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Xotox branding profile


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company presentation

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Xotox branding profile

  1. 1. WhoXotox "Award Winning Agency"is a branding and design focused company operating for 6 yearsof success and creative work serving over 100 clients spread in8 countries: Jordan, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, and the UK.The company is keen to maintain a personal and customized relationship witheach and every client.Upon participating in the Jordan Advertising Award for the first timein 2009, Xotox won the Golden Award for the "Corporate & Public ServiceLiterature" category.
  2. 2. WhatXotox is specialized in completebranding and marketing solutions.A brand is the identity of the product, service, or business. It cantake many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combinationor slogan.The word brand began simply as a way to tell one persons cattle fromanother by means of a hot iron stamp. A legally protected brand name iscalled a trademark. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompassidentity - it affects the personality of a product, company or service.Hence, branding is selecting and blending tangible and intangibleattributes to differentiate the product, service or corporation in anattractive, meaningful and compelling way.The company has four main departments: The Marketing Department,Department of Creative Art, Department of Web Development, andDepartment of Content Development.Our departments generate a wide variety of services such as: brand auditand research, brand focusing and strategy, corporate identity and design,print media, and digital and interactive web design.
  3. 3. TalentsWith our professional talents on board,Xotox tells your company’s unique story using professional writing,striking imagery, and state-of-the-art technology.We start by getting to know the style of your company as well as yourparticular goals for the project.Then, we start painting the whole picture using the technicalspecifications as parameters and the idea as a template in order to comeup with the most striking and effective result one can ever get. on
  4. 4. WhatUnlike the amateur companies,who would simply try to make a big splashy picture forgetting thetime-honored principles which truly craft a well-made piece, Xotox usesthe classic principles to ensure not only that your project iseye-catching but also tasteful and refined.Simply, Xotox understands how the eye works-what pleases it, whatattracts it, and what intrigues it.At Xotox, we completely respect the humanity of women and totally rejectabusing them so that they become cheap pieces of commodity usedbrutally to promote products and services.
  5. 5. Marketing Services: Services• B2B/B2C marketing• Media / marketing research, planning, consulting, and purchasing• Advertisements for print (brochures, mailers, newspapers, magazines, etc.)• Advertisements for media (radio, television, internet, billboards,indoor/outdoor signs, etc.)• Direct advertising services (physical mail, email, and cell phone campaigns)• New product launches / campaigns• Special promotions / event planningCorporate Identity Services:• Naming/Branding• Logo Design/Development• Company Forms/Stationary
  6. 6. Promotional Writing Services Graphic Design Services: Web Services:(Arabic / English): • Theme / Concept Development Online Presence: • Logo Design • Online Branding• Corporate / strategic communication development • Newspaper / Magazine Ads • Website Structure, Design and Development• Meeting planning and presentations • Postcards Search Engine Marketing:• Copywriting for brochures, catalogs, etc. • Flyers • (PPC) Pay-Per Click Campaigns• Promotional writing for websites, advertising campaigns, etc. • Posters • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization/through• Press releases / company newsletters • Brochures Content Management• Public / media relations • Catalogs Social Media Marketing:• Publicity campaigns • Corporate Presentations / Annual Reports • (CPC) Cost Per Click• Media / marketing kits • Book / Magazine Covers • Ad campaigns • Packaging Social Network Marketing: • Viral Marketing • FLinT Customized Services (Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter) Email Marketing Mobile Applications
  7. 7. Studies
  8. 8. Hayat Hayat Babies"Great achievements require great ideas"BackgroundHayat FM radio station, a model example in the field of committed,community-oriented radio broadcasting, wanted to celebrate its secondanniversary that falls on February 13, 2008.The ChallengeOur talented team came up with the idea of a giant campaign for thisimportant occasion keeping in mind that we want to present the stationusing its effective image known to the community and the position itoccupies inside its listeners hearts…Xotox in actionThe solution was by organizing a community campaign that our teamcalled: Two years of life-a life for the Jordanian babies…. The campaignaimed at paying all the childbirth costs during that day in a number ofprivate hospitals (which sponsored the campaign) in addition to a gift boxgiveaway that contains a number of special gifts for the mothers and theinfants as well.Splendid Results• A lot of companies were ready to sponsor the campaign.• A lot of people asked for the freebie gift box.• The campaign is to be held every year.• Many mothers hope to give birth to their babies in Feb 13.• 25 infants where named Hayat.
