand target audiences, eliminates much of the marketing guesswork, enabling you to deliver relevant content to target audiences where they’re consuming media. As companies adapt to more agile marketing tech- niques, real-time consumer data will be the compass that guides decision making from launch into the “always-on” marketing world where more and more brands live. The ability to leverage social data to improve decisions acrossthe enterprise will distinguish elite companies in the 21st century.© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA SPEND WITH REAL-TIME DATA BOOST TV MARKETING WITH REAL-TIME AUDIENCE INTELLIGENCE Social media has proven to be a powerful tool that creates Staying in sync with your a real-time feedback loop between brands and consumers. Companies of all types are adapting business processes audience has never been for customer service, consumer research and marketing to more vital for entertainment include social data. TV and cable networks are perhaps the most creative in such experimentation, integrating social marketers. media into broadcasts or programs themselves. Networks are also using social media to better understand audience trends, employing real-time data to inform content creation and show marketing. A major network engaged Networked Insights to help it use social media to grow an audience before a television series premiere. The network quickly discovered that its measure- ment tools and perception of community management in social media extended only to its owned web properties. This self-focused point of view is not uncommon because it’s shaped by the technology an organization can access and control. However, this limitation has to be overcome to truly understand an audience across the social web. As the show premiered and entered its first few weeks, our project to maximize the network’s social media audience quickly became a real-time feedback loop that informed many decisions. Two significant examples – one related to content creation and the other to marketing – demonstrate the power of a network in sync with its audience. First, the insights gath- ered from social data allowed show producers to instantly understand the reac tins of viewers and alter postproduction techniques to eliminate dissonant moments that were imped- ing the audience’s suspension of disbelief. Second, social data took the guesswork out of show marketing by revealing the characters and plotlines that were resonating with view- ers. Networked Insights is transforming the Staying in sync with your audience has never been more vital way companies make marketing decisions. for entertain ment marketers, who frequently operate Our technology uncovers real audience in condensed marketing cycles. Using analytics and technol- interests that brands use to sync with their ogy to tap into audience trends can enhance the preproduc- customers. The result is optimal marketing tion process and improve critical marketing decisions spend. Customers like MTV, Samsung, concerning a TV show’s launch. Kraft, RIM, MillerCoors, Group M, MediaBrands, Starcom and Mediavest use Networked Real-time data changes the mission for companies that Insights to help them improve media embrace agile marketing techniques. Companies no longer efficiency, reveal content opportunities and need to ask how they can gather quality audience data. inform marketing decisions. Networked Instead, they can channel the voice of the consumer across Insights has offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto and Madison, Wisconsin. Please visit social media and integrate that data into their TV marketing for more decision making process. information.© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS CONTENTS Top Super Bowl Themes Without being a high-scoring game, and no successful hail-mary’s at the last minute the game itself was not the most exciting for social viewers. Instead we see conversations around the commercials and the Madonna halftime show taking home the MVP awards for top themes. 42% of the conversation was about the commercials of the conversation was about 32% the Madonna/Halftime Show of the conversation was about 15% Tom Brady (and how attractive his wife is – this is the Internet after all) 4% of the conversation was about Eli Manning 2% of the conversation was about The Giants winning of the conversation was about 0.5% Victor Cruze and his “salsa” moves of the conversation was about 0.3% Bradshaw and his attempt to sit down on the field© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS TOP 10 BRANDS BY SHARE OF VOICE Below are deeper insights into a few select ads to better understand what and why viewers were compelled to talk about them. Bud Light Platinum – as the latest product from Ab-inbev, and one of the largest advertisers of the Super Bowl, this beer was predicted to make some noise. However the social reaction to this beer was very mixed (+5%, -4% sentiment): 9% of the conversation was from individuals who’ve already tried the beer and did not enjoy the flavor 23% was about how they need to try it out 1% of the conversation directly compared it to Crystal Pepsi (and not in a fun retro way) – featuring Pussycat Dolls, bodypaint, and QR codes, GoDaddy’s launch of its new “.co” domain name puzzles many with yet another of their overly sexual commercials. The way several viewers position this is that GoDaddy “never fails to disappoint” (+3%, -20% sentiment): 13% of the conversation is about how these are terrible ads and GoDaddy needs to stop making them 8% of the conversation is inquiring whether or not GoDaddy is a porn site 4% of the conversation is about people who are confused about what GoDaddy actually sells Audi S7: The Vampire Slayer – overall this ad was well received by viewers (+34%, -10% sentiment). Most of the comments were just about how “sick” the car looked and a much smaller percentage were actually about the vampires. The only negative things that viewers had to say about the ad were about how they’re so tired of seeing vampires all over the place: 21% of the conversation was about the ad featuring vampires 17% of the conversation actually used the ad’s promoted hashtag “#SoLongVampires” 6% of the conversation was about the LED headlights advertised 2% of the conversation was about people complaining that they were suffering from vampire fatigue© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS TOP 5 CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS Placing celebrities in your Super Bowl ads has always been a popular strategy, and on a certain level a risky one. Risky in sense that the celebrity’s presence is unlikely to provide a brand with a positive lift in conversation, and usually ends up better serving their own brand. In this Super Bowl all the top celebrities did help their brands overall but a few were outstanding. David Beckham and The Darkness were great brand endorsers. Beckham earned praise while putting H&M in the top 10 brands, and The Darkness had great synergy with the Samsung ad since the tech brand and the band were very strongly associated with each other. Adriana Lima on the other was a little less helpful based upon how softly the Teleflora ad was received and affected her conversation in the KIA ad which appeared much later on in the evening. While brands did benefit from her presence, her own personal brand really benefited the most from the dual appearances. John Stamos also was a spotlight hog as his conversation blew Dannon’s out of the water, and social viewers commented more on Stamos’s appearance rather than the yogurt he was pushing. Clint Eastwood had the most interesting performance out of the bunch because Chrysler seems to be making a habit out of selling Detroit’s revival over their own brand (in 2011 they featured Eminem). In social conversation this ad was perceived by many like a Clint Eastwood PSA for Detroit, and his conver- sation was 3x more than Chrysler. Clint was still a great pick for a brand endorser in the sense that Chrysler actually built a lot of positive brand reputation with him rather than a throw-away celebrity like John Stamos or Adriana Lima. CELEBRITY % SHARE OF VOICE % NET SENTIMENT COMMENTS 4x more conversation 1 39% 23% than H&M David Beckham (H&M) 3x more conversation 2 21% 9% than Chrysler Clint Eastwood (Chrysler) Slightly less conversation than 3 11% 28% Samsung David Beckham (H&M) 4x more conversation 4 9% 21% than Dannon The Darkness (Samsung) 2.5x more conversation than Teleflora Slightly 5 7% 31% less conversation than Adrianna Lima (Teleflore & KIA) KIA© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS WHICH MUSICAL ARTISTS DO SUPER BOWL FANS REALLY WANT TO SEE AND HEAR AT HALFTIME? What sports fans are saying: Many people consider the National Football League’s choice of Madonna to headline the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show as, well, curious. It’s been more than 20 years since the artist released her land- mark albums “Like A Virgin,” “True Blue” and “Like a Prayer.” Of course, a lot of music fans think artists from the 80s are timeless. Just the same, we thought we’d explore which acts sports fans talk about most in social - media to see if there might have been a better fit. Audience analysis is a key, unique aspect of Networked Insights’ social media analytics. In this case, we created an audience based on the people talking about the Super Bowl across all social channels. By analyzing their comments, we were able to uncover the musical acts they most discussed. We also looked at conversations around Madonna to see how well sports fans received the news of her appearance. + Using our proprietary real-time analytics and topic discovery engine, we learned that the most desired halftime acts are performers famous for rocking the stadium, especially bands with a front man. The Foo Fight- ers were the unanimous top choice, with Hank Williams Jr., Tom Petty and Peter Frampton also mentioned. Super Bowl fans were less than kind toward the Material Girl, however. Many feel Madonna is past her prime, and showcasing her is a desper- ate attempt to appeal to an older female audience. Of the posts we + uncovered, the measurable sentiment was 41 percent negative in nature, while only 3 percent were positive. To avoid such blowback, Networked Insights uses Content Sync to help networks, brands and agencies leverage real-time data to better under- stand their target audiences. Staying in sync with your audience allows you to uncover trends and insights that can improve marketing