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My Top 10 slides on presentations


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My top 10 (out of 200) slides on presentations.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual

My Top 10 slides on presentations

  1. My Top 10 slides on presentations Alexei Kapterev
  2. О Be atпойдет речь чем both places! Быть в двух позициях
  3. Structure: might not look pretty, but it won’t run without it.
  4. I have SO much to tell...
  5. Magical number 4 is our short-term memory limit
  6. One thought per slide
  7. Which goes easier? Facts Story
  8. Seeing is believing
  9. Use visual tools Sketches Pictures Gestures
  10. Proportions matter
  11. And please…  Don’t use these arrows (they are ugly)