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Making the Case for Brand Integration in the Midst of Today’s Marketing Re…


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Front Row Communications co-owners, Anne Marie Bass and Marni Blythe Borelli presented to North Carolina's Coast Host, a membership organization made up of tourism partners located along North Carolina’s 300-mile coastline.
This presentation focuses on how integration for today's marketer can lead to measurable success in creation of awareness and consideration for your destination. We have included information about where marketers have been, where we are now and what marketers need to know today to maximize marketing budgets.
Anne Marie and Marni welcome your feedback by emailing us at

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Making the Case for Brand Integration in the Midst of Today’s Marketing Re…

  1. 1. Making the Case for Brand Integration inthe Midst of Today’s Marketing Revolution October 25, 2012
  2. 2. Introductions Anne Marie Bass Marni Blythe Borelli
  3. 3. Agenda• Where we’ve been• Where we are now• What marketers need to know today• Case studies• Questions
  4. 4. The Evolution of Media .
  5. 5. Media in the 1950’sThe novelty of TV and radio were compelling forms of family entertainment. Radio was a marvel – in its day. Television was astounding.
  6. 6. Media in the 1950’sDestination & Tourism print advertising – 1950’s style…
  7. 7. Media in the 1960’sTV Ruled. A great tag-line positioned your brand for years… AVIS Tagline on back of a match book
  8. 8. Media in the 1960’sPrint Ads from the ‘60s and the early days of directresponse advertising.
  9. 9. Media in the 1970’s• In the 1970’s – we had 3 major TV Networks.• Weekly magazines gathered wide consensus on what was interesting and newsworthy.• Most adults read at least one daily newspaper.
  10. 10. Media in the 1980’sCable Television emerged.
  11. 11. Media in the 1990’sDirect Marketing was the fastest growing part ofmarketing in the early 1990’s. • Understanding the consumer • Target marketing • Building prospect databases • Direct Mail Campaigns • Outbound Telemarketing • Eventually, email marketing…
  12. 12. Media in the 1990’s: The Game ChangerBirth of the Internet. Search Engines emerge.
  13. 13. Everything Changed.• Technology and the Internet created the possibility for instant gratification.• Consumers started demanding they be treated like individuals.• Marketing is no longer a one-sided conversation.• Consumers are now the “new media.”
  14. 14. Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets … empower the consumer, challenge marketersMobile marketing comes of age…
  15. 15. The Media is Fragmented: Endless Options
  16. 16. Consumer Attention is Fragmented
  17. 17. Shall I read a magazine, surf the net, Facebook with friends, tweet, Link In, or watch my TV show? Consumers today literally have thousands of options…
  18. 18. So what do I need to know as a marketer?
  19. 19. Power has shifted from the marketer to the consumer. Engage Me.
  20. 20. Media TODAY…2012-2013The Era of Digital Media and Consumer Engagement.
  21. 21. How do you maximize engagement with today’s media in a strategic way ? Brand Integration Proprietary & Confidential
  22. 22. Brand Integration: Done Well…Integration means…•The identification of a powerful, unifying strategy andcompelling voice for your brand based upon field research withvisitors and internal stakeholders.•Communicating a consistent identity from message tomessage, and medium to medium.•Interweaving your brand essence into every aspect of yourorganization. Proprietary & Confidential
  23. 23. The Foundation is Everything
  24. 24. Integrated MarketingTwo Case Studies for Destinations in North Carolina Proprietary & Confidential
  25. 25. Duplin County TDA: Initial Client Objective - Expand the “Uncork” Brand• Area business leaders wanted to focus on the area being known for more than just wine.• Research studies conducted to provide insight: • Visitor Survey • Board Members Survey Proprietary & Confidential
  26. 26. Snapshot Visitor Survey
  27. 27. Snapshot Visitor Survey
  28. 28. Snapshot: Board Interviews
  29. 29. Brand Territory
  30. 30. Brand Positioning
  31. 31. Duplin County: RebrandingNew positioning of creative assets to match new essence:•New logo•New tag line•Redesigned website & visitor’s guide•New marketing plan Proprietary & Confidential
  32. 32. Duplin County’s Brand Essence and Unifying Identity Old logo“Uncork. Unwind. Unplug.”
