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  1. 1. TURKEY
  2. 2. TRADITIONAL CLOTHES:• Sources indicate that central Asian Turks used to wear leather boots, mintan shirt, a short caftan used with a belt and a kind of riding trousers loose at the top narrowing downwards suitable for horse riding. Caftan and boots also gained significance as a sign of status.• Bashlyks, head coverings, as in clothes, were made of fur or sheepskin with the purpose of protection from the cold. Bashlyks were also observed to be symbols of status.• Emigration from Asia to Anatolia caused many cultures to integrate. This was reflected on clothes, symbols and motifs of the 24 Gagauz tribes which formed a united culture of their own.
  3. 3. • The earliest sources found in the history of Turkish clothing date back to the miniatures and wall pictures uncovered in Central Asia. Sources of 100 B.C. reveal that woolen and cotton fabric was woven on handlooms but silk came from China.• The Turkish way of living at that time brought about functional clothing styles. As the horse was the common and inevitable form of transport in the daily routine, womens and mens wear resembled each other (unisex).• Leather and felt materials had priority due to natural and social conditions. In addition to these materials; shipskin, fur and woolen materials were major constituents in clothes of that period.
  4. 4. FOODTurkish cuisine is rich in whole arsenal of unforgettableMediterranean flavors. Chefs mostly use large quantities offresh produce, which, moreover, can be purchased only forbeautiful fair. How is the culture of the Mediterranean basinwill happen here primarily dominated by seafood, fish and fruitsand vegetables. For Turkey, the twentieth century, it hadflavors results of other nationalities because of limited tradingof water. It was only later that changed, and in large citieswere open several restaurants offering dishes on their menuhailing from France or Italy. The most popular dishes of Turkishcuisine, will no doubt be in Yogurt corbasi, yogurt or soup fromrice and legume seeds, fake, minced, in some areas served by ahuge amount of chili, or van otlu - spicy cheese, with a largeaddition of spices herbs. In Turkish cooking meats definitelydominates here lamb, which gives all possible ways.
  5. 5. Traditional flavors and dishes:Sebzeli Ezme Kirmizi Mercimek Çorbasi (cream with red lentils andvegetables) - based soup red lentils, carrots, onions, and tomato puree.Tastes great with mint leaves. In some areas of Turkey, given to potatoes.• yaprak Etla Dolmasi (minced meat in vine leaves) - Minced properly servedby the large quantities of tomatoes and of course all kinds of herbs andspices. This dish with various meats, you can try almost every Turkish city.• Simit - Turkey bun, served with sesame too.• Lahmacun - Govannon pizza made by the Turkish manner, and administeredin accordance with the provision of the local cuisine of the state. It is madeof very thin dough and filling meat. Considered a snack at a local fast.• Kebab - Who could travel to Turkey and not try the local real kebab.Here is an excellent choice only between all the different types of dishes.Most are fed with meat grilled with szpadce, but you can also find varietiesof kebab meat boiled or baked. Added is naturally large amounts ofvegetables, such as eggplants.• Kofta - minced meat of all kinds. Of course, in some areas, amazing dishis prepared without meat, bulgur replaced. This is the kind of food additive,which was previously prepared with durum wheat mostly.Other Turkish dishes are: Doner,Gozleme,Lahmacum,Kokorec and Hamsi.
  6. 6. MUSIC The traditional music of Turkey consists of two major traditions with distinct characteristics. The first is Turkish folk music, characterized by the culture of the Turkish- speaking rural communities of Anatolia, the Balkans, and the Middle East. While Turkish folk music contains some traces of the Central Asian cultures Turkic, has also stronglyinfluenced and been influenced by many other cultures in theregion. Second, on the other hand, is Turkish classical music, which is characterized by the culture of the Ottoman elite, strongly influenced by Islamic (mainly Arabic and Persian)cultures, a trace of Indian music, but still contains traces of Greco-Roman history of the area.
  7. 7. Turkish music history, which examines the relationship of Turks with music from the time when the Turks first emerged onto the world scene to the present day, is not a science that one can undertake in detail. If history is considered to begin with writing, the interval during which the Turks have expressed themselves in writing covers only the last 1,500 years. Unfortunately, we do not have any sources relating to Turkish civilization of earlier periods. Consequently, both Turkish history, as well as our data on Turkish culture and arts, is extremely limited. Even if we disregard for a moment the difficulty of writing aboutTurkish music with no written records on the subject, as wellas the dearth of sources, it behooves us to state here some other issues that are equally important. The Turks are a huge group of people living over a very widegeographical area, who have founded or lived within many and diverse states, with widely varying ways of life. When we speak of Turkish musical history, it an especially important that we know which Turkish tribes music we are talkingabout, and from which period. Trying to understand the lasteight hundred years based on the written sources on Turkish music, it is quite difficult to shed light on earlier periods.
  8. 8. Entertainment Turkey has many spas in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; they are a great way to relax. One of the most popular spas can be found in the city of Izmir, the spa is also a hotel and is called the Thermal Princess Hotel and spa, the spa has facilities such as massages, facials, Jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a gym. There are 21 national parks throughout Turkey. The largest park is the Kuscenneti National Park, which covers 69,800 acres of land and is famous for its wetlands, spectacular views, and wide variety of the bird species. The park protects over 259 different species of birds, among which are geese, pelicans, ducks, swans, black storks, nightingales and herons.Families will enjoy Adaland, an aquapark situated in the city of Kusadasi. The park is split into three sections and includes a dolphin park and the sea garden. There are many adrenalin fuelled water rides within the park including log flumes, rapids, slides, and a huge ride called the Fish Bowl. In the dolphin park there are a total of five dolphins and it is possible to pet them and swim with them or just watch them perform in one of their shows. In the sea garden there is a huge aquarium, where you can observe many exotic fish from the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. Tours can also be arranged for scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling. Istanbul has a fantastic zoo, the Bosphorus Zoo, which houses many different species ranging from camels to various birds.
  9. 9. SPORTSParagliding in TurkeyBabadag in Fethiye is one of the top ten places forparagliding with views over Fethiyes Olu Deniz, the blueLagoon, other paragliding regions are Oren close toBodrum with also fantastic views over Gokova andCleopatra Island and Kazdagi close to Ayvalik.Skiing Areas in TurkeyTurkey has more first class skiing areas than expected,the oldest two, well established skiing areas are Uludagin Bursa and Kartalkaya in Bolu but new skiing areasclose to holiday resorts are existing as well, likeSaklikent very close to Antalya and Eren Dagi close toFethiye.
  10. 10. HABITS  The marriage in a notary lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. The bride usually wears western clothes and everybody will clap their hands after the YES! After the couple marries, the bride will receive a lot of gold gifts and money!! Relatives and friends hang in the bride gold coins with a red bow, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, money shines, etc... If there is a party the bride will wear the gifts. The bride also carries a small bag, where she keeps some of the gold gifts if they are so many. Depending on the wealth of the family and friends, the gifts pays the party and more... Turkish families love to offer something to their guests. It can be lunch, dinner or a tea. If you have an invitation to visit a Turkish family, go with an empty stomach! Usually the woman of the family cook delicious dishes during the whole day and offer a banquet. Taste a little bit of everything because if you reject something they will be desapointed.
  11. 11.  Official marriage in Turkey is done at the notary and the religious one with a religious party. Turkey is a secular country, a man can marry only a woman in the notary, but a man can marry at most 4 women in the Islamic religion. The percentage of poligamic men is very small in Turkey and usually the population do not approve such marriages. when a child is born or is circumcisized, relatives and friends give them a gold coin with a red bow. there is a ritual when a younger person greets an eldery person of the same family or a closed friend. The eldery person gives his/her hand and the youngest person kisses the hand and take the hand towards his/her forehead. This is a sign of respect.
  12. 12. ROUTINES Turks have the habit of removing their shoes before entering home.  Turkish men greet by kissing each other in their faces. This is a normal thing to see in Turkey. Man kisses man, woman kisses woman and woman kisses man in both cheeks. Religious women dont kiss men. A typical Turk drinks approximately around 10 glasses of black tea pro day. Tea is the most popular drink in Turkey. in villages there is usually a coffee bar. In this coffee bar you will see only men drinking tea or coffee, smoking and talking. The womens permanence in such places is not prohibited. They also meet at their own houses to have tea and talk gossips!
  13. 13. ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ ΣΤΑ ΑΓΓΛΙΚΑ Μέλη ομάδας:  Βασιλική Βαγγελιά  Χριστίνα ΠαλούκηΠέμπτη 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2013