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Eng xii essay writting i_126_23.11.09


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Eng xii essay writting i_126_23.11.09

  1. 1. PES/ENG/XI/126 (Please show animations relating the topics) A PUNJAB EDUSAT SOCIETY PRODUCTION Subject English Class XII Module Essay Writing Chapter Essay Writing -1 ANCHOR Good morning students. How you all are doing? How is your practice of essay writing going on? Did you face any difficulty? If so, you can ask your queries. Well children always remember that to master any language you need to be skillful in 4 aspects i.e. • Writing • Reading • Listening and • Speaking Here our concern is writing. But you can only be a good writer if you have knowledge of that language that means  If you are good in expressing yourself,  If you read lot of content in that language  If you speak that language quite regularly  And if you listen things in that language. This all is necessary to enhance your understanding power in that language. For example, you get essay to write on politics in India You can write it but if you have read it further somewhere then it will be easier to write for you. Thus, to be a good writer try and keep yourself surrounded by that particular language. Well let us begin our studies now. First we will see our learning objectives. LEARNING OBJECTIVES In the following module • Students will be given recapitulation of the previous classes. • They will talk about 1. What is essay writing? 2. Why is it written? 3. How is it useful? 4. What is its structure? JILIT -1-
  2. 2. PES/ENG/XI/126 5. How the content is selected? 6. What are its different types? 7. What is the difference between them? • Students will go through some more examples not as proper essays but only small parts of it to identify different types of essay. • Through various questions they will also tell whether these lines are to be written in the main content or no. ANCHOR Well students let us recall what we have studied in the previous class. SUPER What is essay writing? ANCHOR Essay writing is to express one’s ideas on a given subject. If you have ideas, half the battle is won. To make our essay impressive, we have to organize our ideas. First of all you should remember that SUPDER An essay has three main parts: 1. Introduction 2. Body / middle 3. Conclusion 1. Introduction: It is the index of your ideas on the topic which you are going to discuss in the body of the essay. It gives the fore taste of what is to come later. It can be started with quotation, a question or a proverb. 2. Body / middle This is the part where you discuss or explain your ideas on the subject. Each idea should be expressed in a different paragraph. If the material is less two related ideas can be packed in one paragraph. 3. Conclusion It comes at the end. In this part you write down the conclusion of the subject which you have discussed. SUPER What are key points to remember for writing an essay? ANCHOR When writing an essay, follow these basic steps: VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN • Select a topic: Be sure that you have enough ideas about the topic. • Write Introducing lines JILIT -2-
  3. 3. PES/ENG/XI/126 • Write all the ideas in points or out lines. • Use simple, short and crisp sentences. • Arrange the sentences systematically. • New paragraph should be given to a new idea. • A concluding paragraph should restate the thesis and divisions of the essay bring the essay to an appropriate and effective close without digressing into new issues. ANCHOR Well I expect that all the points would have come back in your mind. First crucial step is to think about the topic for sometime. Then start writing your rough notes. Well students you need to understand the topic carefully. You have to decide what the topic is expecting out of you. The basis of good writing is a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. If you have been given a specific question, you should begin by analyzing the information it contains. To do this, you will need to carefully examine the words of the question. There are three kinds of words you should look for: VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN  content words which indicate the subject matter with which the essay should deal;  limiting words which specify the particular aspect or aspects of the subject on which the essay should focus;  Instruction words which tell you how to approach the topic. ANCHOR The following table lists some common instruction words and their meaning.  analyse to separate and examine the main ideas and issues  compare to look at, and identify similarities  contrast to look at, and identify differences  define explain the exact meaning of a word, term, theory, concept or idea, using examples where helpful  describe give details about something so that it can be understood  discuss examine key points and possible interpretations; give arguments for and against, and draw a conclusion  evaluate give an opinion, supported by evidence, on the worth or value of something  examine similar to analyse  explain give a detailed account of; give reasons for  illustrate make something clear by providing details and examples  interpret explain the meaning of something  justify provide reasons and evidence for something; show that it is reasonable JILIT -3-
