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Safety guidelines by ec 05 management responsibility r 2


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Safety guidelines by ec 05 management responsibility r 2

  1. 1. Safety Guidelines Section 5 Management Responsibility 1.0 The Organization shall drive implementation of safety guidelines for adventure activities by Implementing recommendations stated in this document, in order to minimize the risk associated with the activity The organization shall demonstrate its intent for environmental impact through appropriate practices derived from ‘Leave No Trace’ principles as well as its intent for enhancing capabilities. 1.1 Management shall ensure Implementation of review mechanism for review and develop a healthy culture of review-learnimplement-show. The Organization shall ensure feedback / complaints from the Participants as well as Leaders and Instructors with respect to Safety and analyze the same. The Organization shall take appropriate actions in order to prevent recurrence of the same. 1.2 Organization shall implement mechanism for Complaint Handling in order to ensure effective redressal. 1.3 Management shall ensure The review shall include analysis of accidents, incidents in order to determine root cause and take actions to prevent the same. The organization shall communicate the details of analysis to EC AMGM for circulation of information to all concerned in the field. 1.4 Management shall ensure that Internal audits are conducted to ensure that the ‘Safety Norms’ are implemented effectively in the Organization and corrective actions are initiated on the ‘Review Findings’ if any. • The management shall nominate a person or group persons to conduct internal review in order to ensure implementation of Safety Guidelines in the activities conducted. The review activity shall be done on sample basis and shall include review of records as well as discussions with the concerned persons. • The Reviewer shall record the discrepancies, if observed, as findings and shall report the same to the Management. • The Management shall ensure root analysis and initiate actions so the same discrepancies do not recur in future. • The Organization shall conduct internal reviews at least once in six months. 5 Management Responsibility r 2 Page 1 of 2 Rev 16 11 2013
  2. 2. Safety Guidelines 1.6 The Management of the Organization shall demonstrate its commitment to adopt and implement best and safest practices in all its working by • declaring aims and objectives • ensuring compliance with statutory and legal requirements • adopting operating procedures which consistently minimize risk to people, environment and equipment • interacting in a safe and healthy way with the cultural and social environments, in all of its areas of operations • ensuring deployment of appropriately trained staff in sufficient numbers whenever adventure programmes are carried out • using appropriate equipment which has been maintained and logged for use • adopting risk management practices appropriately: preparing for regularly encountered risks through equipping staff/members with knowledge, training and equipment • empowering staff/members for being effective in risk management for minimizing unforeseen risks • providing appropriate training to staff/members in routine work in order to deliver program expectations while minimizing risks • providing appropriate training to staff/members to handle emergencies • establishing effective emergency response procedure and deploying resources in anticipation • providing support and back-up to staff/member handling emergencies • having robust review and feedback processes, complaint handling process, and critical incident review process • conducting periodic Organizational reviews • setting up effective communication processes within the Organization, with other Organizations for networking and with program participants to fulfil objectives while minimizing risk 3.0 Records for Verification: • Periodic review and feedback records, reports of Internal audits • Demonstrate action taken on review and feedback points • Continuous improvement manifesting in measurable performance criteria and feedback received from staff/members as well as program participants 5 Management Responsibility r 2 Page 2 of 2 Rev 16 11 2013