Political Science 1 - Introduction To Political Science - Power Point #5


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Political Science 1 - Introduction To Political Science - Spring 2013 - Power Point Presentation #5 - © 2013 Tabakian, Inc.

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Political Science 1 - Introduction To Political Science - Power Point #5

  1. 1. Dr. Tabakian’s Political Science 1 US Government – Spring 2013 Power Point Presentation #5
  2. 2. COURSE LECTURE TOPICS• Condition Of America’s Masses• Attitudes Of America’s Masses• Intolerance Toward Unpopular Groups• Elite – Mass Communication• Political Functions Of Mass Media
  3. 3. MASSES IN AMERICACondition Of America’s Masses Is Increasingly Unequal• Growth in international trade is the principle cause of increasing inequality in America.• Deunionization contributes to the mass condition of inequality.• Wealth is even more unequally distributed than income.• Even though family income has been rising, real wages in America have been declining.• Unskilled and semiskilled workers are suffering most.
  4. 4. DISTRUST & CYNICISMThe Attitudes of America’s Masses are Increasingly Distrusting andCynical.1. It is caused by disrespect of governmental and political authority.2. The global economy has disrupted lives of many people.There are changes in the political process.1. Dealignment shows a decline in party loyalty.2. Television has replaced parties in politics.3. There is increasingly professional politics.4. There is negative media reporting.Mass distrust and cynicism may be diminishing after terrorist attack onAmerica.1. There is mass confidence in the military.2. There is mass confidence in the non elected Supreme Court.
  5. 5. INTOLERANCE TOWARDS UNPOPULAR GROUPSThere is an Increase in Intolerance toward unpopular groups.1. This is a reason why right and left counterelites have arisen in American politics.2. Mass support for legal immigration has declined over the years.3. Elite support for legal and illegal immigration has increased over the years.4. Opinion Differences are explained by variations in level of education.• The masses are ignorant.• The masses are politically inactive and apathetic.• These are the reasons why democracy survives.Mass intolerance diminished after Brown v. Board of Education.1. There was a change in who was unpopular.2. There is a trend in popular vote victories for anti-civil rights issues.
  6. 6. POLITICAL MESSAGEThis is the famous “This Land”cartoon. It is seen as a stronginfluential message during the2004 Presidential Election.What is the message behindthis cartoon? Was it themotivation of those behind itscreation to influence our politicalsystem or was the primarypurpose to produce publicity fortheir company?
  7. 7. POLITICAL MESSAGESnide TV produced a funny politicalcartoon during the PresidentialPrimary Election of 2008. “ObamaOn the Run” Hillary Clinton andBarack Obama musically argue itout over who is the better candidatein this song satirizing "Anything YouCan Do I Can Do Better." Thecartoon focuses on the narcissisticcharacteristics of both HillaryClinton and Barack Obama. Allcandidates are narcissists at heart.
  8. 8. POLITICAL MESSAGEThe Republican NationalCommittee produced “John Kerry:International Man Of Mystery”during the 2004 presidentialelection. This campaignadvertisement pokes fun at JohnKerry’s assertion that he is incontact with world leaders who arenot comfortable with PresidentGeorge W. Bush. The theme is setto “Austin Powers”. Enjoy the video.
  9. 9. ELITSE-MASS COMMUNICATION Mass Media are the Primary Channels of Communication between Elites and Masses Means of Communication • Television communicates emotions and information. • News executives, reporters, editors, anchors, and producers decide what will be news.
  10. 10. MEDIA POLITICAL FUNCTIONSMass Media have Political Functions in Society.• They have the power to set the agenda of issues.• Their liberal bias is toward bad-news.• Supreme Court decisions support mass media on no prior restraint and absence of malice issues.• The Federal Communications Commission supports mass media on fairness issues.Mass media is the principal link between political candidatesand the voters.• Mass media emphasize the personal image of candidates rather than issues.• Political campaigning through mass media is very costly. Mass Media mainly influence what people know, think, and talking about.
  11. 11. SELLING ISSUES TO SOCIETYThe mass media’s greatestpower is the ability to decidewhat will be decided. How dointerest groups direct massopinion today? We will examinea marketing campaign led bythe “Consumers Union” thataddresses the issue ofprescription cost. Humor veryeffective in pulling on emotionalheartstrings. The ending directsviewers to a website that statesthe primary purpose of this clip.
  12. 12. SELLING ISSUES TO SOCIETYPresident Bill Clinton and FirstLady Hillary Clinton proposedcomprehensive healthcarelegislation to provide healthinsurance to millions of uninsuredcitizens. The Health InsuranceAssociation of American (HIAA), ahealth insurance lobbying groupproduced “Harry and Louise”