  4. 4. PES/ENG/XI/126  outline indicate the principal features  show demonstrate by examples ANCHOR To help you to understand how the process works in practice here are two examples. Example One - Sports Studies VOWITH TEXT ON SCREEN Topic: Discuss the benefits and problems associated with exercise in the elderly, children, and spinal cord injured. Content word: exercise. This word indicates the main subject of your essay. Limiting words: benefits, problems, elderly, children, spinal cord injured. These words narrow the scope of the topic. They tell you that you should concentrate on the benefits and problems of exercise and that you should focus your attention on three groups: the elderly, children and the spinal cord injured. Instruction word: discuss. This word implies that there are different views on the subject of exercise, and asks you to use your judgment to assess the extent to which exercise benefits the groups mentioned and the extent to which it poses problems for them. ANCHOR Example Two - Nursing Practice VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Topic: There is a body of opinion which holds that the only way in which nursing practice can advance will be to encroach into some areas of medical practice. Discuss. Content words: nursing practice, medical practice and body of opinion. These indicate that you will be expected to look at nursing practice within the wider context of medical practice, and that you will need to locate and examine the literature containing the body of opinion referred to. Limiting words: only way, advance and encroach. These indicate that you should focus on a particular aspect of the topic which is the view that the only way that progress can take place in nursing practice is if nurses take on a more "medical" role. Instruction word: discuss. This indicates that you are expected to examine the pros and cons of this view and not merely to look for evidence to support it. ANCHOR JILIT -4-
  5. 5. PES/ENG/XI/126 Well students these two examples will help you in writing your essay on the basis of these two examples. Now I am going to SHOW YOU ESSAY WITH DIFFERENT TYPE OF TOPIC. If you could go back to some time and… VOWITH TEXT ON SCREEN …place in the past, when and where would you go? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice . If time travel were possible, I would certainly want to go back to the year that I graduated high school. This time was filled with excitement, carelessness, and hope for the future. The prospect of graduating high school and becoming one of the elite was definitely a magical period of time. Most of my high school classes were complete and preparations were being made for the prom. My friends and I though we could conquer the world. All of the responsibilities of adulthood certainly lay in our future. After graduation, that carefree summer was filled with amusement. Daily trips to the beach and hanging out with friends at different bars at night, made me wish this time would never end. My buddies and I often talked about our plans for college and how easy life would be once we graduated with a degree. There would be time enough to deal with life’s problems later on. Looking towards the future probably wasn’t the best thing to do at the time. Stepping back and enjoying the present would have made more sense. If only I knew then what I know now, with age comes wisdom and with memories comes nostalgia. Finally, that marvelous age of transition from youth to adulthood would be the period I would most like to return to. Show me the way to the time machine! ANCHOR Students can you tell which type of essay is it? Try and think about it. Now next we will see one essay which is quite contrary to the first image of the topic. Topic is PARENTS. Now you must be expecting that here writer is going to talk about missing his parents, will appreciate his parents for their love and support, will talk about their daily life etc. Let us see whether writer writes according to our expectation or no. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN “Parents”. I consider mine as my flat mates these days because we do not spend much time together. We are four people living in a house together but we even eat our dinners separately because everybody comes home at different times and we are busy JILIT -5-
  6. 6. PES/ENG/XI/126 all the time. What I remember from the old days is my two grown up flat mates are two different characters. I have no idea why they still live together. They are pretty much the same in physical appearance. They both have fair complexions which is typical of Caucasians. They should be thin if we consider this “type” but they are not. Actually they were but I can’t remember those days. They have different personalities. My father is moody and pretty much aggressive just like me. He has obsessions, like everything should be perfect. On the other hand, my mother never cares about what she is doing and she has what we will call the patience of a saint. Whenever my father gets angry and starts shouting, my mother goes, “Ergun, why are you shouting?” with a very calm voice. What they really can’t get along about is their tastes in life. My mother loves spending money. She can spend her whole day going around the stores shopping while my father is sitting at home reading newspapers and books or watching documentaries on TV. Although my parents are very different from each other, they came to an agreement and that is not being a parent for me any more. They never worry about me when I am late and they never interfere in my choices. I think from now on they will work on my brother, my poor little brother. ANCHOR Children can you feel agony of the writer. How easily he has written about his pain. He is trying to keep himself normal whereas his writing is so perfect that it is evoking all emotions. This should be the way to write the correct essay. Now children there are some special tips for you to remember which you don’t have to do. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN : Helpful Essay Hints -- Mistakes to avoid ANCHOR Students make a variety of errors in their writing. What follows is a list of things to avoid that weaken your essays, and are actually considered wrong in essay writing. 1. DON’T MENTION THE ESSAY ITSELF. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN eg. “After reading this essay…” or “In my essay…” or “In this essay…” ANCHOR JILIT -6-
