Local govt


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Local govt

  1. 1. Do-Now You will have a do-now after WSMS.
  2. 2. Do-Now Please work on your do-now silently.
  3. 3. Announcements Anyone watch the Republican debate? Study guide due tomorrow Project questions?
  4. 4. Looking Ahead Tomorrow: study guide review & project time Next week:  Monday- Review stations  Tuesday- TEST!  Wednesday- Projects due Next next week:  Quiz on Tuesday & bye-bye Ms. Mitchem’s teaching  Wed-Fri- THANKSGIVING Next next next week:  Friday, Dec. 2nd- Anderson Cooper?
  5. 5. Review What did we do yesterday?  What activities did we do?  What information did we learn?
  6. 6. What You Need to Know: Virginia, like each of the other 49 states, has its own separate court system whose organization and jurisdiction are derived from Virginia’s constitution and state laws  Virginia Supreme Court – justices, no jury; appellate jurisdiction; limited original jurisdiction  Court of Appeals of Virginia – judges, no jury; appellate jurisdiction to review decisions of Circuit Courts  Circuit Court – judge, with or without jury; original jurisdiction for felony criminal cases and for certain civil cases; appellate jurisdiction from District Courts  General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court – judge, no jury; original jurisdiction for misdemeanors in civil cases generally involving lower dollar amounts and original jurisdiction in juvenile and family cases
  7. 7. What Court?Take out your homework from last night.
  8. 8. A Mystery!Today’s Topic
  9. 9. Today’s Agenda Do-Now Announcements + Review + HW Check Today’s Mystery Topic  Geography Guru  Notes  Something! Something! Something! Sorting  The Cville Lowdown
  10. 10. Geography GuruCan you make connections between these namesand places?
  11. 11. Cities! Towns!Counties!UNITS OF LOCAL GOVT
  12. 12. Notes!Units of Local Government
  13. 13. Where are we in Albemarle?
  14. 14. Local Government The units of local government in Virginia are counties, towns, and cities. All powers of the local government come from the Virginia Constitution Roanoke, Virginia or acts of the General Assembly.
  15. 15. Local Government Not all local governments Tell Ms. are given the Mitchem to same click here!! powers, and cities have a charter that lists their powers.
  16. 16. County Governments Virginia has 95 Do you think we have enough money counties. in Albemarle’s Each county has budget to make every 3rd Wednesday an elected board Free Bodo’s Day for of supervisors with all Alby residents? legislative powers to enact ordinances (local No way! They already laws) and adopt a get free admittance to budget. Monticello, TJ’s home. What more do they want?!
  17. 17. Town Governments Town govts have an elected town council with legislative powers to enact ordinances and adopt a budget. A mayor is elected by the people or Scottsville, Virginia the town council.
  18. 18. City Governments City govts have an elected city council with legislative powers to enact ordinances and adopt a budget. A mayor is elected by the people of the city council.
  19. 19. Local Governments InVirginian counties, towns, and cities, a manager may be hired by the legislative branch to oversee the operations of the local government. According to the Virginia Constitution, voters are required to elect a sheriff, a clerk of the court, a commissioner of revenue, and a treasurer.
  20. 20. Local Government Never!! Each county and Do you meancity has an elected or Schoolappointed school Bored?!board, whichoversees theoperations of the K-12public schools in thecity of county.
  21. 21. Local Government Localgovernment is allowed to do the following:  Enforce state and local laws  Promote public health  Protect public safety  Educate children  Protect the environment  Regulate land use  Levy and collect taxes
  22. 22. Counties! Cities! Towns!Sorting
  23. 23. Sorting Counties:  Board of Supervisors  Have legislative powers  Powers come from VA Constitution & state laws  May have a manager  School Board  Enact ordinances  Promote public health
  24. 24. Sorting Cities:  Elected Council  Mayor  May have a manager  Enact ordinances  Powers come from VA Constitution & state laws  Promote pubic health  Have charters  School boards  Have legislative powers
  25. 25. Sorting Towns:  Elected Council  Mayor  May have a manager  Enact ordinances  Powers come from VA Constitution & state laws  Promote pubic health  Have legislative powers
  26. 26. The Cville/Alby LowdownTaking a look at area current events