Making The Most Of Your New Media Budget


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  • Making The Most Of Your New Media Budget

    1. 1. MAKING THE MOST OF YOURNEW MEDIA BUDGETA Maxwell Webinar for Tourism MarketersDecember 13, 2012 1
    2. 2. Webinar Hosts Vicky Hastings MediaPost Marketing:Travel @vickyhastings Jess Columbo @jesscolumbo 2
    3. 3. We Can Help• Content strategy• Audience segmentation• New media plan• Blogger program• Social channel setup, e.g., Pinterest• Social media training• Social media advertising and promotion 3
    5. 5. Media Is ConvergingSource: Altimeter report, “The Converged Media Imperative: How brands must combine paid,owned and earned media” 5
    6. 6. Paid, Earned and Owned Media Content Attributes• Blogs • Findable• Social media • Shareable• Website updates • Actionable• Email marketing• Videos• Audiocasts• Online promotions 6
    7. 7. Branded Content Strategy Is A Must• How your content will serve your audiences• What it will do for your business• Who is producing it • Created, commissioned or curated• When and where will it appear• How it will be measured Source: 7
    8. 8. Mobile Strategy is Critical 8
    9. 9. Many Searches, Multiple Devices Behavior Opportunity Travel research is multi-screen, Ensure full keyword coverage across majority going online via more than all one device devices Similar searches across devices Invest in key word and pay-per-click advertising Leisure destinations are top choice for Test site mobile-friendliness tablets and smartphones Business destinations researched on Make bookings easy smartphones, especially during the trip Tablets are our couch companions; Support tablet formats in videos and used at home for exploration other branded content Last-minute searches via mobile Create location-based deals and devices increasing promotionsSource: Google White Paper “Advertising Travel Products to Multi-Screen Consumers” 9
    10. 10. Desktop PC Search Still Tops• 83% of travel search is still done on desktop PCs• Forecast is for that to continue• So when developing mobile strategies, don’t abandon SEM, SEO and traditional online marketing Source: 10
    11. 11. Consumer Travel TrendsTrend InsightAdventure travel and eco- Good time to emphasize both the aspirationaltourism on the rise and the doableMulti-generations booking Packaging experiences could appeal to folkstrips around milestones looking to make monumental memoriesMajority of trip planning Opportunity to marketing experiences indone online, mobile creative ways online to feed discoveryFood exploration is a social Enable consumers to show and tellexperienceTravelers use smart phones The more creative your “social objects,” thefor research, post photos, more likely they are to be sharedlike Facebook pagesFriends and family are top Create opportunities for travelers to shareinfluencers and recommend 1111
    12. 12. Leisure Planning Takes Place A Month OrSo In AdvanceAdvance Booking Times Relative to Planned DepartureDateSource: PhocusWright Study “Destination Unknown: How U.S. and European TravelersDecide Where to Go 2012” 12
    13. 13. Pinterest’s Influence Is Growing 13
    14. 14. High Impact, Personal StoriesBloggers Audiocasts• Write first-person “wow” • Podcasts are predicted to be narratives the next big thing in content• Reach loyal, engaged marketing (Mike Seltzner of followers Social Media Examiner)• Inspire reader comments • Portability provides listeners• Feature what’s interesting to with flexibility them and what they are o Not tethered doing o Don’t require hard news o Listeners can multi-task• Are active on social • Ideally suited for personal, networks, amplifying reach authentic stories that create• Are creating photo, audio a sense of place and video content to round • Highly searchable and out their blogs and increase shareable exposure 14 14
    15. 15. Keep Hitting Send Source: 15
    16. 16. Rising Influence Of Lifestyle Emails 16
    18. 18. Step 1: Understand Your Audience• Who’s visiting o Age group, gender, location o Leisure or business travel o Empty nesters or traveling with kids• What activities they participate in during their trip• Who’s not visiting and why• What website content is most popular• What social media posts garner the most engagement 18
    19. 19. 2. Target Niche SegmentsIdentify one new specific goal Millenials o Attracting a new audience Young segment Families o Reclaiming your heritage in a Foodies certain experience area o Deepening your relationship with Mass a specific visitor type o Inspiring repeat visits from people living in a nearby market or those interested in a specific type of vacation 19
    20. 20. 3. Map Target Audience to Medium Niche Segment Example MediaBaby Boomers Traditional media and Jetsetter emails, Facebook promotionsMillennials Food blogs, Pinterest, reviews sitesYoung families Parent blogsFoodies Tasting Table, Eater Online maps and guidesGen X weekend warriors Urban Daddy, Thrillist Online maps and guidesHistory buffs Smithsonian emails Online maps and guidesCyclists Online maps and guidesBusinesspeople Jetsetter, Kayak, Tablet 20
    21. 21. Park City Mountain• Three unique audience segments: o Powder Hounds o Park Rats o Snow Moms• Mix of editorial with promotional content targeted to each special interest group 21
    22. 22. Narrowcasting to MillennialsMake it easy for West CoastMillennials, the next generationof wine tourists, to learn moreabout adventures in OregonWine Country 22
    23. 23. Email Content and Advertising 23
    24. 24. Oregon’s Tastiest Trails 24
    25. 25. Argyle’s Restaurant Events 25
    26. 26. Request For Proposal• Objectives• Target audience profile• When you want to boost business• Advertise a month or two prior to that time• Top priorities are digital, especially emails, web-based destination guides and social media• Consumer engagement• Custom content• Want value-add opportunities 26
    28. 28. Get Started!• Establish objectives• Review insights and analytics data monthly• Ask the key learning questions o What did you set out to do? o What did you do? o What went well? o What could have been better? o What did you learn?• Tailor and tweak• Optimize based on what you learn• Celebrate success 28
    29. 29. GET IN 29