  7. 7. PES/ENG/XI/126 2. DON’T MENTION ANY PART OF THE ESSAY. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN eg. “In this paragraph…” or “This paragraph will discuss…” or “In the next paragraph” or “The body of this essay…” ANCHOR 3. DON'T USE "LIKE" IN YOUR ESSAY WHEN YOU INTEND TO PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OR CLARIFY SOMETHING. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN e.g. This happens many times throughout the novel like when... Use "for example" or "for instance" or "such as" e.g. This happens many times throughout the novel; for instance, when... *Note punctuation. ANCHOR 4. DON’T JUST STATE A FACT IN YOUR THESIS STATEMENT; DIRECT YOUR ESSAY. VOWITH TEXT ON SCREEN eg. “Golf is the best sport.” This thesis statement doesn’t direct your essay. “Golf is the best sport for a variety of reasons” does. (see exercise 4 "writing thesis statements") ANCHOR 5. DON’T START YOUR ESSAY WITH ONLY A THESIS STATEMENT. YOU MUST HAVE AN INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH. ANCHOR 6. MAKE SURE EACH PARAGRAPH HAS A MINIMUM OF 3 SENTENCES IN IT. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Each sentence should relate only to whatever “reason” or “evidence” you are presenting in that paragraph. (Don't confuse sentences with lines!) ANCHOR 7. MAKE SURE YOUR ESSAY HAS A MINIMUM OF FIVE PARAGRAPHS TOTAL. SUPER We will see few more examples to further go through essay writing. ANCHOR TOPIC If you could go back to some time and place in the past, when and where would you Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN JILIT -7-
  8. 8. PES/ENG/XI/126 Everyone has some fond memories of their past. Each one of us wish to go back in time to enjoy those days again, though we know that it is not practically possible. I would love to go back in time and place and try to relive the days before I got married. I would want to spend more time with my parents and sister. Enjoy the freedom I had in taking some decisions. I would enjoy doing the same things I used to do,like going to the college, having fun with my friends without having the pressure of going back home soon and look after my husband and kids. I used to enjoy the cool breeze of the small town, where I come from. There was no pollution, no traffic. The flowers would be in full bloom at this time of the year.The night skies would be clear with twinkling stars and the bright moon. Right now, though I enjoy my life to the fullest, I am the one who is taking care of everyone at home, with no time left for myself. In the days before my marriage, I had my mother to take care of me, when I was sick she would sit beside me, rubbing my forehead and soothing me. I would immediately feel better. These days, even if I am sick,I have to cook and clean and there is no one to even share my pain with. I had some financial burden then too but it was not as it is now. I have this constant feeling of pressure to work hard and earn more so that tomorrow my children pursue whatever they want to without thinking about money and if they can afford it or not. And the busy city life, the roads filled with dirt, the polluted air that gets into my? lungs cloaking me at times. I don’t have many friends here as I moved here recently and people are so that no one finds time to socialize. But realistically, I am a more confident person than I was in those days. I don’t feel I am being watched upon by my mother. I love the house I have now, which is my own, my children and my husband. I am content with the success I have in my career. It is only when I am tired of the monotony and the pressure of adult life that I would like to go back in time and place to the days before my marriage and to my home town, relax under a tree and enjoy the cool pure breeze. ANCHOR Well children I have highlighted main idea for you so that it is easy for you to understand the essay. ANCHOR EXAMPLE2 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Dancing plays an important role in a culture Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. VO WITH TEXT ON SCREEN Every nation has typical customs and habits. They preserve its origin and keep the traditions alive trough the years. Each country has a national dance and typical national music. I can say that the dance is the most common art form in the world. JILIT -8-
  9. 9. PES/ENG/XI/126 In old times people used to do special rituals to make bad spirits and forces go away. In the beginning they were just strange movements, which were later conducted by a rhythm and grew up in to dances. In my country we have a special custom called “Kukeri”. It takes part every year on a particular day during the spring: people with strange costumes and ugly, scary masks dance and sing for fertility and health. As far as I know, there are similar customs also in other countries. In the past, people used to dance also for fun. They just got together and amused themselves with group dances, which later became national dances, part of the so called national culture. Bulgarian national dances are called “horo” and “ruchenica”. Our dancers are famous all around the world with them. Dancing really plays a special role in culture not only because it is a special way to preserve it, but also because of the marvelous way that it puts so many art forms together. For example: for dancing we need music, for music we need singers and players, the national dances are usually performed with special national costumes? We can easily observe how elegant and without any notion dance makes people develop their imagination and creativity, which later reflect into their national culture. Nowadays people continue using the dance for amusement. Modern music makes for instance the rap and techno dancing fashion almost everywhere around the world. This is a product of the globalization. However, people continue dancing their national dances at special occasions and this keeps their culture alive. ANCHOR This essay talks about keeping our heritage alive by dance. Students you can disagree with the statement also and write what you feel. Well by now I expect from all of you to understand how to attempt essay writing. Well best of luck for your writing. JILIT -9-