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Future Processor Growth


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Published in: Technology
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Future Processor Growth

  1. 1. Future Processor Growth Moore’s law  How its held true How computers have advanced in recent years  Speed  Power  Size
  2. 2. Have we reached the smallestusable footprint?? No, of course not
  3. 3. So many possibilitiesWithin today’s fast growing world of technology products are constantly getting smaller and smaller so it is easier to travel with, carry and manage. Two products that we will touch on are: Cell Phones Computers
  4. 4. Cell Phones
  5. 5. Computer
  6. 6. Nanotechnology The engineering of functional systems at a molecular scale Deals with objects smaller than 100 nanometers. 1 Nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter (Comparable to avg. human hair which equals 100,000 nanometers)
  7. 7. Nanotechnology Desktop computers transformed to the size of a watch Cell phones could become the size of dimes and attached to an individual’s collar Car engines smaller than the tip of your finger, but operates 10 times longer than current ones
  8. 8. Nanotechnology cont’d The development and research of Nanotechnology would create possibilities that would allow devices to take up less space and operate on a level exceeding any existing product. It has the capabilities of change the capabilities of chemistry, mathematics, biology, physics and computer science.
  9. 9. Alternatives Talking benefits Going away from what already exists Distance learning Virtual Reality Focus on the future
  10. 10. Future Processor Growth Business Friendly Products  Create competitive advantage
  11. 11. Business Technology What makes technology attractive to businesses?  Makes job easier  Increases performance