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Media role in policymaking


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Media role in policymaking

  1. 1. Do-Now You will have a pre-test and a transition activity after WSMS. NO NOTEBOOK QUIZ
  2. 2. Do-Now Please work on your pre-test and transition activity silently.
  3. 3. Announcements Testcorrections due Friday After school
  4. 4. Project If you have it ready to turn in today, 5 extra points. Be prepared to present on Friday.
  5. 5. What I Learned…from yoursurveys Everyone misses chalkboard swatting review Thumbs up on projects Love/hate relationship with notes Everyone diggin’ on Monty Python Give up on Anderson Cooper on December 2nd, Ms. Mitchem!
  6. 6. POLICYMAKINGLast unit with Ms. Mitchem
  7. 7. Unit Agenda Shorttest/quiz next Tuesday Over the next week, these are the topics we are going to be covering:  How policy gets influenced:  Roleof the media  Lobbying and interest groups  Impact of international events Unit Opener Video
  8. 8. Transition Activity Whatwere some of the policies you created for your classroom?
  9. 9. Unit Vocabulary Public policy: a plan of action started by the govt to achieve a particular goal Public agenda: a set of priorities for public action Accountability: accepting responsibility for one’s actions Lobbying: an organized effort to influence the policy process by persuading public officials to favor or oppose action on a specific issue
  10. 10. Unit Vocabulary Interest group: any organized group whose members share a common goal and try to promote their interests by influencing govt policymaking and decision making. Pandemic: a disease that affects a large area Terrorism: using terror or fear to make people do things
  11. 11. The Role of the Media inPublic PolicyUnit: Policymaking
  12. 12. Take-Home Point Are we, the people, puppets of the media?5 sentence minimum
  13. 13. Today’s Agenda Pre-Test + Transition Announcements + Bizarre Unit Opener + Unit Vocab Media’s Influence on Policymaking  Notes  Grading News Clips  THP/Bye-Now
  14. 14. Role of Media The media plays a major role in setting the public agenda. 1. The media focus public attention on selected issues.  How? > By publishing articles or airing stories about a particular issue, the media are able to create interest in a topic
  15. 15. Role of Media 2.The media offer a forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated.  How? > editorials and tevelvised debates provide candidates or experts a way to present opposing viewpoints.
  16. 16. Role of Media 3.The media hold government officials accountable to the public.  How? > The mass media follow officeholders to make sure they keep their promises. They also inform voters about actions of officeholders that might not otherwise be known.
  17. 17. Role of Media “Good evening, Americ a. I’d like to start Also,government off by giving a officials use the mass shout-out to my media to mom. Love u girl!!” communicate to the public. How might they communicate without mass media? Would those techniques as effective as mass media?
  18. 18. Grading Video Clips!Practice with the media’s role in policymaking
  19. 19. Occupy Movement What have you guys heard about the Occupy Wall Street Movement?
  20. 20. Video Clips #1: “Parks and Demonstration”  News Source: The Daily Show (Comedy Central)  Date: 11/3/11 #2: “Wall Street CEO Takes on Occupiers”  News Source: Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)  Date: 10/27/11 #3: “Protestors Ousted in Zuccotti Park in NYC”  News Source: Fox Report (Fox News)  Date: 11/15/11
  21. 21. Take-Home Point Are we, the people, puppets of the media?5 sentence minimum