Election Simulation


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Election Simulation

  1. 1. ElectionSimulationPre-AP World History
  2. 2. Election 1 State of the State• Hyperinflation and government debt are at an all-time high. In just 1 year, the price of a loaf of bread has increased from $1 to $4.2 trillion!
  3. 3. Election 1 Candidates• Candidate A – spend money to boost consumer spending• Candidate B – complete government control over spending and production• Candidate C – economic self-sufficiency – lessen foreign influence on the economy, thus boosting the value of the dollar
  4. 4. Election 1 VotingGo to the polls!
  5. 5. Election 2 State of the State• In addition to hyperinflation and increasing government debt, your country is now facing increasing unemployment. In just 3 years, unemployment has doubled from 15% to over 30%!
  6. 6. Election 2 Candidates• Candidate A – continue spending on unemployment benefits until a long-term solution can be found• Candidate B – complete government control over economy• Candidate C – freeze pay, consolidate labor unions, promote government contracts on public
  7. 7. Election 2 VotingGo to the polls!
  8. 8. Election 3 State of the State• Because of the increasing government debt and rising unemployment, your country is politically and socially unstable, and previous attempts at government coalitions have failed.
  9. 9. Election 3 Candidates• Candidate A – continue attempts to unify government through multi-partisan coalitions• Candidate B – political and social revolution to rid the country of social and political divisions• Candidate C – promote national unity through social programs
  10. 10. Election 3 VotingGo to the polls!
  11. 11. Results Candidates• Candidate A – member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD)• Candidate B – member of the Communist Party• Candidate C – Adolf Hitler – member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) – Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei