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2nd and 4th


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2nd and 4th

  1. 1. Do-Now• Please work on your do-now silently and have your study guide out so I can check it.
  2. 2. Announcements• Good weekend?!• Quest tomorrow!• Stamp & envelope by Dec. 2nd• Prepare mentally for HW over break
  3. 3. Review• What did we do last class? • What activities did we do? • What information did we talk about or review?
  4. 4. Influence of InternationalEvents on PolicymakingUnit: Policymaking
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda• Do-Now• Announcements + Review• Influence of International Events & Issues on Policymaking • You’re the Professor! • Notes • La Vérité ou Non!• Study Guide Checks + Bye-Now
  6. 6. You’re the Professor!• Each of you is a professor at a university.• You are professors of different topics (some repeat) like: • Economics • Environmental Science • Biology • Politics• As professors, you know a lot about your topic. A world crisis has emerged that deals with your topic, and the city near you has asked for your scholarly opinion about what to do.
  7. 7. You’re the Professor!QUESTIONS?
  8. 8. Influence of International Events & Issues onPolicymakingNOTES
  9. 9. Notes Since I’m a local govt official, it’s a good thing I• International events listen to BBC’s World Report on and issues can the radio everyday…just influence how local like Ms. Mitchem!! Lolz!! government officials make policy decisions.
  10. 10. Notes• Certain types of international events and issues have particular effects on local policymaking, such as: 1. Public health concerns in the event of a pandemic • Examples: Swine Flu and Avian Flu
  11. 11. Notes I’m delicious!! But I’m also expensive because I’m an2. Public safety in the event of an act of import from Italy.terrorism • Example: 9/11- tougher screening process at airports3. Economic development policies inresponse to the emerging global economy • Example: tariff on imports; the North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  12. 12. Notes If we stop protecting nature, then I won’t have plants to hide behind during games4. Policies to protect of hide and seek! Bummer!!the environment • Example: Pollution Prevention Act; endangered species
  13. 13. That’s fancy talk for True or False…LA VERITE OU NON!
  14. 14. LA VERITE OU NON!• Blue is true; red is false.• Read the statement and hold up the card that represents your response.
  15. 15. LA VERITE OU NON!• Local government officials make decisions based on only things that are happening in that community.
  16. 16. LA VERITE OU NON!• If there’s an outbreak of Meganpox in Australia, there may be consequences for us here in Charlottesville.
  17. 17. LA VERITE OU NON!• The media, individuals, interest groups, and international events and issues impact how policy gets made in the United States.
  18. 18. LA VERITE OU NON!• The decisions made by the World Trade Organization (an international economic organization) don’t have impacts on Charlottesville.
  19. 19. LA VERITE OU NON• A pandemic is a disease that can spread easily but isn’t that serious.
  20. 20. LA VERITE OU NON!• If a man on flight going from London, England to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hid a bomb in his shoe, you could expect to have your shoes searched next time you had a flight leaving from Charlottesville.
  21. 21. Take out yourSTUDY GUIDE
  22. 22. Vocabulary• Public policy: a plan of action started by the govt to achieve a particular goal• Public agenda: a set of priorities for public action• Accountability: accepting responsibility for one’s actions• Lobbying: an organized effort to influence the policy process by persuading public officials to favor or oppose action on a specific issue• Interest group: any organized group whose members share a common goal and try to promote their interests by influencing govt policymaking and decision making.• Pandemic: a disease that affects a large area• Terrorism: using terror or fear to make people do things
  23. 23. Everything Not Vocabulary• 1. Ways the media play an important role in setting the public agenda: • Focusing public attention on selected issues • Offering a forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated • Holding government officials accountable to the public.• 2. Govt officials use media to communicate with the public.• 3. Ways an individual can influence public policy • Participating in politics (voting, campaigning, seeking office) • Expressing opinions (lobbying, demonstrating writing letters) • Joining interest groups
  24. 24. Everything Not Vocabulary• Ways interest groups influence public policy • Identifying issues • Making political contributions • Lobbying govt officials• Ways international events/issues could impact local govt officials and their decision making • Public health concerns in the event of a pandemic • Public safety in the event of an act of terrorism • Economic development policies in response to the emerging global economy • Policies to protect the environment