Part 4 odyssey


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  • Tomorrow we’ll create full arguments about which is the best.
  • Part 4 odyssey

    1. 1. The Odyssey Part 4 Ms. Marshall S
    2. 2. Part 4: Death in the Great Hall 69 November 8, 2011S Warm up: Look over the vocabulary and definitions you completed for homework. For each word, write a personal connection you make with the word.S Today’s objective is to read Part 4: Death in the Great Hall, to visualize by identifying details, evaluate Odysseus’s actions by writing opinions, and analyzing character by writing examples of Telemachus’s dynamic character.
    3. 3. 69-70 While Reading S Visualize—Make a list of details that help you see the scene. S Evaluate—Write a list of Odysseus’s decisions and if you agree or not with them. S Character—Make a list of ways that Telemachus shows he is an adult
    4. 4. 70 ReflectionS What do you think about Odysseus’s performance in battle? What does this show about him as a person or epic hero? What values do we still hold today that Odysseus showed?S Homework: Page 881 #1,2, and 6
    5. 5. Part 4: The Trunk of the Olive Tree 73 November 10, 2011S Warm up: Penelope asks the suitors to pass a test to show they are worthy. Odysseus has to overcome many obstacles to show he deserves his home again. What are some tests we have to pass today to show we are worthy?S Today’s objective is to read Part 4: The Trunk of the Olive Tree and write three quotes that show lessons the Odyssey is trying to teach the reader and write an argument as to why one lesson is the most important.
    6. 6. 71 Life LessonsQuote and Line Number Life Lesson Explanation
    7. 7. 72 Writing an Argument S Write a paragraph stating which life lesson you think is the most important in the Odyssey and why. Next, explain why another lesson is NOT the most important and why. S Read in your tables.
    8. 8. HomeworkS Page 881 #3, 4, 5, and 10
    9. 9. 73 Part 4: Life Lessons November 11, 2011 S Warm up: Look back at your chart from yesterday’s reading. Fill in the explanation column for each of the three life lessons you found. S Today’s objective is to write an argument in groups stating the most important life lesson in the Odyssey and to check the answers from the Part 4.
    10. 10. Writing An ArgumentS Step 1: Pick a side S Which life lesson is the most important?S Step 2: Defend that side with evidence S Use your quotes and explanationsS Step 3: Tell why the other side is incorrect S Choose another life lesson and tell why it’s not as important as yours
    11. 11. Group AnswerS With your partner, write a well written argument paragraph stating which lesson is the most important. Be sure to follow all three steps.S When you are finished and have your paragraph checked, you may check your homework answers.
    12. 12. ReflectionS What are your final thoughts on the story, the Odyssey? Explain what you’ve learned, new ideas you’ve had, struggles you’ve had to overcome, etc.S Homework: