patient safety debriefing instructional systems design instructional design cardiopulmonary resuscitation feedback instructor competencies education self-directed learning success case method non-technical skills healthcare professionals developmental psychology safety-ii behavior event interview healthcare evaluation blame-free culture health professionals change science design thinking self-directed learner health professional students learning talent development nursing students talent management positive psychology retention motivation dementia education and training kirkpatrick 4 levels outcome-based education simulation learning method anesthesia education instructional simulation communication foundation instructor competency ヘルスケア・マーケティング 参加型評価 成功事例法 教授システム学 患者安全 healthcare marketing participatory evaluation implementation survival rate change agents check list resuscitaton education cardiac rehabilitation medical education chest compression preceptee preceptor world cafe learning management jsish active book dialgue perfomance improvement translation safety safety ii debriefing with experiment model curriculum language japanese culture instructor education instructional technology star interview reflection competency-based education mastery learning job change technology instruction basic life support helping m&m conference adult development cardiovascular care complex regional pain syndrome nervous damage venipuncture process-centered learning chronic pain professional development behavior change value based practice performance improvement prescription anxiety fear arcs model bed side training project integrated healthcare isstruction cpr design aha ecc american heart association emergency cardiovascular care instructional systems deeign medical training workshop structured constructivism teamwork medical school faculty development instructor who patient safety curriculum guide classroom medical students excercise prevention outcome-based story-centered curriculum improvement science tranining goal-oriented surgery anesthesia home healthcare classroom response systems gagne audience response systems davydov decision making situation awareness clinical conference
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