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Internship Progress Report Spring 2013


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Published in: Business
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Internship Progress Report Spring 2013

  1. 1. Internship Progress Report
  2. 2. I have enjoyed…• Researching/Learning• Clients• Industries• Writing• Blogs• Website copy• Social Media• Marketing Works• CAP2• Design
  3. 3. I have learned…• Always check for errors when picking things up• Some clients can be challenging to work with• B2B marketing vs. B2C marketing• Always ask questions• It’s worth a Google
  4. 4. What has challenged me…• Learning about different industries• Speaking to industry specific audiences• Focusing on B2B vs. B2C• Proofing my own work• Understanding B2B marketing• Improving MW/CAP2 LinkedIn presence• Efficiency – taking notes• Finishing Marketing Works’ eblastsI want to work on…
  5. 5. Advice?
  6. 6. Social Madness 2013
  7. 7. Local companies• Express• 94,000 points• Reached the ‘elite 8’• Lost to target (category winner)• Residential Finance Corporation• 1,886 points• The Social Firm• 2,780 points
  8. 8. Marketing Works on SocialMedia