Va constitution & overview of state govts


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Va constitution & overview of state govts

  1. 1. DO-NOW• We will take a notebook check quiz after WSMS. • Are you organized?
  2. 2. DO-NOW• Please work on your notebook check quiz silently.• When you have finished your notebook check quiz, you can work on the pre-test for our new unit.
  3. 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS• Tests• Survey feedback: • Quizzes were helpful • Everyone loves the review game • 60 Minutes= <3• Nov 2nd?!
  4. 4. UNIT AGENDA• Virginia’s state govt • Legislative branch • General Assembly • Lawmaking • Executive branch • Governor & his/her roles  Judicial branch  Structure and organization of state courts• Virginia’s local govt • Organization of local govts • Powers of local govts • Relationship between state and local govts
  5. 5. UNIT AGENDA• This may be our most important unit yet!!• Stop!...Video Time!
  6. 6. VOCABULARY• Board of supervisors: the local legislative body in counties and is responsible for passing laws (ordinances) for the county• Circuit courts: In VA- judge, with or without jury; original jurisdiction for felony criminal cases and for certain civil cases; appellate jurisdiction from District Courts• Felony: serious crimes , such as homicides and kidnapping• General district courts: In VA- judge, no jury; original jurisdiction for misdemeanors in civil cases generally involving lower dollar amounts
  7. 7. VOCABULARY• Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court: judge, no jury; original jurisdiction in juvenile and family cases• Lieutenant Governor: the official who succeeds the governor if the governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office.• Misdemeanor- less serious crimes, such as traffic violations or disorderly conduct• Ordinances- regulations that govern a local government unit• Virginia General Assembly- lawmaking body of Virginia’s legislative branch
  8. 8. TODAY’S AGENDA• Notebook Check Quiz + Pre-Test• Announcements• Unit Introduction • Clip & KWLs • Vocab• Virginia Constitution & Structure of State Govt • Reading • Constitution Quest • Analogies-HW
  9. 9. A QUEST!• Now that we have our background knowledge, we are going to dive into a primary source- the Virginia Constitution.• You will use your copy of the Virginia Constitution to find the answers on your worksheet.• A prize for the person who has all of the correct answers first.• Take these seriously, the answers to the questions are your notes for the day. We <3 quests!
  10. 10. ANALOGIESWhat is an analogy? • Comparisons based on similarity • Example: Language Arts is to The Pearl as Math is to the Algebra textbook. • How are these related?
  11. 11. ANALOGIESMs. Mitchem is to Anderson Cooper as….what?
  12. 12. TAKE-HOME POINT• Compare and contrast the national government and Virginia’s government. Why do you think there are so many similarities?• At least 5 sentences, please.