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  2. 2. Introduction• Online retailing is a form of electronic commerce.• Shopping is 10th most popular online activity in India.• Approximately 8 million Indians shopped online in 2012.• Currently the online retail market stands at Rs 2,000cr which is likely to touch Rs 7,000cr by 2015.• The online retail market is growing at an annual rate of 35%• Online retail account for less than 1% of the total retail market in India. (Source:, D10 conference Report,2012)
  3. 3. Defining the research problem: A Study on the drivers that lead to a shift of customers from brick and mortar style to the online buying of fashion clothing. This study mainly concentrate on the online buying of fashion garments. There has been a noticeable increase or growth in online shopping:-• Due to the busy life of people now a days, there is a change being seen or noticed in the buying style of various individuals belonging to the different fields of the society from brick and mortar style of buying to online buying.
  4. 4. Continued…• An increasing number of shoppers have had access to broadband and abandoned the high streets.• Also due to the easy availability of the credit cards to the middle income group.
  5. 5. Background• The online clothing industry is still in its infant stage. 2006 was marked as the year where many retailers chose to start selling their whole range online.• In total, online spending on clothing and footwear was only around 3% of the total for the category in 2006.• Online shopping has also been helped by the number of internet users climbing to 13.7 crores in June, 2012.
  6. 6. Continued...• Despite the substantial growth of online clothes shopping, it remains a relatively modest proportion of the overall market. It is calculated that the online fashion market represented just 10.2 per cent of the total clothing retail market in April 2012. (source:
  7. 7. Objectives:• To study the reasons behind the growth of online shopping of fashionable clothing.• To measure the satisfaction level of customers using online retailing services for fashion garments.• To study the various factors affecting online shopping. For example – the sale and return policy, varieties offered, delivery period, modes of payment, etc.• To study the major popular fashion sites such as myntra, fashion and you, and jabong.• To find the profile of online buyers.
  8. 8. Research Methods:There are two types of research methods that arebeing used in this research :-1) Library research: This includes -• Analysis of historical records• Analysis of documents2) Field research: This includes-• Questionnaire• Personal interview
  9. 9. Research Design This study involves a two phased study in which we are using two types of research designs:1. The 1st phase starts with an exploratory research:-• Survey of concerning literature• The experience survey This will help in the development of a hypothesis, if possible.2. The 2nd phase of the study uses the descriptive research design:-• A detailed study• Collection of primary data• Analyzing the data and reporting the findings
  10. 10. Hypothesis People belonging to the Upper1. class and Upper Middle class usually go for ONLINE SHOPPING. People belonging to one-tier2. cities shop online more than the people belonging to two-tier cities.
  11. 11. Sampling DesignType of Sampling:-• Convenience SamplingAdvantages of Convenience Sampling:-• Respondents easily available in BIT, Mesra.• Well qualified and educated respondents.• Internet users.• Coming from different social backgrounds.Sampling Size:-• 50 Respondents
  12. 12. Contribution of various productcategories in online shopping % contribution consumer 21% 34% electronics Apparels and 15% accessories books 30% others
  13. 13. Major Online Retailers
  14. 14. • is a one stop shop for the customers fashion and lifestyle needs.• Its Indias one of the largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products.Facilities provided by myntra:• Largest in-season product catalogue,• 100% authentic products,• Cash on delivery as well as EMI facility, and• 30 day return policy make, the preferred shopping destination in the country.Brands• Offers apparel, accessories, cosmetics and footwear from over 500 leading Indian and international brands.• Prominent brands include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Catwalk, Inc 5, United Colors of Benetton, FCUK, Timberland, Avirate, FabIndia and Biba. (Source:
  15. 15. • is among Indias top fashion and lifestyle ecommerce portal that retails apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products, fragrances, home accessories and other fashion and lifestyle products.• The e-store at present carries over 700 +brands and over 50,000 products.• Jabong ranked 10th in Google Zeitgeist India trends making it 10th most searched term in 2012 in India.Facilities provided: offers same-day delivery in Delhi/NCR. Offers delivery within 48 hours in other cities. 30 day return policy. It offers multiple methods for payment including credit/debit card, net banking and cash/card on delivery. (Source: ComScore report, September 2012)
