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Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1.  Generic conventions
  2. 2. Importance of realism: Conflict: Throughout the storylines ofRepresentations: Is shown through soaps/trailers which reflect realof region identity body movement people such as; relationships ande.g. EastEnders and facial cheating.London . expression. Which enables the audience to relate to them. The soaps are ran all year. There never ending and there is a continuous story line. Dress and appearance:Lighting: Make-up andreflecting the dress codesmood. are of a normal everyday person.Parallel narratives: Camera shots:with the strong use Close up Colour:of multiple story lines Establish When reflecting certainto keep audience Two shot mood the colourhooked and not Medium close changes :e.g. Red whendisinterested. up. annoyed.
  3. 3. Realism: e.g. Eastenders Emmerdale Coronation streetScripted Reality: e.g. Towie Made in ChelseaAmerican Fantasy DallasMellow Drama: e.g. HollyoaksAustralian Soaps Neighbours Home and awayTelenovelas: e.g. Spanish language soaps.
  4. 4. Scripted reality is a type of TV showwhich takes real people, notprofessional actors, and films themplaced in particular structuredscenarios which are likely to invokecertain reactions and paths ofconversation for example love ,fightand strong confrontation. Scenes areusually seen on the only way is Essex.
  5. 5.  The stereotyped characters are essential.  They tend to be one dimensional, like the bad guy is pure evil, usually sneaky evil; the good woman is pure innocence, the good guy is Evil/bad brave and good. characterThe hero stereotypes The village The gossipers sweetheart Damsel in The village tart distress
  6. 6.  The group as a whole decided to morph our ideas together to make our trailer as best as it could possibly be. We chose mine Ashleys and Harleys to take ideas from. Our inspiration is the only way is Essex as we feel we could reach our potential with this as a guide line. We needed to follow strong conventions to make our trailer successful.
  7. 7.  A parody is a creative work thats designed to make fun of something. A parody can make fun of an original work, artist, or a Hot Topic. Creating a Parody Video: The Parody Message What will your parody be about? The only way is Essex. Are you making fun of the artist? The whole of the TV show to show how exaggerated it is. Although parodies are generally satirical and funny, your parody message doesnt have to be. You can take a more serious approach if desired.
  8. 8.  Fights Drama Cat fights Objects to desire Group rivalries Fake boobs and features Gossip Love triangle Town player  Affairs Love rat  Money Glamour Friendships  Babies Humour Friendships  Death Group rivalries  Relationships
  9. 9. Made in The onlyChelsea way is Essex Keeping upGeordie with the Shore kardashions
  10. 10. How are followed conventions:We decided to take our inspirationfrom „The only way is Essex‟ colourscheme and how they personatedthere trailer.
  11. 11. In this scene to wanted to film girlschatting a typical scene in the only way isEssex. We wanted to still carry our parodytheme through so instead to sat inMcDonalds to show that it was cheaplooking are over exaggerated. Theframing is similar and we are still followingclassic filming techniques. In standard fights scene filming we took very simply over shoulder shots which looked very effective.
  12. 12.  What would we need and dress codes we had to show in the filming as it would fit with the Essex theme. Dress codes: girls High heels Fake tan Extravagant make up e.g. false eyelashes Girly girl dresses Dress codes: boys Smart dress codes „Reem‟ look so look smart and well groomed
  13. 13.  Music – diagetic and non diagetic . Chosen choice was –Essex girl ft. LMFAO. Essex style-upbeat and dance song. Clothes- glamorous and fake. Body language- up front and not afraid of the camera Simple background -to show how extravagant they look and there attitudes and personality.
  14. 14.  We have to get crucial scenes that will make our trailer look effective and profession. Ideas for filming: 1.arndale 2.courtyard./pub anns square 4.piccadilly train station 5.piccadilly gardens 6.Inside some high market stores.
  15. 15.  Showing information about where and what time it will be on screen. There sponsor “Surf” using an Essex slogan and catch phrase smelling reem‟ links well with there program as they want there product to be seen as high quality. Our slide we wanted to incorporate a bright colour and a sponsor so we felt „Fake Bake‟ was a fantastic one as it fitted in with the actors look and what they talk about and wear in the trailer. They both have: Time and date Itv 2 sign Name Sponsor Website details Colour Outline around text