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Homework from Sonya


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Published in: Education
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Homework from Sonya

  1. 1. My invention By sonya
  2. 2. Flying bed I have invented this new mode of transport. It is a bed for old people and it makes it easer for old people to get around without having to go on a bus, plane, or boat. You might think that it would cost too much and people wont buy them but if you collect the free coupons when you spend £20 or more, it will allow you to have the bed for only £100. Many local shops are starting to sell them and I am making the coupons.
  3. 3.  People may say that it might just be an ordinary flying bed but it is much more than that. It has a full range of quality food that stays fresh forever and if you click the button on the side it will automatically change the food selections. It has lots of cakes and proper meals like salmon or meat and it can detect if you are pescetarian or vegetarian and will change the menu to things that you can eat.  This new invention can fly like an aeroplane and runs on air so it will never run out of fuel. You might think that the old people might freeze out in the winters air but it has a bubble all around the bed that is full of heat and it has a remote control that can change the temperature of the bubble.  It can get really boring if you are flying for hours so I have installed a TV with all of the stations and also for the bookworms I have also got a kindle but that doesn’t include the free coupons. The kindle is only £99.99 but you don’t have to buy the kindle. If you want to heat up the food than there is a touch-screen microwave.
  4. 4.  Don’t worry because you will never fall out of the bed. You might think you will fall out but there is an invisible wall at each of the ends of the bed. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!