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Spring 2 Homework


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End of spring 1 and all of spring 2 homework.

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Spring 2 Homework

  1. 1. Record Of Achievement Based Homework Timetable Date Handed Out Date Handed In/Carried out Task To Be Completed Friday 3rd Feb Friday 10th Feb Special Spellings (will replace normal spellings this week) Friday 10th Feb Friday 24th Feb Biography Friday 24th Feb Friday 9th March Report Writing Friday 9th March Friday 23rd March Persuasive writing (invention) Friday 23rd March Friday 30th March Autobiography Friday 30th March Friday 20th April Newspaper Article       Half term homework overview
  2. 2. 0-10 correct=1 credit 11-18 correct=2 credits 19-24=3 credits 25+ =5 credits Handed out:-3rd Feb Handed in:-10th Feb
  3. 3. Handed out on :-10th Feb Due date:-24th Feb Your task over the next two weeks is to write a biography. The biography can be about a family member, friend or somebody any other person who you look up to and admire. You should think about how you are going to collect information about these people Things to think about •Chronological order •Introduction •Facts with details •Younger years •Change,change,change •Main event •Conclusion •Punctuation& Spellings Up to 8 credits depending on interest to reader gained from interesting research, as well as text structure and organisation
  4. 4. Imagine you are a sales person. You have been asked to try out these two types of trainer before selling them in your shop. Write a report about the trainers for Nike. Things to think about:- •Introduction and conclusion •Quotes •Rhetorical questions •Past tense •Interesting vocab •Where you used them •Did they change anything about you •Opinion Handed out on :-24th Feb Due date:-9th March Up to 5 credits depending on content, creativity and presentation
  5. 5. Your task this week is to persuade the Dragons to let you pitch your invention to them. Before you are able to demonstrate your idea you must convince them it is worth their time. Create a persuasive leaflet for your invention. Think about:- Persuasive language Opposite viewpoint Cost Features What makes it better than other models? Handed out 9th March Handed In 23rd March Credits awarded for overall persuasiveness as well as presentation.
  6. 6. Who is that? Have a long hard look in the mirror and think about who you see. Do other people know what you know about this person?? Take this time to think about your life so far and where you want it to go. Your task is to write an autobiography. Things to think about:- You’re on your own this week, if you are unsure ask a member of your family or look it up online. Who is that? Up to 5 credits depending on text&sentence structure as well as content and punctuation. Handed out 23rd March Handed In 30th March
  7. 7. Go onto the Year 6 blog and take a look at the Avatar video link. Write down some facts based on what you see and hear. Your job, as a journalist, is to create a front page article telling the world of this new discovery. Things to think about:- Hairy Baboons Like Strawberry Ice Cream Hand out:- 30th March Hand in:-20th April Up to 5 credits depending on the features used in a newspaper article. Remember that the areas underlined are the most important !