Analysis of Results


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Analysis of Results

  1. 1. Analysis of Results By Megan Robinson
  2. 2. Do my stories interest you? The stories that I created seems that they are interested because six people said yes which is 100%.
  3. 3. Do you think my stories are concise? I asked them a question and all of them said yes which is 100% which means my stories are concise.
  4. 4. Are my stories easy to understand? The question was, ‘Are my stories easy to understand?’ and all of six people replied and say yes which is 100%. So this means that my stories are easy to understand.
  5. 5. Do you think I need to add/remove anything? I asked them that do I need to add or remove anything. Five people said no which means I don’t need to remove or add it but one person said yes that I need to change it but I don’t know what I need to do which will be on the next question. No have 83.33% and Yes have 16.67% which means most of people said I don’t need to change it at all.
  6. 6. If yes, please tell me. The question is about that do I need to change it and this is only for who said yes. The person who said yes, they answered this question which it says, ‘ Maybe a little bit shorter next time’ which is a good advice so next time I will make sure I can make it little bit shorter so I don’t bore people with my stories. Other four people have replied because I have made a mistake that I accidently tick this require an answer which not everyone can answer it if they said no.
  7. 7. Strengths The strengths I think are that I had a lot of raw interviews which gave me options about what to use for my final edited stories. I carefully selected the interviews I wanted to use to make my stories make sense. Another strength is that my questions were directly related to the news that I was writing about and stayed on topic. I think I was confident to ask the questions that I wanted them to answer for my stories.
  8. 8. Weaknesses The weaknesses I think are that although I collected a lot of audio, it took lots of time to listen and decide what I wanted to use. Another one is when I was recording, some of the audio has a lot of background noise which is noticeable on my final stories. Another weakness is that I needed to check that the equipment was recording and working because I did a number of interviews that were really good but did not record clearly.
  9. 9. Conclusion I did three stories which are about, ‘Should We Recycle in College?’, ‘Carrie – Remake better or worse?’ and ‘Cost of Berlin Trip…too expensive for students?’. I think the story that is the best is ‘Cost of Berlin Trip…too expensive for students?’ because it’s most related to the target audience of college students. There are different opinions from tutors and students. One of the people who answered my survey said that I could make it shorter next time even though they think it’s good but I think they are right because my tutor wanted everyone to do stories that were maximum of one minute and some of them are little bit over. Next time I ask the questions, I will word them slightly differently because some people answered with yes or no and I couldn’t use these in my stories because it didn’t make sense because I wasn’t including the questions.