deci- sions. Content Sync helps eliminate guesswork or gut-based decisions on product placement and celebrity endorsement by allowing your + audience to drive decision making. Had the NFL tapped its audience for insight into who should perform at halftime, the result would have been a halftime show that increased social buzz and viewership – in other words, a can’t miss, must-watch Super Bowlexperience aligned with the desires of its target audience. +© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS MADONNA’S HALF-TIME PERFORMANCE Overall Madonna’s halftime performance was received with many mixed reviews (+28%, -21% sentiment). The majority of comments/reactions from social viewers were typically short and just about Madonna. The big winners here were actu- ally the artists that shared the stage with Madonna, and were not negatively affected by Madonna’s polarizing personality. 7% was about Nicki Minaj’s performance (+26% net sentiment), they just couldn’t get enough of her 6% was about LFMAO’s performance (+14% net sentiment), particularly about when one of the band members starting to “vogue” 4% was about Cee-Lo Green’s performance (+6% net sentiment), but a number of people find his very white teeth a bit off-setting 3% was about MIA’s performance (+6% net sentiment), Nicki totally stole the spotlight from MIA, but viewers would love to see more collaborations between just the two of them in the future 1% was about Vogue/Voguing (+8% net sentiment). Even though there were many that argued that Vogue is not an appropriate Super Bowl song (and these are clearly from the Super Bowl fans that had earlier grumbled about the decision to get Madonna), others were very happy with the novelty of it all. Novelty in the sense that many social viewers were too young to see Madonna originally perform Vogue live. 2% was about Madonna’s final message #WorldPeace (-12% net sentiment). While there were many that passed on this sentiment, there were more individuals making snarky comments about how Madonna was “blown up” for world peace, or how it just felt tacked on at the end without being a fully explained theme 2% was about Madonna’s appearance (0% net sentiment). There was a lot of mixed sentiment around this topic as there were many who thought that Madonna had a killer body for her age, but than there were others who talked sarcastically about her appearance and felt that her overly “veiny” arms were scary 1% was about “Like a Prayer” (+11% net sentiment). Those viewers who were Madonna fans loved that she played this© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ANALYSIS Beyond mentions from brand advocates, detractors, and view- ers who enjoyed the Super Bowl commercials, how do brands benefit from Super Bowl Advertising in social media? Facebook fan growth is a key metric. Similar to acquiring contact informa- tion in direct or email marketing, a Facebook Like allows brands the ability to serve messages in news feed. Analysts at Networked Insights measured the brands with the largest percentage increase and total number of fan growth over Super Bowl Weekend. TOP 10 BRANDS BY OVERALL GROWTH TOP 10 BRANDS BY OVERALL FAN GROWTH RANK ADVERTISER # OF NEW FANS RANK ADVERTISER # OF NEW FANS 1 HISTORY CHANNEL 16% 1 COKE 683,961 2 TELEFLORA 11% 2 BMW 245,953 3 DORITOS 9% 3 DORITOS 234,440 4 TOYOTA 7% 4 H&M 206,233 5 BRIDGESTONE 6% 5 PEPSI 171,835 6 CAREERBUILDER 6% 6 AUDI 127,430 7 CHEVY 6% 7 BUD LIGHT PLATINUM 125,667 8 BUD LIGHT PLATINUM 5% 8 M&M’S 96,881 9 LEXUS 4% 9 SAMSUNG 72,238 10 CADILLAC 4% 10 KIA 51,717© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS RETAINING YOUR REACHWITH NBC’S “THE VOICE” Every year the Super Bowl draws millions of viewers to what is arguably America’s grandest event. Along with the game itself, the spectacle encom- passes both pre-game programming and the “lead-out” show that airs immediately following the post-game festivities. Media sellers promote the before and after slots to advertisers as valuable brand opportunities. However, for media buyers and brand managers, the benefits gained have to justify the costs. One factor in determining whether such buys are worth it is knowing that you’re reaching your desired audience. But gathering audience intelligence beyond traditional demographics is an expensive and time-consuming process – an exercise that only adds cost to what is already the largest ad spend of the year.. One way to save money and still achieve optimum reach is to advertise on the lead-out show. While trending toward family-friendly programming, “The Voice” was last lead-out shows have historically retained a good share of viewers from the Super Bowl. Last year, the lead-out show was “Glee.” Two years ago, it was summer’s breakout “Undercover Boss.” This year, it will be the first episode of a new season of hit because of its “The Voice.” social TV integrations “The Voice” was last summer’s breakout hit, largely because of its social TV that connected all integrations that connected all the judges, performers and viewers in a real-time feedback loop. This real-time conversation enabled many second- the judges, perform- screen experiences for viewer interaction, on Twitter and beyond. At the ers and viewers in a same time, these experiences opened up even more opportunities for brands to integrate with and obtain significant reach. real-time feedback loop. Both in raw numbers and from a social media perspective, “The Voice” shows promise as a cost-effective opportunity. But is it in sync with your desired audience? Networked Insights’ Audience Sync uses proprietary realtime analytics and topic discovery tools to show you who is talking about your product or service across the entire social web. Audience Sync can also slice those same conversations in real time based on consumer traits, hobbies and behaviors, breaking audiences into segments such as “extreme gamers,” “moms” and “millennials.”© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS RETAINING YOUR REACH WITH NBC’S “THE VOICE”(CONT’D) TV fans identified as millennials and moms, particularly those who watch “American Idol,” contributed the largest share of conversations. To demonstrate some of the counterintuitive insights this process can discover, we put “The Voice” through Audience Sync. The top results were predictable. TV fans identified as millennials and moms, particularly those who watch “American Idol,” contributed the largest share of conversations. Expectedly, both groups are target fans for “The Voice.” However, surprising conversations came from sports fans, not only of football but also tennis and NASCAR, as well as gamers. All of them like Cee Lo Green, one of the show’s judges. Who’s Talking? 16% 61% Moms Millennials Audience Sync offers many other opportunities to increase your knowledge in real time of how your audi- ence behaves and interacts socially. This capability also 7% allows you to optimize your strategies for buying (are you truly reaching who you want?) or selling (are there unex- Gamers pected audiences that open the door to nonconventional brand sponsorships?). You can use this rich data to understand your online consumers. Or, if you don’t, your competitors will. 3% Sports fans© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT AND ANALYTICS OF BRANDS, COMMERCIALS & FANS AFTER THE GAME: THE VOICE CONVERSATIONS 14,376,778 TOTAL IMPRESSIONS 7,000,000 6,000,000 (2/6/12)- Season 2 premiere; Betty White also appears 5,000,000 in a promo for the show during the Super Bowl 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 0 30% 8% 62% “Christina, put your boobs away chil- RECOMMENDATIONS dren watch this show. #thevoice” - Christina is reflected in social conversations as a polarizing celebrity, a “They were all fighting over him deeper dive into understanding what audience is driving her positively and it was touch and go there for awhile. trending conversations would be recommended before pursuing her as What with Cee Lo calling him “brother”, a brand endorser Xtina accusing Cee Lo of playing up the fact that they are the same color and then Cee Lo letting her know, “We’re all Blake Shelton appears to have one of the stronger, positively trending, the same color when the lights are out, fan-bases in the show, and would be a safer choice as brand endorser Christina.” Ha! True, true.” - “I LOVE the Voice. Blake Shelton is such a hottie!” - THEMES (AROUND THE PREMIERE) 28% 23% 12% “X-TINA” AGUILARA QUOTES AND OPINIONS THE VOICE IS BETTER Out of all the judges/ mentors Viewers liked to recap to each THAN AMERICAN IDOL Christina claims the largest other their favorite parts of Within TV genres (particularly in share of the conversation, every episode – in the premiere unscripted programming) there primarily because she’s so the highlights with social view- is always an overlap in audi- polarizing to individuals – ers were the talented singing of ences, but it’s a particularly posi- some think that she’s very Chris Mann, and Cee-lo quip- tive sign to see in a TV show attractive, while others wish ping about racial equality strong fan advocacy that she would just disappear© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  18. 18. NETWORKED INSIGHTS ABOUT US ABOUT US Networked Insights is transforming the way companies make marketing investments by informing decisions with real-time consumer data. Our enterprise-level analytics platform uncovers audience interests that brands use to stay in-sync with their customers. The result is discovering the minimal effective amount of spend. A MARKETING DECISIONS PLATFORM SocialSense is Networked Insights real-time analytics platform that enables marketing professionals to rapidly leverage the social web to develop customer-centric strategies. It is a quick and powerful way to make data- driven marketing decisions informed by real-time consumer insights. A TRACK RECORD OF INNOVATION AND RESULTS In 2012, Networked Insights was name one of world’s 50 “Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company and was declared as “unrivaled in socially informed media planning and buying” by Forrester Research. Customers like MTV, Samsung, Kraft, RIM, MillerCoors, Group M, MediaBrands, Starcom and Mediavest use Networked Insights to help them improve media efficiency, reveal content opportunities, and discover new audiences. Questions about this report? Interested in learning how to start translating real-time insights into action? Contact us 646-545-3900 @netinsights© 2012 NETWORKED INSIGHTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED