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Global Tech Trends 2014


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Find out what's next for technology in 2014 from leading futurist Dr. James Canton, CEO Institute for Global Futures. Cloud computing, analytics, social media, computing, mobile web, augmented reality, drones, bit coin, mobile commerce, robots, cognitive computers, evolutionary networks.

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Global Tech Trends 2014

  1. 1. Global Tech Trends 2014 Dr. James Canton CEO & Chairman #futureguru
  2. 2. Institute for Global Futures Dr. James Canton, CEO & Chief Futurist
  3. 3. The Hyper-Connected Economy Convergence of connected customers, devices, data, markets, machine to machine, person to person opens up a New Business Reality
  4. 4. The Predictive Enterprise Rise of the New Business Intelligence where analytics, big data and cloud networks change the fundamental rules.
  5. 5. Molecular Manufacturing: Hacking Matter Nanofabrication, 3D production and molecular manufacturing will create a new physics of production
  6. 6. GeoEngineering: Planet Hacking Clean energy, Digitallyclimate management, pollution controls clean tech, Hacking the Planet are on the horizon, think big entrepreneurs
  7. 7. Digital Biology: Hacking Life Digital Biology: Hacking Life We are entering a new innovation phase of Synthetic biology, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, post genomics and longevity
  8. 8. Enterprise Social Graph: Ecosystem of Relationships Blended Reality A new morphing of media ecologies, web, data, geolocation, collaboration is coming.
  9. 9. Apps are the New IT A shift in how we think about agility of programing tools and applications is coming now Off World Everything is Commerce
  10. 10. Managed Cloud Services Tsunami •  Time-Space
  11. 11. Enterprise Social Graph: Ecosystem of Relationships
  12. 12. Internet of Smart Things: Everything will have an IP Address Chips, machines, products, products, data all talking over wireless invisible networks will create a New Culture of Smart Connected Things
  13. 13. Crypto-Currency Emerges Digital cash models that run parallel to sovereign and global economic systems will offer new ways to transact and encrypt
  14. 14. Mobile Enterprise Intelligence Cyber-Insecurity
  15. 15. Wearables Become the Next Web Wearables Platform Google glass and other wireless devices open up new productivity, media and communications world
  16. 16. Augmented Reality Transactions eCommerce buying in enhanced Platforms from autos, to tablets ro phones is next Off World Commerce
  17. 17. Flyables: Enter the Drones Flyables: Enter the Drones The commercial uses of drones to market real estate, find energy, map assets and deliver consumer delights and of course invade privacy is next
  18. 18. Web 3.0 Simulation Collaboration Business sims will be used to model and create drugs, devices, finance, products and you
  19. 19. TransMedia Tribes A new social media driven marketplace is emerging where consumer engagement and transmedia tribes have power
  20. 20. Battle over Knowledge Work: Humans versus the Computers
  21. 21. Robots Emerge From fighting our wars to making our smartphones to caring for an aging society, a new generation of smart, autonomous robots is coming—no one is ready.
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