  9. 9. KPMG Recent Access to the Jordanian Market!“If the wind will not serve,take to the oars.”BackgroundKPMG Jordan, member firm of KPMG international offering audit, tax andfinancial advisory services, rented an old tower building to house its officesin Amman. The interior decoration was distinguished with its woodentouches from the seventies. The client wanted to project the Levantineatmosphere and add the touch of the regions economic system over theplace.The ChallengeThe challenge was to present the company in a way that protects itsoriginality and boasts its king-size work worldwide. It was very crucial tomake balance between the company’s internationality, the Levantinecreativity in terms of financial transactions and market morality that thecompany adopts, and the historical heritage of economy in the regionwhere KPMG Jordan operates.
  10. 10. Recent Access to the Jordanian Market!Xotox in actionOur team tackled this branding challenge by means of an interior designsolution. The idea was to decorate the company’s offices with illustrationsinspired by a combination of the history of the world economic regime andthe history of this region. We have chosen a classic style to be in harmonywith the old building and the type of the deep-rooted wooden interiordecorations. All the objects of the illustrations were taken from reliefs andimages on ancient coins and banknotes, simply because each relief/imagehas its own deep-rooted, historical story. This is meant to give an indicationof the deep-rooted success of the company.Splendid ResultsOur solution has given KPMG Jordan a distinguished identity thatcelebrates the company’s historical success within the Levantine context,where we, at Xotox, have attached the company’s financial activities to theregion it operates within.
  11. 11. ABC"Drive thy business or it will drive thee" Declination in Sales!BackgroundABC, part of the global Nuqul group, is specialized in producing schoolnotebooks under the trade name of "Note" for all age groups. ABCsnotebooks are known for their high quality not only in Jordan but in theArab world as a whole, especially in the Gulf region. Their sales stood ontop among all the competitors for a long period of time. They have beenworking with another advertising agency but finally shifted to Xotox for itssignificant marketing solutions.The ChallengeAfter some strong competitors entered into the market with more or lessthe same degree of quality, the purchase decision became dependant onthe covers look by 95%. There, ABCs sales dropped down significantly fortwo years in a row. The challenge was to handle that changeable marketwhich was difficult to guess in terms of its hard-to-follow tastes, not tomention the interruption occurring in the purchasing decision by the familyand friends of the end user (i.e. the student). We should not forget that thesuccess is dependent on the increase of the volume of sales.
  12. 12. ABCXotox in actionAfter holding a number of meetings and citing some intensiveobservations on the case, the highly-qualified team at Xotox conducted afield research that covered the following market sectors:1. Bookshops (sale outlet).2. University students.3. Teachers and faculty members.4. Parents.5. School pupils of different ages.Then, we were able to unfold the designing weaknesses and solve them.The outputs were divided into the following categories by age groups:1. A category that we called "Exercise" (directed to students up to Sixth graders).2. A category that we called "College" (teens).3. A category that we called "University" (university students).4. A category that brings together categories 1 & 2; we called it "Drawing".Splendid ResultsThe sales at ABC have witnessed a significant increase since then.
  13. 13. SeraSerage for "after printing services":Declination in market demand due toweakness in product demonstration"If you want to do something, do itperfectly or don not do it at all."BackgroundSerage for printing services, one of the few Jordanian companies that seeto the "after printing services", handles luxurious paper bags. Most of theprinting press companies in Jordan deal with Serage for adding printingeffects on their materials for quality and beauty purposes.The ChallengeThe difficulty of such service lies in the fact that it is not enough todemonstrate it visually using a website or brochure. Hence, all of the thenprevious efforts have almost failed in increasing the volume of sales, not tomention that they found it difficult to convince their clients (i.e. the printingpress companies) to add these effects on their printed materials using thethen existing demonstration tools. Xotox won the Golden Award in "The Jordan Advertising Award" for this solution
  14. 14. Serage for "after printing services":Declination in market demand due to geweakness in product demonstrationXotox in actionOur creative team worked on solving this problem; the team decided tocreate a booklet, which clearly highlights all the "after printing services"through adding the "touch" feature to the existing "visual" feature. Theteam has also worked on getting an image for each product or "printingeffect" to add the "feeling" feature to the previous two features.Other aspects of the solution:• At a later stage, our team has developed a website that highlights the visual feeling. This was an extra challenge where our team has met successfully.• Our creative images were magnificently fashionable.Splendid ResultsVolumes of sales increased significantly.
  15. 15. “Rather than thinking if and when, Alstart doing, take action, stop talkingabout if and when”BackgroundAmong the most difficult challenges that we handle when we dealwith committed companies is the lack in their promotionalexperience and general taste. This negatively affects the generaltaste of their target audience who, at this point, starts to havedoubts about the professionalism of those companies whencompared to the other professional companies in the market.The ChallengeThe national campaign has encountered a difficult challengerepresented by being the one and only Arab campaign confrontingthe Zionist professional international counter-campaigns spreadthroughout the whole world. The National Campaign Celebrating al-Quds Capital of Arab Culture for 2009: The General Taste for the Target Audience and Clients
  16. 16. Xotox in actionAs we consider ourselves partners to our clients, we have stood upfor them and helped the campaign to insure the quality of the output.We have devised a set of rules for the visual outputs to make eachelement standing on its own and protect the visual identity for thecampaign as a whole. The campaign has covered a wide variety ofevents and activities that exceeded 20 activities during a period of 9months. These activities covered an electronic campaign (such asthe website, blogs, virtual or cyber communities on the web, andbanners); mass meetings; a solidarity campaign for al-Quds;seasonal and community activities; specialized courses; Islamicsongs; marches; some campaign-related products such as bags,T-shirts, and medals sold inside the Maqdisi shop; Maqdisi software;books on al-Quds and its holy sites; a variety of encyclopedias; andpaintings. We have used a variety of advertizing techniquesincluded, but were not limited to, street banners…Splendid ResultsThe campaign succeeded to convey its message in an obvious wayin spite of the dreadful counter-campaigns.ReservationsMany other ideas did not find their way to the campaign like enteringthe Guinness Book of Records for the biggest number ofparticipants in the form of a big mural by using a photograph takenfor the participants.
  17. 17. ArwaArwa New ConceptArwa Printing House, a deep-rooted printing company in the Jordanianmarket, demanded a new concept that combines their long history in the Printingindustry with the fact that they own the latest technologies and mostadvanced German printing machines in the Middle East.Our solution came in the form of an abstract interior design idearepresenting the timeline of printing and publishing, starting from theprimitive printing techniques up to the latest technologies in the industry.
  18. 18. Printing
  19. 19. Naming& Creative Writing Cases Naming O minus Archwood Client Hayat Fm Umra campaign Lebanese snacks restaurant Marketing Agency Architectural Woodwork“Create your own visual style... Waseela integrated Intergrated Telecommunication telecommunication solutions. Solutionslet it be unique for yourself and The Group: A group of Media-relatedyet identifiable for others.” The Scheme, The Canal, The Firm, The Story CompaniesNaming Petrochemicals and constructionA well-crafted name is the guardian of any successful brand. It should SASCOM materials manufacturerreflect all aspects the brand stands for; customer experience, marketinsights, strategic thinking and creativity. Q light Film making companySloganeeringWell-designed slogans have a very strong impact on your target audience.Thus, a striking, memorable slogans could help your business standstrong. Sloganeering Function Osool Training & ConsultingWe have successfully crafted brand names/slogans for manywell-established business brands in the region. Arwa printing press Business never waites. ABC for Office Building as literiture. Babel Contracting co. Grow it your way. Nora Gardens Safe landing Real Estate Ad Concept
  20. 20. ABCABC4Office Logo & sloganABC 4Office, a Jordanian Office Products Supplier, wanted a logo thatreflects the company’s activities and expresses the high speed ofdelivery on the one hand and the efficiency of their supply system onthe other. Thus, our creative team provided them with a combination ofa showy, yet simple logo and slogan that made it easy to tell a bigportion of the company’s story.
  21. 21. BAABunatulghads Bilingual Mediumof InstructionAt the beginning of the academic year, Bunatulghad Schools (bilingualschools with an Islamic educational background) wanted to inform theaudience about the schools’ strength in terms of their bilingual medium ofinstruction. We have tackled this challenge by using figurative images thatexpress dualism in terms of learning, teaching, and work.
  22. 22. UniversalUniversal Paints Poster “ local marketcampaign “The audience targeted by Universal Paints consists primarily of paintersand small contractors, the most majority of whom are illiterate. Thus, sucha sector needs simple, direct marketing messages in the colloquiallanguage. To solve the problem, we have created some simple posters andbrochures and targeted the places where those workers gather in order totell them about the buyer’s gift (a painting tool kit).
  23. 23. UniversalUniversal Paints New ProductA Universal Paints new product was made for distribute in Europe. Theproduct required a suitable label in order to get good sales figures.Our creative team came up with this label that best suits such products,which are used by ordinary citizens and not only painters compared tothe Arab world. We focused on producing a logo that is close to the heartplus an attractive, elegant design as the new paint is to be used in thepre-painting stage to protect wooden materials; it is a paint that thehousewife could easily use.
  24. 24. SehaSeha Marketing KitA portfolio that showcases Seha TV Network in order to promote thecompany for sponsorship purposes. Our team created a fascinatingmarketing kit that is so powerful to stop and make people think: ThisCompany is worth looking at! This was done by a costly set ofmaterials using muted gray for the outside and vibrant natural green forthe inside.
