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River bank erosion

Dept. of Geography & Environment, jagannath university

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River bank erosion

  1. 1. Welcome To The Presentation Presented By : Md. Jahidul Islam M.Sc, 1st Semester ( 5th Batch) JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY, DHAKA Prepared by: Mojahidul islam, (725520357)
  2. 2. Presentation On Jamuna River Erosional Hazards and Rural Vulnerability in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Sirajgonj District
  3. 3. Introduction Importance of river • Water is the most important natural resources for planet earth • The prosperity of nation depends primarily upon the exploitation of this resource. • Primary wealth of nation is water which flow in the river.
  4. 4. What is erosion? As a river flow , the force of its moving water washes away loose soil and pieces of rocks. In this way the river cuts it own channel in the ground. This process is called erosion.
  5. 5. Problems of the Statement • Demographic impact • Economic hamper • Biodiversity loss • Human displacement
  6. 6. Literature review • Not only the floodplain inhabitants, but also the char land inhabitants are defenseless to river erosion (Aktar, 2013). • Geomorphic hazards demarcated as the instability of earth surface features treat that’s threat for human civilization (Gares et al., 1994). • The annual monsoons and tectonic settings dominate the sediment discharge in Jamuna (Rajib et al., 2011) and (Ashworth, 1996). • Rahman (1986) conducted to identify the possible economic strategies of the victims for their survival.
  7. 7. Objectives • To explore migration occur due to riverbank erosion of the study area. • To investigate the causes of river bank erosion in the study area • To review the potential losses in the study area
  8. 8. Study area • Sirajganj is a city found in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. • It is located 24.460 latitude and 89.710 longitude and it is situated at elevation 19 meters above sea level. • Sirajganj has a population of 127,481 making it the 7th biggest city in Rajshahi.
  9. 9. MethodologyPrimary data • Sources of Data Primary data Secondary data • Data collection Questionnaire survey personal observation • Data analysis Microsoft office, Excel, SPSS, GIS
  10. 10. Possible Outcomes • To find out the way to reduce or avoid the erosion • To identify the major determinant and characteristics • To show the trends of erosion and accretion of land along both sides of the river. • Find out the existing situation • To review the policies and laws regarding erosion