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Nena i aina


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Published in: Education
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Nena i aina

  1. 1. turkey
  2. 2. Who did this project? <ul><li>Aina Fullana Ribot. </li></ul><ul><li>Nena Puigròs Rosselló. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Where are there Ankara, Istambul and Konya?
  4. 4. How many inhabitants are there in Turkey? In Turkey there are 77.804.122 inhabitants. Which is the extension? The extension is of 780.580 km². What religions are there? A 97% are Muslims, and a 3% are Christians or Jews. What language is speaking in Turkey? The language is Turkish. What type of government is there in Turkey? The type of government is the republican parliamentary democracy.
  5. 5. Monuments of… ANKARA Mausoleum in Ankara . ISTAMBUL Blue mesquite. Santa Sofía.
  6. 6. CAPPADOCIA Mesquite of Cappadocia Houses Inside of the mesquite Fairy chimneys The camel
  7. 7. Gastronomy <ul><li>Snacks or appetizers, can be cold or hot. </li></ul>Kebap. Dolma rolls. Caviar.
  8. 8. Sama. DANCES. TRADITIONS. Turkish dance Caylloma. The tulip. Nazar.
  9. 9. FAMOUS TURKS SINGER. Tarka. ACTOR. Kivanc. FOOTBALLER. Nihat. WRITER. Orhan. PAINTER. Esref.