  25. 25. SehaSeha AdsSeha TV Network, a healthcare TV channel, wanted an advertisement thatreflects the idea of a life full of health and happiness with Seha. Our teamcame up with this idea, where circularity refers to the life cycle and thenatural green color to the green, clear nature.Problem solved!
  26. 26. IzhiIZhimans Healthy CupWe recommended IZhimans coffee, a 100-year-old coffee supplier, to pass amessage that its coffee is free from harmful gases that result from roastingand grinding of the coffee beans. This thing was possible by means of thelatest technologies and up-to-date equipment that the IZhimans facility has.Our creative designers tackled this by creating the “healthy cup” idea, wherea heart forms at the surface of the coffee to indicate a healthy, happy life.Some explanation about the facility was provided at the bottom. We havechosen some soft, elegant colors in order to refer to the deep roots of theclients.
  27. 27. Izheman
  28. 28. GC EStrengthening customer relationsand staying close to clients. WebsiteAs the World Wide Web represents one of the most reliable gates tosuccess in business nowadays, GCE wanted to stay updated andbecome even closer to their clients in the Jordanian market as well as theregional market.Xotox made it possible for GCE to launch their new electronic gate:( This new service makes it easier for the clients to stayin touch with any new products or services that the company provides.It also represents a channel of communication betweenthe company and its clients. This gigantic website was executed on schedule by our talents on board.
  29. 29. CharacterQue is a cartoon character that wecreated for GCE,a Jordanian company specialized in electronics. We thought about thissolution on the ground that attaching the company’s slogan with a cartooncharacter could maximize the loyalty of the customers for the company.This also could strengthen the ties between the consumer and thecompany through such a lovely cartoon character. This new advertisingcharacter will convey the message that the company is not only aservice provider but also a reliable source of useful information as Que willpass a new piece of information related to the world of technology on aweekly basis. Such a solution goes in harmony with the company’sgeneral attitude, where GCE is a professional voice in the world oftechnology in Jordan since 1985.
  30. 30. Que
  31. 31. MayMayar Schools Ad“Mayar Schools are not opening this year” a rumor that spread in the ,community. Such a rumor has catastrophic impacts on the number ofregistered students, and this is too bad for the schools’ administration.Xotoxs answer was in this ad which refutes the rumor and confirms thefive features of the students of Mayar (The Sea Star).
  32. 32. Bab ContractingCorporate ProfileBabel Contracting Co., a well-established construction and contractingcompany in the Jordanian market, woke up to the reality that it will not beable to survive in the market without a well-developed corporate identity.Therefore, they came to us for an integrated marketing solution. Our firstaction was by developing their corporate profile, which represents a keycomponent to the companys success, as it provides any potential clientwith basic information about the company and its delivered projects.Several meetings were arranged between our account executives,copywriting team, and Babels administration team in order to gather allthe required data and build a structure for the profile. Afterwards, ourcopywriting team developed a draft and sent it to the client for feedback,amended the draft as per the clients feedback, and produced the finalcopy of the CP. Our creative designers handled the copy and produced itin a well-developed, high-class end-user product.
  33. 33. TheThe Group Logo DesignThe Group, a mass communication group combining four daughterfirms, wanted a logo representing the whole group as well as a separate logofor each daughter firm in a way that all the logos relate to the mothercompany logo.Our creative team came up with the idea of a pyramid-shape logorepresenting the group as a whole. The logo consists of four logos thatrepresent the four daughter companies. The groups logo is made up bycombining the four separate logos in a way that (1) represents theactivities of each one of the daughter companies and (2) show thestrong connection between the four companies and their mother company;the Group.Xotox takes pride in naming all the Groups daughter companies.
  34. 34. Osool
  35. 35. OsoOsool trraining plan 2010
  36. 36. Jordan
  37. 37. RebrandingRebranding Cases Before After Before AfterRebranding is the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design, or a combinationof them for an established brand with the intention of developing a differentiated(new) position in the mind of stakeholders and competitors. Xotox helpedrebranded many businesses that later on achieved significant success and highprofits.
  38. 38. Xotox, Home Of Logo Design AFTER PRINTING SERVICES INTRENATIONAL HOLDING Orient Internacional Imp. Exp. Ltda.
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  40. 40. JordanTel. +962 6 55 41 848Fax. +962 6 55 41 847P.O.Box 5708 Amman11953 JordanKSATel1. +966 1 4742002Tel2. +966 1 4797770Fax. +966 1 4748222P.O.Box 878 Riyadh Thank You