  33. 33. Revised Welcome Guide
  34. 34. Old Website
  35. 35. New Website Launched to Visually Convey New Brand Image Proprietary & Confidential
  36. 36. Branding the Promotional Campaign: “Beyond the Vine.”Fall ‘12: Campaign - Part 1 Spring ‘13: Campaign – Part 2 Proprietary & Confidential
  37. 37. Contest Entry developed on New Website – Further Visually Convey New Brand Image Proprietary & Confidential
  38. 38. Post Entry Messaging for “double opt-in” on Contest Entry Page
  39. 39. Outbound Integrated Campaign Element: Email to Existing Database
  40. 40. Integrated Outreach: Digital Advertising“Pay per Click” advertising Examples of Digital Banner Ads Proprietary & Confidential
  41. 41. Integrated Outreach: Digital Advertising“Comfortably Entertained” “Hospitality Friendly” “Surprisingly Sophisticated” .
  42. 42. Proprietary & Confidential
  43. 43. CustomFacebookCover andProfilePhoto.FacebookTriviaContestRules inNotesSection.
  44. 44. Proprietary & Confidential
  45. 45. Foundational Integration: Salisbury-Rowan CountyResearch completed with visitors and board completed resultingin a 10 year Master Plan called “Completion & Connection.”•Explore a unified visitor/economic development plan under the “AuthenticNorth Carolina” brand architecture.•Extend the “Authentic NC” brand essence throughout all initiatives, such as: - Local festivals and events. - Marketing strategy for the arts. - Digital Visitors Centers versus bricks & mortar. - Mobile visitors walking app. - Partner with Downtown Alliance – marketing workshops. - Integrated social media presence. - Promotion and packaging of “hot” deals encouraging visitor industry partners to participate. Proprietary & Confidential
  46. 46. Objective of the Client – Retain Agency to Create and Implement a Summer Marketing CampaignPromote the Salisbury-Rowan County area via a edgy and funsummer marketing effort to drive visitation and engagement.The campaign elements included….•A sweepstakes contest that captured email addresses forfuture remarketing efforts.•Both traditional and digital media element.•The promotion of a variety of local events incorporating the“Authentic” brand positioning.
  47. 47. Branding the Promotional Campaign: “Get Real. Go Real.”
  48. 48. Custom Landing Page For Contest Entry & Data Capture
  49. 49. Post Entry Messaging,More Ways to Win, Social Sharing
  50. 50. Integrated Outreach: Media - Digital Advertising“Pay Per Click” advertising & Local Radio
  51. 51. Outbound Integrated Campaign Element: Email to Existing Database .
  52. 52. Custom Facebook Cover and Profile Photo.FacebookTriviaContestRules inNotesSection.
  53. 53. Pinterest• First foray with Pinterest.• Engagement. Drive traffic to contest & website• Showcase the visual aspects of the county and attractions: media, groups, venues all following boards.
  54. 54. So what were the results of the campaign for Salisbury-Rowan County?• Created awareness for the area with new potential visitors.• Built the email list for future offers.• Increased consideration to visit the area.• On-going social media engagement with visitors. Metric Description – Total Total impressions (online marketing 5,092,803 display ads and Pay Per Click through Reach Local ) Unique Visitors to 6,510 Total Visits 7,092 Page views 10,103 Total Contest Entries 900
  55. 55. Digital Integrated Campaigns are Measurable• Google Analytics• Facebook and Social Media Monitoring• Engagement Proprietary & Confidential
  56. 56. Duplin - Website Traffic Comparison: 2011/2012 Comparing the same period of time to last year: Visits to the site are up 21%, Unique Visitors are up 23%, Page Views are up 13%. The average length of time spent on the website has increased by 28%.
  57. 57. Reach Local – Display Awareness 9/19/2012 – 10/14/2012 Total Impressions to date: 361,089 Total Spent: $543.53 Cost Per Impression: $.001
  58. 58. Social Referrals to uncorkduplin.comYear over Year: September – October 2011/2012
  59. 59. Front Row Marketing ServicesDigital, Website Research, Insight Social Media Integrated Day- Creative & Brand & Conversion Training, to-Day Services Assessments, Studies Coaching, Marketing Rebranding Management Plans We are your Marketing “Solution Architects” Proprietary & Confidential 61
  60. 60. Our Team Jack Yager Larry LynnResearch Director Creative Director Angel Lebak Social Media Analyst Angela Risko Copy Writer/Brand Journalist
  61. 61. Thank You Questions…and would you fill out our survey? 