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Future of fashion retail


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Future of fashion retail

  1. 1. The Future ofFashion Retail Miah HaworthFuture of Advertising MCAD 2012
  2. 2. IndustryLargest growth in the fashion market:Brazil, Russia, India, and China. (Not the Web and social media is affecting the wayUS) people are shopping, and in addition, shoppers are having a more directShoppers spend more: at very high/very impact on the items they purchase -- eitherlow price points & less at "mid-tier price by customization or "crowd-sourcedpoints” collections.”“Consumers are increasingly looking for‘on-trend and in-season’ products.Fastest Growing :Retailers with verticalbrand strategies -- i.e, a business thatcontrols its entire supply chain and canthus quickly create new products”Contemporary brands: "teen fashion premium denim labels" are seeing ny/THREAD-Citys-Fashion-NYC2020-Report- Outlines-State-of-Apparel-Industry--Plans-explosive growth. for-Growth--146983325.html
  3. 3. What to Oversizedlook for in Outerwearstoresnow and Royalon the Brocadesstreets asthe Head-to-weather Toeturns Leathercolder: Looks
  4. 4. Key Trends to Look ForBoroque/OrnateSchool Girl FashionGothic Fashion RevivalCapes and CloaksOriental FashionLeather SkirtsShades of RedTartan/PlaidAndrogynous FashionPeplumsRipped DenimColored JeansKnee high BootsHardcase Handbags fall-2012-fashion-trends-autumn-winter- 2012-trends-13501.html
  5. 5. Technology & Retail Online Fashion GPS at Fashion Week
  6. 6. The New Shopping ExperienceMany e-commerce sites are now using 3-D product imaging to allow customers to feel asthough theyre browsing through an actual rack of clothes, even going so far as toincorporate music to simulate a traditional in-store shopping experience. Cisco hinted at the possibility of things to come with their virtual dressing room conceptwhich as the name implies, would allow you to quickly and conveniently "try on" a wideassortment of outfits while either in-store or while shopping online. Other companies areeven working on new technologies that that will mimic texture and roughness, hoping tosomeday to allow shoppers to feel (albeit virtually) a product before making an onlinepurchase. est-wave-retail-technology-will-redefine- your-shopping-experience
  7. 7. The New Shopping Experience
  8. 8. Magic Mirror s/story/2012-08-05/future-retail- tech/56880626/1
  9. 9. fashion-10-ways-technology-drives- tomorrows-fashion/
  10. 10. Shopping AppWardrobe, style planner & fashionshopping. Take your closet andshop everywhereStylish Girl is your ultimate styleplanner and shopping app -
revolving around the clothes inyour closet and the clothes youlove
to have.Stylish Girl for iOS was presentedby Apple on the New YorkFashion
Week and was showcasedthroughout the world in Apple’sThere is an App
for That TVcommercial ?id=com.ddnmedia.stylishgirl&hl=en
  11. 11. Social Shopping OnlineKaboodle fosters shopper interaction. Users can make shopping lists, join groups, getproduct suggestions and share their finds with each other.
  12. 12. Leading Online Retailers1. Fashion Bug Cost2. La Redoute Shipping3. Old Navy Sales4. BCO Variety5. Heavenly Couture6. Spiegel Technology/Social7. Mod Cloth Shopping????????8. New York and Company9. Wet Seal10. Urban Ladies Outfits online-clothing-stores-2038733.html
  13. 13. FashionistaA very fashionable person, especially one who works in the fashion industry.
  14. 14. 99#rankings
  15. 15. Searching for fashion trends on Forbes…