  16. 16. • HomeShop18 is the online and on-air retail and distribution venture of Network 18 Group.• It was launched on 9 April, 2008 as Indias first 24-hour Home Shopping TV channel, where anchors performed live demonstration of products on sale.• As internet reach grew all over the country, HomeShop18 expanded to the internet.• comprises 17 categories: Accessories, Baby, Books, Cameras and Camcorders, Clothing, Computer, Electronics, Footwear, G ifts & Flowers, Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen, Household Appliances, Jewellery, Mobiles, Office & Stationery, Toys, Watches. (Source:
  17. 17. • is one of Indias No.1 private sales club and is a leader in the online Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle space.• They have over 3.6 million member-base across 1200 locations pan-India.• Offers 15 new sales every day to its members, showcasing merchandise of over 500 brands through limited-time events.• Each sale starts at 10.00 AM sharp and lasts for 3 days on an average.• The site also provides on sales and after sales service. (source:
  18. 18. (Source: Alexa Internet, Inc.,
  19. 19. Which type of city do therespondents belong to? One tier Two tier three tier 18% 26% 56%
  20. 20. Hours spend online daily 1-3 hrs 3-4 hrs 4-6 hrs 6+ hrs 14% 27% 25% 34%
  21. 21. Awareness of fashion sites45 4040 393530 29 25 252520 17 151510 5 0 Myntra Fashion&You Jabong Homeshop Inkfruit Indiatimes Others 18 shopping
  22. 22. Fashion site last used forpurchasing fashion garments18 161614 1212 1110 8 6 4 4 2 1 0 0 0 Myntra Fashion&You Jabong Homeshop 18 Inkfruit Indiatimes Others Shopping
  23. 23. Top three clothing itemspurchased35 3130 2825 232015 14 1010 9 5 0 Jeans Shirt T-shirt Shoes Accessories Winterwears
  24. 24. Mode of Payment preferred Net Banking 4% Credit/Debit card 20% Cash on delivery 76%
  25. 25. Experience with online shopping 6% 6% 4% Excellent Good Bad Very Bad 84%
  26. 26. Monthly household income 18% 42% 14% Upto 40,000 40,000-50,000 50,000-60,000 Above 60,000 26%
  27. 27. Importance of factors in makingonline purchase decisions250 200 214 192200 157 165 166 155150 137 141100 50 0 Sum of…
  28. 28. Factors that are important indecision to purchase online Payment options 218 216 Prices Discount & offers 218 Security 225 Description of goods 223 sum of responses Privacy of information 207 Return policy 209Gurantee & warrantees 218 219 companys reputation Delivery Time 198 180 185 190 195 200 205 210 215 220 225
  29. 29. Findings:• Majority of the respondents were from the age group 20-25 yrs.• 56% of the respondents belonged to two tier cities.• 64% of the respondents had shopped online.• is the most popular among the online sites, followed by• Most of the people had made their last purchase from the others categories• Most people would purchase online if prices are lower then the market prices• Amongst all the various factors people are going for security
  30. 30. Continued…• T-shirt, accessories and shoes are the top three categories under which people shop online• 56% of the respondents are in favor that they get the same product that they see on the internet while placing an order• Cash on delivery is the most preferred payment option while shopping online• 86% respondents had their past experience with online shopping as good• Most respondents had their family household income up to Rs.30,000
  31. 31. Profile of Online Buyers• Gender: Mostly men• Age group: 20-25 yrs• Hours spent online daily: 3-4 hrs• Mode of payment preferred: Cash on delivery• Monthly household income: upto 40,000/-• City: Two-tier cities
  32. 32. Hypothesis Testing Respondents belonging to lower class group was 42% whereas only 14% and 18% customers belonged to upper middle class and upper class income group Respondents belonging to two tier city was 56% whereas only 26% customers belonged to one tier city. Through both these findings we come to a conclusion that both the hypothesis that were made are false.
  33. 33. Suggestions• Online retailers to increase their revenue and sales should focus more on the males between the age group of 20-25 by launching new fashion lines and provide more discounts and sales to them.• They should create more awareness among people, especially who spend more than 4 hours a day using internet through social media and print media.• Online fashion garment retailers in order to increase their sales much reduce their delivery time.• They should make the website user-friendly and maintaining the privacy of its customers by keeping their credit card/debit card’s information safe.
  34. 34. Continued…• As shopping online makes the fashion garments/products intangible to the shoppers, they should provide sufficient as well as proper description of the products.• They should offer cash on delivery facility to the online buyers as it is preferred by the majority of shoppers.• To attract more customers and increase sales the online retailers must offer frequent sales and discount coupons to the online buyers. Also they must offer fashion garments at minimum possible prices as the majority of the online buyers belong to the middle class group.
  35. 35. References• SEK/Online-retail-industry-to-reach-Rs-7000-cr-by-2015- Assocha.html• 28/news/36596555_1_google-india-rajan-anandan-baby- products•• clothes• apparel-shopping-sites-in-india.html••
  36. 36. THANK YOU