Soap opera presentation checklist 1


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Soap opera presentation checklist 1

  1. 1. Soap Opera Presentations:Names: Sub- genre: TelenovellasDanny and LornaIs the definition clear and easy to Yes it is a dramatic program, Latin American and Spanish base.understand? Storylines on homosexuality, urban violence and racism.What soaps could fit into this sub- Canaveral de pasiones.genre? Betty la fea (betty the ugly)Have they given clear examples of Yes the group presented a video and analysed it through cameracodes and conventions, using angles and the audiences view. It features lots of women andexisting examples? sex is a taboo subject.Have they covered the use of: Not all of the aspects were used.Lighting Not talked about.Editing Camera angles used such as extreme close ups and jump shots.Mise en Scene Spanish set.Sound Non diagetic sound to make it flow better and highlight issues.Any extra information? The over exaggerate realism. They showed is the history. Spanish films are filmed on a really low budget and the costume and set and camera work is really poor and not a lot of money is spent. Bettyla fea is filmed using mainly close ups to see the extreme exaggerated looks on actors faces. Comparison between the American hit com ugly betty and betty la fea.Questions?Names:Harley and oli Sub- genre: scripted realityIs the definition clear and easy to Real people that talk naturally that are put in situations tounderstand? create drama.What soaps could fit into this sub- The only way is Essex.genre? Made in Chelsea.Have they given clear examples of Yes they gave all aspects really and conventions, usingexisting examples?Have they covered the use of: Made in Chelsea: the bridge in the London shows its made in Chelsea. The expensive dresses on the girls shows that there isLighting like a party and it gives the audience an escape to think of theEditing drama of their life’s. Rimmel sponsor made in Chelsea becauseMise en Scene all the girls are made up in the show and girls that tune want toSound espier to be like the girls in the show. Cast stereotypes
  2. 2. Females: lots of makeup and always on high top fashion. Males: groomed and very wealthy.Any extra information? Stereotypical storylines Generally set in big cities The cast wear expensive designer clothes Props are key for status symbols eg big cars. Special effects are not used for realism. The diamond of the title links in with money and powerful. The non diagetic sound- adel played in breakup scene. Product placement:blackberry,ipone. Target viewer:14-30 around the age from the cast and viewers can see themselves in the show and will relate to the storylines.Questions? /Names: Sub- genre: Australian soap operas.TomIs the definition clear and easy to Australian soaps are a high grid of social realism and mellowunderstand? drama and they tend to be set in realistic settings eg school home and the families are middle class.What soaps could fit into this sub- Autumn affair.genre? Number 96.Have they given clear examples of They use realistic and non diagetic and conventions, using We are always predicting what’s going to happen.existing examples? Cliff hanger – tension Stereotypical characters-boyfriend and girlfriend. Always end on a cliff hanger for audience to tune in next episode. ‘iloveyou’ you knew something was going to happen with the extreme close up. They want the audience to think the cast are their family. The show is a mixture of unrealistic and realism to show the audience that real life situations happen to down to earth people like them. Females are the main audience 15-45 daughters and mothers watch together.-wide range of storylines. Women are more interested through to the high amount of gossip and drama.Have they covered the use of:LightingEditing Fast cuts and extreme edits.Mise en Scene Set in a variety of places.Sound Diagetic and non diagetic.
  3. 3. Any extra information? /Questions? /Names: Sub- genre: American fantasyTim and RoganIs the definition clear and easy to Is an extreme version of the bourgeoisies life styles, portrayed inunderstand? its extremist high life’s. All characters are all desirable people, and the programs are all set around and aspire to be as beautiful as themWhat soaps could fit into this sub- Dallas.genre? Dynasty.Have they given clear examples of Characters have extreme rich lifestyles all formal clothescodes and conventions, using Hobbies s-rich sports like horse riding .they have important jobs.existing examples? Men are the bread winners –business men. Women- beautiful and lots of makeup. Billionaire and playboy lifestyles. Over dramatic clothes. The women spend a lot of time getting ready and on their appearance.Have they covered the use of: Storylines – Black mailingLighting DrugsEditing AffairsMise en Scene Work problemsSound Money. Bitcheyness.Any extra information? The clip contained- big houses, bright rich colours. The men are all groomed and look classy. Gives the audience time too get away from their hectic lifestyles to find out rich people have day to day problems like we do.Questions? /Names: Rachel and Sophie Sub- genre: realismand LauraIs the definition clear and easy to English soap operas like to focus on everyday story lines and
  4. 4. understand? family problems so that the audience can relate to the characters. They use typical stereotypes like a villain, bar man and a nosey neighbour.What soaps could fit into this sub- Coronation streetgenre? EastEnders. Emmerdale.Have they given clear examples of Soap have people full of ages so that the audience can vary fromcodes and conventions, using different age.Eastenders always bring back famous villains likeexisting examples? dirty den to create audience shock value.coronation street is set in machester and based on Salford. Coronation street was first broadcasted on 1960 and is the world’s longest soap opera. Ken barlow is the longest and oldest character on the street.Have they covered the use of: HIGHLIGHT! FREE DEDREY BARLOW T-SHIRTS.Lighting PRIME MISISTER HAD TO WRTIE TO ITV.Editing Drums are a crucial part of EastEnders as they are a typical partMise en Scene of cliff hangers.Sound Real story lines work as audience get involved and feel like they’re apart of their family.Any extra information? They repeat their programs so that people can always catch their show. Emmerdale – Yorkshire Coronation street – Manchester EasterEnders-london. It is important that these soap operas have regional identity.Questions? Coronation street is the longest soap opera.Names: Sub- genre: scripted realityAshley and HannahIs the definition clear and easy to Is a television series involving real people and a television crewunderstand? following them about their hectic life’s although some scenes have been purely set up for our entertainment.What soaps could fit into this sub- The only way is Essexgenre? Made in Chelsea The real housewife’s Kardashions Osborne’s.Have they given clear examples of Producers set up scenes so it gets more interesting and notcodes and conventions, using boring.existing examples?Have they covered the use of: Fights DramaLighting FriendshipsEditing Love ratMise en Scene Love triangles
  5. 5. Sound Plastic surgery Falling out Love affairs Target audience range from 15 -25 Scripted reality shows are aimed more at girls as convocation are mostly about beauty and silly drama. They always end on a cliff hangers so audience have people talking about the show so then more people will join in.Any extra information? Essex: Fake boobs Big lips Tacky glamorous Fake tan Made in Chelsea: More natural look Meant to look more intelligent They don’t need to show off Lighting is always used to set the mood Music and non diagetic to create tension Frames in Essex are always cut quickly is add to the drama PRESSURE COOKER So you can see the drama getting higher and higher.Questions?Names: Sub- genre:Is the definition clear and easy tounderstand?What soaps could fit into this sub-genre?Have they given clear examples ofcodes and conventions, usingexisting examples?Have they covered the use of:LightingEditingMise en SceneSoundAny extra information?Questions?