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Intel core i7 processor


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In this ppt you can easily get important & basic knowledge about the Intel core 7 processor in breif.

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Intel core i7 processor

  1. 1. Intel core i7 processor Welcome’s you to new era presented by Abhishek As
  2. 2. Preface:-  The Intel core i7 processor is latest cutting edge process or with fastest, intelligent multi core technology desktop pc.  It delivers four complete execution cores within a single processor.  More instruction can be carried out per clock cycle.  Shorter & wider pipelines execute commands more quickly & improved bus lanes move data throughout the system faster.  Overclocking the core i7 processors also seems to be easier.  It is the first processor using Nehalem Micro Architecture with fastest intelligent, multicore technology that applies processing power where it’s needed most.  New i7 processor deliver an incredible speed through in pc performance.
  3. 3. Content:-  Processor  CPU  Generation of Computers  Intel  Intel Core  Nehalem Micro-architecture  Intel Core I7:- 1. Features 2. Specification 3. Advantage & Disadvantage
  4. 4. Processor:-  A processor is multipurpose programmable device, that read binary instruction from memory (it accepts binary data as input) & processed data according to the instruction and provides result as output.
  5. 5. C.P.U:-  C.P.U also referred as a “central processor unit”. IT is the H/W with a computer that carries out the instruction of a computer program by performing the basic arthimatic, logical & input / output operation of a system.  When it was invented in 1960’s it required one or more printed circuit boards, with the invention of microprocessor, a C.P.U could be contained with a single silicon chip.  In 1970’s the microprocessor has almost overtaken all the C.P.U implementation.
  6. 6. Generation of computers:-  INTEL 80386:- > first 32 bit microprocessor. > has several mainframe computer feature’s. > semiconductor manufacturing process tech. used is 1.0 micro metre.  INTEL80486:- > first intel microprocessor with internal cache memory. > instruction pipeline is more sophisticated than 80386. > semiconductor manufacturing process tech. used from {1.0 to 0.8} micrometre.
  7. 7.  Pentium processor (Pentium pro):- > Highly sophisticated compaired to 80486. > it has several new features than that of 80486. >semiconductor manufacturing process technology used is (0.8, 0.6 & 0.35) micro meter. > it is developed by an Indian his name is “Mr. Vinod Dham”.
  8. 8.  pentium-2 processor:- > Pentium 2 is a Pentium pro with one chip MMX. > it has 4 power state:- -autohalt -stop grant -sleep -deep sleep > semiconductor manufacturing prcess technology used is (0.3 to 0.25)micro metre.
  9. 9.  Pentium-3 processor:- > the dual processing Pentium xenon processor is now available at speed up to 16GHz. > it utilizes a 133 MHz system bus. > semiconductor manufacturing process technology used is (0.25 to 0.18) Micrometre.  Pentium-4 processor:- > the pentium-4 microprocessor is extremely superior microprocessor or based on the Intel net brust micro architecture. > semiconductor manufacturing process technology used is 0.13 micrmetre & (90 nm & 65nm).
  10. 10.  Core processor:- > core processor means it having more than one core working simultaneously to complete operation in a time. > it includes “dual core processor” & ”core to dual processor”. > semiconductor manufacturing process tech. used is 65 nm(nanometre).
  11. 11.  Core 2 processor:- > it uses quad core architecture. > as it is quad core so 4 cores working simultaneously. > semiconductor manufacturing processor tech. used is 45nm.
  12. 12.  Core i7 processor:- > it also uses four core. > it is fastest processor on the planet. > semiconductor manufacturing processor tech used is 45 nm.
  13. 13. Intel:-  intel corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation.  it’s headquater is in Santa Clara, California.  it is world’s highest & largest semiconductor chip maker.  Founded in july 18,1968.
  14. 14. Intel core:-
  15. 15. Nehalem micro architeture:-  With the release of the Nehalem micro architeture in nov,08 , Intel introducing a new naming scheme for its’ core processor. > core i3 (low level performance) > core i5 (mid level performance) > core i7(high level performance)  In Intel’s intel processor:- Celeron Pentium core i3 core i5 core i7
  16. 16. Intel core I7 :-  Core i7 is the first processor using Nehalem micro architecture, with faster, intelligent, multicore tech. that applies processing power where it’s needed most, new intel core i7 deliver an incredible break through in pc performance. They are best desktop family in the planet.  You will done multitasking faster in i7.  You will experience maximum performance for every thing you do.  It has a combination of intel turbo boost tech. & Intel hyper thread tech. with maximize performance to match your workload.  Core i7 is manufacturing with 45 nm process, consist of 731 million transistors.
  17. 17. Feature’s:- 1) Quad-core processor. 2) 8MB intel smart cache. 3) Intel hyper- threading tech. 4) Intel 64 bit architecture. 5) Intel turbo boost tech. 6) Integrated memory controller. 7) Enhanced intel speed-step tech.
  18. 18. Advantages:- A. Big cache size B. World’s fastest processor C. Better cooling system
  19. 19. Disadvantages:- A. Cost is high. B. Power consumption is high
  20. 20. THANK YOU